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  1. WOW METRO!!!! YOU ROCK MY WORLD!!! SIZE 12????? I have been away from here for FAR too long. As I know YOU know, I have MANY MANY health challenges that have had a HUGE impact on my weight. I have gained a LOT and am unable to exercise anymore (Not even WALKING) but it would be SO good for me to LOSE weight. I'll be honest, I did NOT read all 192 posts, but I will tomorrow. MG, when you first came on ENA, you were always such a good friend. I need some inspiration now, and I KNOW where I can get!!!
  2. Grrr you are so funny! How are you hon? Haven't seen you for ages! How's married life?
  3. Great poem Butterfly Thanks for sharing with us all.... ~Allie
  4. I mirror this. We would all like to see you on line to offer our support. This is what we are here for.
  5. Absolutely breathtaking Storeys. I head tears in my eyes when I read this. My thoughts are with you on this day. Godspeed. ~Allie
  6. I'm so glad you took my suggestion and posted it under the poetry section. It reads like a poem. The pain comes accross very poetically. It really belongs here for everyone to read. As painful as it was for you to write, many more people will see it here. You never know who you will touch. ~Allie
  7. I'm so glad you posted this in the poetry section. Now ALL of ENA can see it. It's beautiful. ~Allie
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