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  1. Good luck with finding a girl. Isn't that your objective? You don't seem to want to hear anyone.
  2. Dude, this is sad. You are 25, not 14. I suggest that you find more mature activities. Look into hiking/walking groups, volunteering, Meetups, etc..... You are doomed if you do not change your social life.
  3. Well, how have your ideas been working out for you? Doesn't sound great. Why not add more activities?
  4. What do you mean since you woke up? Are you sending him texts? Do you usually reach out to him?
  5. You never leave your home? Is there public transport or people in your area?
  6. How selfish to continue with Lucas. Let him go. Get some therapy for your obsession with Harry, not a hypnotist. UGH!. You are choosing not to let this go. It is not reality.
  7. Why aren't you seeking a local relationship where can actually interact with people. Virtual is fantasy. Get out and meet people.
  8. I had a friend who was morbidly obese, she sought out therapy to understand why she choose food to soothe. It helped her deal many issues in her life including her relationship to food. The surgery is a bandaid to the real issue. Do you get regular exercise?
  9. Seek out a therapist. Does your partner know?
  10. Good for you. Have you ever discussed your relationship with food with a therapist?
  11. I don't tolerate game playing. Do you have an active social life with friends?
  12. Your body is going to breakdown in your 30's. Do you have a disease? I am 57 and my body is not "breaking down." So, the woman you want to pursue is married and you want a future with someone. How is this a wise choice.
  13. He sounds very manipulative, smothering, and needy. What is attractive about this in a partner? You have shown him that he can continue this behavior by allowing it. This relationship is unhealthy and will get worse. This is about him. Lose the bf and understand why you allowed it.
  14. Nope. I do what pleases me, not others.
  15. Wow! How lucky she is that you may choose her. You sound like the one she should stay away from. I cannot believe your ego! Awful.
  16. Why haven't you blocked this guy? This is your 6th thread on the exact same topic. I thought you were going to move on?
  17. Hollyj


    Why would you open yourself to this type of scam? How old are you?
  18. Hollyj


    That makes zero sense. Why would you even consider this with a stranger who lives on another continent? Isn't there anyone in your own country?
  19. I thought he was in his late teens or early twenties. Thirty-plus and pulling this behavior. Unbelievable. Can you imagine having a family with this guy and he just decides to walk from a job because it doesn't suit him. This is who he is.
  20. Can you be closer to family or another support system?
  21. I ended a 25 year friendship as it was unhealthy. This was also my best friend. It wasn't easy but something that had to be done. Violence is never acceptable.
  22. Did you see the bit where he lied for months?
  23. He lied to you for two months, over and over. You had to cover all of the bills. Honestly, one lie is enough for me to be done. You really need to expect more out of people. He has shown you who he is, you need to act on it. This is a character issue, these things DO NOT change.
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