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  1. The issue is this appears to be a game. Like he's a prize to win. You're all ticked off AF at her, for what? Because you want him legally divorced so that you can marry him. That might be a long wait. Long as in, may never happen. I'd not waste my life on that. But it's not mine. It's yours. Do you know there's single men out there? Good men who can commit?
  2. Why should she? I'd bet she lives in the house all comfy he pays for. Why isn't he filing?? Because he doesn't want to. She's not signing papers because there's none to sign.
  3. I'd not be bragging about being with a married man who is a cheat. Hell if I were her I wouldn't take him back either. Saying her new man is a winner means her still husband, your man, is a loser. You know why? Because he burned her.
  4. Ok. The ex. The one who is legally married to him. The mother of his children. The one he built a life with. The one he wanted back but she refused him. The one who will always have his name because she does not need to change it even if they divorce. The one who put him out for philandering. The one who won't sign papers. She's not going anywhere.
  5. That would make you look great, wouldn't it? Shacking up with a married man. One who wanted his wife back but she put him out--------- not his choice.
  6. Blind faith. Blind trust. Disaster in the making. Good luck to you. Honestly. I'm all for things having a happy ending. But they first need to start with a good foundation.
  7. This sounds nothing like love. It sounds like you're getting older and falling back on her because you don't want to be alone. How does one fall in love while not in a relationship with that person?? There's not even any point to NC unless you have attachment issues . End the friendship for what?? You haven't been in a relationship with her for two years. And you had a short one prior. Hanging as friends isn't the same as a romantic relationship. How old is she, just out of curiosity? I don't get the reason behind treating this as a breakup two years after the fact.
  8. Ahh. Well that makes sense now. The boy is 16. So not a child. And can decide where he wants to live. How old is the daughter? I get its nice to have his help, I wouldn't call you a mistress, I would if he was home with his wife every night. Even so, best to cut the cord here for now and see what he does.
  9. I'm confused. If you've know him for this many years, why do you not know the real situation? How did you encounter him again? And when?
  10. You're getting benefits from this, but it's not worth the risk. You might be tying yourself up for years waiting, and he might leave in the meantime. Or never divorce. Don't cheat yourself. If you want more, you have to be not afraid that you'll lose him by leaving. If you do lose him, he wasn't going to stay anyway. I still don't get why she's allowed to not sign! There has to be something amiss here. I'd dig deeper into that. I'm wondering if he isn't putting it off. He already lied to you? Said he was divorced? That's not okay. Red flag there.
  11. Idk!! But now I say keep him!! Lol Sad for the boy though. Kids need their parents. That's the part I'm not okay with in this. A good dad would move to the burbs in a two bedroom, instead of giving you money, no?? Why can't you all move?? I don't get the holdup though. He needs to be divorced.
  12. Why is this? Why does his wife not have their son? Why does he not have him?
  13. If you ever want a chance, don't get in her friendzone. Go away. If she wants you , she'll be back.
  14. Married men are a waste of time. Even separated men are a waste of time. If you want involvement with them, be clear it's casual. Once you invest in them, and they can't, you're on the losing end. They have so much to go through after officially getting divorced. Yep, you're the rebound. He probably cares for you, but as far as ever being more, don't hold your breath. Sorry for being blunt but it's the truth. Most will get divorced, go through the motions of healing, then move on to someone else. Right now you're filling a void.
  15. When you decide for yourself you're tired of letting emotions rule, and your mind wander, and you've had enough hurt, you will reach indifference. How long, anyone's guess. It varies. But know you'll get there. I'm one to hang on until my heart's had enough. When I reach that point, that's it. No looking back.
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