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My boyfriend (22) wears a hairpiece


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It may have been covered already but there are hair pieces that are called "systems"  They are actually glued on and can't be taken off.  You go to a salon that specializes in this about once a month to have it removed and maintained. They shave the portion of your head that it adheres to clean and prep and it's reapplied.  You can swim, bathe and wash it.

I dated someone for a short time who had one.  Being a cosmetologist years ago I can spot things pretty quickly.  It wasn't until I reached to touch his hair he told me about it.  He was pretty good natured about it.  It seemed a little bit of a shame because he was a very good looking man with or without hair.  My bf of 5 years started losing his hair just out of high school and today he shaves what's left totally bald.

I love the mentions of how most alter our looks in one way or another.  Extensions, eyes lashes,  etc.  It really isn't any difference.

No need to bring it up.  Imagine a man outing you for wearing spanx!  . . lol.  It's bound to come up naturally.  No need to disclose that you know.  I would think that would make him uncomfortable that you needed to bring it up.  It gives it more importance than it deserves.

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Funny story, I remember years ago my best friend and her boyfriend were going to be moving in together and she called me in a panic because, she said, she was going to have to get up super early in the morning to put on her makeup before he woke up.  I found that to be hilarious.  I mean, why move in with a guy if you think he won't love you without a full face of makeup?  She did end up getting over that.

I guess I don't understand why you would jump from guy wears a hair piece to he must only be with me because I'm overweight.  That's some super mental gymnastics there.  Be sure not to "punish" him for your own insecurities.  If they're consuming your life, working with a therapist can be very helpful.

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I don't think my insecurities are consuming my life, necessarily.  I do get that I am not some sort of bloated, hideous troll, or whatever.  But I have had a streak of bad relationships lately, and I have a history of insecurity issues.  I know there's plenty of guys out there who appreciate bigger girls, but that has not been my experience in the dating arena.  Every so often (IE - right now), the old fears resurface.  I do go to therapy on a bi-weekly basis and it has helped out a lot, so I like to think of myself as a work in progress.

This relationship is definitely the most positive one I've had for a long time.  I don't know that I am ready to use the "L word" yet, but...it's definitely on that path.  It's not like my recent relationships were awful or abusive or anything.  It's just that ultimately I felt like a disposable part of the relationship, if that makes any sense?  As if the relationship ultimately failed, for them it was kinda no big deal.  Like I was more convenient than really desired.  What I have now, is different, and it feels good

Anyhow, I'll just stay the course at this point, and see where things end up.  If he wants to tell me about the hair thing someday, that's great!  With hair or bald, he's what I want 🙂

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38 minutes ago, Deb_rox said:

 If he wants to tell me about the hair thing someday, that's great!  With hair or bald, he's what I want.


Good call. Many of these hair alternatives go through great lengths to "look natural", so clearly the objective is to keep it private.

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