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Ex-boyfriends sends me sad songs


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Why does my ex-boyfriend send me sad songs. Sometimes they're songs that are about holding onto another or him needing me to help him guide his way. Last time it was, Will You Be there? By Michael Jackson. Help! He is confusing me! He said he doesn't know what to do, but I know he still very much loves me. He left me about 10 months ago, and got into a very fast rebound relationship, they're over now. But he still sends me these songs. Please. help!

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Tell him to knock it off unless he knows what he wants. If he loves you that much,he'd be trying to get you back, because it appears that if he tried, you take him. Am I right? Just tell him. Don't let time keep passing. But make sure you're not just getting these songs because he's feeling lonely. When more than a year passes, chances of getting the ex back are near zero.

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If person loves you he pulls out all of the stops to make things work instead of dumping you. And now he's batting you around like you're some cat toy. Don't you think, if he had a heart, what hearing from him in this way does to you? He doesn't care that it hurts. He might be a narcissist. Every time he contacts you, it probably sets you back to square one for closure. And past history often repeats itself. If he so easily broke up with you once before, if you got back together, he would most likely dump you again when the novelty wore off.


Do what's best for yourself and block him. If you're unable to do this on your device, tell him you're going no contact for your own good and he needs to never contact you again.


Just about every ex contacted me later whether I did the dumping or they did. When I'm done, I'm done, and have never taken anyone back. To me it's a high risk for my heart and I'd rather risk my heart on someone new, having learned from the past.


Take care.

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Sorry to say this, but I think he's feeding you breadcrumbs.


On one hand, he may miss the thought of you and what you two had, or maybe he's just lonely, but he isn't asking for you back.


If he wanted you back, he'd be acting on it and doing everything to get you back. He's unsure, so he sends you songs. He's stringing you along. I'd tell him to stop, because he isn't doing you any favours.


I wouldn't waste anymore time on this guy.

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Yeah, if he wanted you back he would be telling you so and not just sending songs. The songs are bait. He may want you back but not for the reasons you probably want him to. Even if you do cave, he will most likely leave you again.


I don't know the whole situation but from experience you really need to let this one go. Sit down and think why do you want him back? You will probably figure out that he's not the right one for you. Once you do, tell him to not contact you again and if he continues, block him. Again, if he was serious about wanting to get back together he would be direct. The songs are indeed breadcrumbs.

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You need to block and delete him from all messaging apps and social media. Why are you hanging on to him like this? He's only contacting you because he got dumped and wants sex.

Why does my ex-boyfriend send me sad songs. He left me about 10 months ago, and got into a very fast rebound relationship, they're over now.
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