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  1. He lied to you repeatedly, and put you in a very bad financial situation. Wow! For me, I would never trust someone who can lie so easily and not take my welfare into consideration Unforgivable. I think you are very foolish to continue, as this guy cannot be trusted. He will do this again as it is his character.
  2. I'm not clear. Did he leave the job for a failure of payment, or simply leave the job because he did not like it?
  3. You cannot use your childhood as an excuse to cheat and be violent. You could have sought therapy to deal with your issues. Take responsibility! The relationship is highly dysfunctional and he does not love you. End it. Seek some therapy to deal with your attention-seeking and violent tendencies.
  4. Did he quit his job or lose it? Good for you on the new job! There was no need to get defensive, there are many people in your position due to the pandemic and divorce.
  5. Do you work? You have no savings? How old are you?
  6. I am curious who he unloaded his daughter on? Do not give men anymore money. Glad you ended it with this creep. Have you sought therapy for your abusive relationships.
  7. Stop interacting with her. You guys are in your late 20's. This behavior is nuts.
  8. Dude, you can excuse all you want. He cannot control his temper, he hit you with a chair, and pulled a knife on you. If you want to gloss over this, then that’s on you. This guy is off and dangerous!
  9. I suggest you refer to your other thread on this same topic. When are you going to move out?
  10. I am so sorry for everything you have dealt with. This guy sounds really unstable and you should stay away from him. Personally, I would never feel comfortable being around someone like this again. I think you need to stop making excuses for him, as it sounds like he is really off. What did you mean that he was "used to extreme physical violence?" Can you go to live with family or are there any other friends you can stay with? Have you looked into home aides to help out? Cut this guy off. Not only is he dangerous, but also sounds strange.
  11. Hollyj


    You discovered the cheating back in November, one month after you started dating. Here we are 6 months later and you are basically asking the same question- created a thread in December and February regarding the same issue, and the posters said this guy could not be trusted and to move on. You are not letting this go, will there be another thread in July regarding the same exact issue?
  12. Hollyj


    Don't you think you should love yourself. It has only been 7 months and he has shown you what your future will be with him. You are foolish to stay.
  13. All of this in six months. Wow! Get away from this situation, as it is not healthy and he has nothing to give. You have your own issues to work through and do not need this sort of project in your life. Move on from this guy for good. And no, you cannot be friends or in contact. You should also look up co dependency. Others should not make you feel "valuable," you have to learn that on your own.
  14. Why would you move on from it??? He is a liar and lied about something important. I was not suggesting that you continue with someone who is so untrustworthy. I think you are foolish for letting this go.
  15. Why would you move on from this? This is big and he can't be trusted.
  16. Have you discussed with your bf how you feel about this comment? I think that exs' can be friends, as long as there are no emotional connections on either side.
  17. She should have shared this with the kids. I was very frustrating. My parents used to pull this on me, as they thought they were sparing us. Nope. Early stages of breast cancer are very survivable. This sounds like what she has. My mother had her breast removed 35 years ago and has been doing great. I suggest that you do some research as it will put your mind at peace. It is also great that they did not find any in the biopsy. Treat her as you would if she did not have cancer. Stay positive.
  18. Who is the Trump supporter? How anyone can get so passionate over any one candidate is beyond me. Look at this: https://nypost.com/2021/05/05/ny-man-sues-town-for-forcing-removal-of-pro-trump-pro-cop-flags/
  19. It doesn't change my position. Honestly, I do not know why you would want to return to someone who was so disrespectful and insecure. What attracts you to this dynamic, unless you like people who do not treat you properly? Say hello in passing, that is all that is necessary.
  20. Bad idea. You are not compatible. I think you should move on! Nothing will be different in the relationship! "She would constantly make me feel bad about myself whenever we would fight and try to tear my character down. She would constantly try to make whatever I say about her and hurt her. Ex. I told my cousin going to community college wasn’t a bad idea, you save money, plus most university students just go to party. She took that as me attacking her for going to a university. " What about this do you want to return to?
  21. Has anyone made suggestions for activities outside of the house? How does he contribute around the house? Was he like this prior to marriage? This is not acceptable in a relationship. You sound like roommates. Have you considered couple counseling?
  22. Hadn't considered that.
  23. This whole thread is unbelievable.
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