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  1. He was out of line. He owes you an apology. Who is he to think he could talk this guy down? Knowing someone does not give you the tools to handle this type of situation. He could have made it worse. Have there been similar situations where he has overreacted in the past?
  2. Ugh. I missed that. Gee, I would love to be the girl that he told all of his friends that he lost his virginity to. So high school.
  3. I couldn't see your posting activity. You are the Pokemon guy. You really need to up your game. Stop staring and using your lunch as a test, speak to girls or you will be alone for a long time.
  4. It seems that dating has really changed. The lunch bag is the key!
  5. Why did things end with the last bf? you should not be dating anyone, as you are not ready. You need to look into free support groups and hotlines. Check out self help books. Have you done any of these things.
  6. You met this guy once and he treated you with complete disrespect. I don't understand why you are doing this to yourself! I can't understand why you would want someone like this in your life. he is not friend material either. Block him and address your low self worth.
  7. " I'm going to have to make my move soon though because my friend has stepped it up about telling her I like her and it might happen sometime this week if not tomorrow. I'm going to her house tmr too so if anything happens Ill post the results. " That's not what you said here.
  8. What about her. She has some serious trust and mental health issues. if she does not deal with her stuff, she will never be able to sustain a relationship.
  9. It doesn't mean that he should tell her when she is dating someone else. I don't care how old he is. Terrible.
  10. Very disrespectful to his friend. Totally against bro code. He should have done it long ago. It is clear that she does not like him in that way-told his friends- I don't understand why he won't give up.
  11. That scenario is nuts. The cousin should not be over there so often. Put your foot down, or get out. Whose home is it? Do you split bills? Does your bf have a job? Does the cousin? How old is everyone?
  12. She has a bf She knows you like her and said no. You really need to move on, as she is not interested. No mixed signals, as she sees you as a friend. You will look like a creep if you tell her, when your friend has been dating her. That’s not cool at all. Be a better friend.
  13. Your ex has some serious issues. She does not sound stable and needs to work on her mental health.
  14. Is she getting help for her issues? You made the right decision regarding the puppies. I don't think that any dog should be left overnight, and certainly not puppies. I think it is terrible that she was insistent on them being left alone. Why couldn't they go with you, or she stay with you? You should never have started up with the drug, as you knew it was problem. We have all had to deal with the pandemic, it is not an excuse. I think that you need a long break from one another, and a lot of therapy on both sides. Neither is ready for a relationship.
  15. When are you going to let this go? Move on already!
  16. Girl, the waterpark-Is for all ages- is not the same as hanging out overnight for Pokemon cards.
  17. He has shown you over and over who he is, when are you going to pay attention? He will NOT change! I wonder what you get out of all of this, as you know that he does not love you, as people do not abuse people that they love. You will move on if you block and delete. Don't you think it is time to be loving to yourself.
  18. "We do this to get our hands on Pokemon cards right when the store opens and this has been the highlight for all four of us in the past month and a half. But other than that, we just like to game on our PC's." Spending the night at Target to get Pokeman cards at 25 is quite immature- I would not share that with others. Your only other interest is gaming. I suggest that you explore other activities that get you off an overnight line and spending your remaining hours in front of a computer screen. Get out of the house and do more!
  19. He does not care about or like you. He does not want to date you. Don't you want someone that wants you for more than sexting? Your behavior is stalkerish and concerning. I suggest you seek some therapy.
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