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  1. Never had it, never will.
  2. WOW, you have talent my friend. This would make great lyrics.
  3. Then i'm gunna trust you Metro. I shall pick one up with my Christmas Chapters 25 dollar gift card. Don't disappoint me girl. LOL JK - I'm sure it is great.
  4. I used to read constantly but my attention span has fled me. Did you really enjoy the last book by Ann, what would you rate it out of 10??
  5. Oh i used to read her stuff all the time. *puts it on next Chapters visit*
  6. Very articulate OWB!!! If i could be two or three (or am) out the hundred positive points you've listed, well, i'd be content.
  7. Exactly the way it should be. This is a healthy relationship...the other is just the desire to want another no matter the attraction level or chemistry. You can't force what does not exist.
  8. tiny, hidden away tats that have a meaning to you, but anything else i'm not fond of. It detracts from the natural beauty of the human body IMO.
  9. I wash my hair every second day. IF i did it any more than that i'd get dandruff. My hair is extremely thick and it drys out easily. I will usually do an up-do on the second day and wear it down on the washed days. Boring but practical. Plus it stays up better on the unwashed days with the natural oils.
  10. Awwwwwww, too cute. I had to check this one out. Me thinks we have another Casanova on our hands.
  11. WOAH!!! Very pretty Mid, i didn't know you had such a gentle soul. Who knew??
  12. Very nice, Rynna. I felt you with this one.
  13. wowsers. You remind of another poster on here. And it is most definitely a compliment. Superb.
  14. Yes i did, LOL, thx for correcting me. I've had a crush on De Niro for years. Casino will have to do, i have the DVD. I think i'll pry myself off of here to watch it, but i just have to reach my 1000 post count before i do.
  15. PS, it makes me want to watch the movie "Taxi"
  16. all the half-heroes and knockoff De Niros My favorite line, SB.
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