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Thread: Problem with sex and ED?

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    Unfortunately it sounds like he prefers to deny that he has a problem. What's unhealthy is blaming you. Especially after 6 mos of dating he claims there is 'no chemistry"? Consider ending it. Not because he refuses to address his ED or view it as an issue but because he's pointing fingers and blaming you for his problems.
    Originally Posted by Kricket123
    the last time we tried to have sex, multiple times over a weekend, he was only able to briefly remain hard. He would lose it and then cuddle and fall asleep. This led to his telling me that our chemistry was “off” and he didn’t feel sexual enough with me. He will lose his erection during oral sex as well. He claims that he has never had a problem with ED before.

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    Oh brother, so the guy is stressed the last two weeks from work and he has a bad weekend. Give it some time before you freak out.

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    Well if he really blamed it on you he's a tosser. But since you said in the past he didn't do well with his last girlfriend and waited 10 dates with you he's obviously got a personal problem with sex. You also said that he wants to want you. That's terrible that means he doesn't want you.

    Sorry. This is graphic.

    Tell him to get testosterone pills and feel his more. The penis is meant to suck air and stuff into it before it explodes. Most men think it's all about the tissue. But at the point of the penis is a hole and to focus on the point means it's going to suck air into it and he shouldn't be focussing on the outside but the inside if he wants to get an erection.

    Tell him to look up hypnosis relaxation videos on YouTube when he's around you and then touch him while he's in a trance.

    He might actually have a complex about being touched. Or he's got some sort of cutsy identity which he values more than a sex life.

    I feel sorry for you because he obviously needs you to initiate everything. It's a man's role to initiate but he wants you to do it.

    This shouldn't be your responsibility, but a lot of men seem to feel irresponsible when it comes to domination. Maybe he's been punished too much in the past for domination and he's got a psychological problem about being sexually aggressive.

    Most ED is psychological and physical understanding of his penis. And I'm sorry you have to figure that out. You have to decide how much you want to put out for this guy.

    If you've got too intimate of a relationship he might not want to dominate you because he's got too much respect for you. I found that an over the top sassy woman is easier to have sex with than someone who has a verbally intimate relationship with me. Don't try to dig into his mind. That'll just turn him off. Maybe you should give him a good dose of random slaps and insults so he gets the idea that physical is more important than making you understand him.

    Your relationship should be more brawn than brain if you want to have a sexual focus. It's physiologically impossible to be totally both at the same time for a man. You've got to decide which way to adjust the lever. He can either be a genius or a beast or maybe some sort of balance but he's not going to be both. Cause he's only got a limited amount of blood in his body. Also you want him to be stressed out so he has more blood pressure and a need to expell energy.

    Sorry for the graphics. Please don't ban me. I've been banned from other forums for being honest.

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