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  1. Yeah. You are literally surrounded by women every waking day. Open your eyes to what’s possible instead of letting yourself get fixated on a fantasy.
  2. Not very alpha, dude. Women are like buses. Another one comes along every fifteen minutes. This one isn’t going where you want to go. Find the one who is.
  3. If you were an “alpha” as you claim, you wouldn’t waste time trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. You would realize this is not a match for you, that there are many more women in the world who would be more suited to you at this time and move on. As you should. I recommend you do so.
  4. Americans have a deep shame about anything even remotely suggesting sexuality. Violence is a-ok though. Lol. It's completely toxic, dysfunctional and backwards, but it's our tradition. Go figure.
  5. Because he doesn't care about you. It might hurt to realize this, but you're better off without him. There are plenty of people out there who will treat you better. Starting with yourself by leaving this person in your past. Love yourself and accept that he wasn't meant for you. You deserve better.
  6. You're initial instinct was right. She's underage, she can call you when she turns 18. There's plenty of women in the world, this one isn't the one for you at this point in time. Don't get fixated, just get on with your life.
  7. You're kind and trusting, maybe a little bit too much in this case. I know, I've been there and done the same thing. When someone displays character traits that are less than respectful, take heed. They are people who won't add to your life, but will detract from it. It's a lesson learned going forward. If you see it coming at you again, you'll know to avoid it.
  8. It was a terrible breakup because he's a terrible person. There's really no other way it could have ended. Therapy can help you discover why you made such a poor choice in a dating partner and help you to make better choices for yourself in the future and not settle for bad people and situations.
  9. I think you developed sincere feelings for Julie, but you were afraid of them and because of that you simply wouldn't allow yourself to give your heart to her. Doing that takes confidence and reassurance in yourself, knowing that you could possibly get hurt, but being willing to take the risk. It is something that you are not yet willing to give, at least not with that particular person. I would say you need to do some inner work to discover the reasons why you are afraid to open up and let someone into your heart and learn how to allow yourself to do so at some point in the future. Love is always a risk. It's always uncertain, but you have to be certain as to whether or not it's something you will allow yourself to experience.
  10. Love is something that comes from within and individuals possess it to different varying degrees. When you find someone who possesses the same degree of love as you do, you’ve found yourself a potential match. But I think you’re right that humans don’t couple because of love. They couple because of the biological drive to propagate the species. Love, sex and security are the things that get them through the door to achieve that function. Once you’re in, it’s for better or worse. Hopefully better, if you’re lucky.
  11. In the current paradigm, dating falls very far down on the list of important things, if not all the way to the bottom. Romance itself has taken on a very dark hue. Fortunately, love is something one can never lose by choice, because it comes from within. And sex, as long as your internet connection is working, well, praise the technological gods, lol. There is an opportunity to create ongoing correspondence with people as pen pals, which could include sexual subject matter, if two people so desired. But it’s never gonna go farther than that until we get through this, and we will. Until then, there are more important things to consider. Like being unified towards the greater good and keeping joy, beauty and hope at the forefront of one’s thoughts and endeavors.
  12. Not sure why you’d be considering dating right now. Sounds about as compelling as chewing a mouth full of thumb tacks dipped in plutonium.
  13. Learn from it going forward and don't repeat the same mistake in the future. We all make mistakes. It sucks, but they're there to teach us something about ourselves. You take that knowledge and apply it to your life going forward.
  14. Well, if it was written in only a way that she knew you were talking about her, then she probably felt egged on by it. Even though only you and her know what you're referring to, you're still broadcasting it in public. A very poor method of communication to say the least. It's passive aggressive, really. Still shows a large amount of disrespect.
  15. I don't understand why you chose to air personal details of your dating life on fb. That's pretty inappropriate and shows very little respect for her privacy. I can understand why she'd be upset. Not to admonish you, but to point out that you should maintain much stronger boundaries when it comes to your love life. Yes, you should stay away from her totally. I'm sure she's not interested in interacting with you anymore. Chalk it up to a lesson learned.
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