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  1. You can't have it both ways. You said you were going to see someone else. You also said it wasn't more than sex, and so why would you want to continue? It sounds like your ego was hurt as he had moved on with his life. Doesn't sound like he cared.
  2. I agree with all of this.
  3. She has proven that she can not be trusted. Be done with her! You should have ended it after the first cheating incident. Block her! Expect more for yourself.
  4. So, you only call her a hoe behind her back? Nice. She is not your gf, you have no say.
  5. Medication has to stay in a controlled environment or it will go bad. OP, I suggest you move out. What does you wife say about this?
  6. How long did you date? How old is he?
  7. He confessed his love after a couple of months and you believed him? He is full of it, because if he actually loved you he would not want to be away from you, much less ghost you. He 's married? Nothing good will happen to you if you pursue guys like this. He sounds like a player and his behavior is completely inappropriate as a counselor. This guy is bad news!
  8. You call her a "hoe?" What kind of friend are you! You are sounding jealous and mean because your precious ego has been hurt. Be a better friend.
  9. Can you please give more detailed info in the order it happened? Remember, we do not know your story and what you wrote is quite confusing.
  10. He sounds like a control freak. This is not acceptable. I would not give up a long-term friend due to my bf's trust and insecurity issues. Like La Hermes said, next it will be your friends and family. Don't you think this kid is a bit young? Does he have female friends?
  11. Dump him! He is a manipulative, lying, cheating bf, none of this should be okay. Raise your bar.
  12. With all of the time you have spent on this site you could have reached out to an attorney.
  13. The guy is abusive and treats her like garbage. They need a permanent break!
  14. I cannot fathom why you have continued with this abusive creep! This sounds awful! End it and kick him out!
  15. Please look at the responses further into the thread.
  16. It isn't the silent treatment, if it is being done with a toxic, dysfunctional, and abusive relationship. You need to protect yourself from this guy, and if you feel weak, why would you expose yourself to being pulled in. This should have been done long ago. Put an end to it already! Enough! It is time to show yourself some love and respect.
  17. Okay, so you really do not have any intention of doing what's best by leaving the door open.,
  18. Why would you leave your house? He is not paying the mortgage, he is paying rent. How long have you lived together?
  19. By accepting this scenario for 5 years, you are emotionally unavailable. I am not trying to be hurtful, but I think that you should address why you would accept so little. The fact that you are now questioning things when he is becoming more available is telling.
  20. After going through all of this, is there any more doubt at what an abusive, controlling, and inappropriate partner he is?
  21. This sounds miserable, scary, and lonely. "4 horseman of the apocalypse stuff" What does this mean?
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