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  1. You can also explain to them the situation ahead of time and they will probably work with you.
  2. California state disability takes about a month to send you your first check, but you get back pay for all the weeks. It's so lame. After that you get paid every two weeks.
  3. Hi Mama. I'm starving, but I'm too pissed off to eat. It'll come back up, if i can even manage to swallow it.
  4. Working out makes my back hurt less. Yoga helps too. Love you!
  5. I think it means you are not in love. At least when I am really in love, I do not want to be with anyone but the guy I'm in love with. And 4 months IS way too soon to move in together. I would not do that if I were you. I have made that mistake before and learned the hard way, it's all bad.
  6. I'm sorry you guys broke up, Avi. What's meant to be will always be. If you're meant to be with her, you two will find your way. If not, you'll understand when you find someone that makes you even happier. Stay strong
  7. LOL. Guess I should pay attention. I just assumed it was new, I should start looking at the date.
  8. That was dumb of your room mate, but he shouldn't be freaking out if it's a new relationship. If you had been togther a long time and she said that, then yeah he would have more of a reason to be suspicious. A week and a half? Hell you could have recently even dated a guy named John and she thought you still were. Don't coddle him. Let him come around.
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