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Life in the Driver’s Seat (extended)

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So ........ I have begun augmenting my life. I have totally rethought my food. I went out last night and bought mostly greens and protein. I checked everything for carbs and sugars and cholesterol. Now to bring my AIC down from 6.9 to 5.


I also went on a short walk only because of my ankle .

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So , I finally had enough of my co president and past president. The past present sent me text that said I needed to reconsider my position about going to the president’s meeting even though I have family coming to visit. I already said, no. She said, “ well when I was president I NEVER missed a meeting etc etc etc.


I told her in no uncertain terms my answer was still no. So she was a total snot bag. This is the same woman who took over my entire room at convention and made all the racket. And the same one who cries everywhere.


This is what I sent my co president.


Hey Shelly I am done. The Luncheon is the last thing I am going to be President for.


I just got roasted by Angela over text and I’m kind of done with attitudes.


My whole life isn’t the CWL. I work more than 60 hours a week and ageing family members. So people’s attitudes are really pissing me off.


I am not around to be placecard or flunky.


CWL doesn’t pay my bills or look after my family.


So if I am not good enough suits me.



I talked to my priest and he said he supported me and I don’t need their crap. He said she was a bully when she worked in the parish office and said they bullied her . I have seen her bully people . She tried to bully me and I handed it back. He said they are destroying our parish chapter. Other members talked to me and supported me. The big bully isn’t talking to me. Boo effin who.

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Dumbest SQ Christmas party ever. Firstly it is on Nov 23 , then it is in the officer’s Mess and it is pulled pork and a Vegas theme.... wth F... no thanks.


Firstly I can’t eat pulled pork and I don’t like it. Second, no entertainment and I don’t give a crap about Vegas.

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