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i hate the family dog


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so i have grown up with all sorts of animals as pets. i have gone threw a few incidents where i was attacked by other peoples pets as well. ive loved all animals ive come across. not one have i disliked in any way. until the newest dog. she is a cane corso and about 4 years old. we own two chinese pit bulls (one is 17 the other is about 7), four cats (all from the same litter. about 2 years old), two ferrets (one is about 6 the other about 4), and a fish. i moved in with my mother a little after they got her. i dont know why but she is the first animal i have ever HATED. i know that sounds harsh but its true. i cannot stand to be in the same room or even look at her. when she was still a puppy we were training her. she knew how to do tricks (sit, lay down, paw, etc.) she was clumsy but still growing into her oversized paws. she listened on command, and for a while i was okay with her. then she started to be rebellious. we tried to get her back on track and she would be okay for short periods of time. shes 4 now and its just gotten worse. she slobbers on everything, she eats all the food in the dog bowls and doesnt let the older dog eat. hes very skinny and when he does eat its only a few pieces left in the bowl or on the ground and they are coated in slobber. hes about ready to pass away and she doesnt seem to understand she cant be rough with him. she runs him over, she sits on him, she makes him sleep on the cold floor and when shes sleeping on the dog bed, if he tries to walk past to go out to the living room she jumps up, out of a deep sleep and snaps at him, she steals his treats as to where he snaps at our hands and bites down hard, swallowing without chewing just so he can eat some. she also pushes him down stairs. she follows my mom EVERYWHERE, her nose inches from my mothers butt. you cannot get past her because she doesnt move and takes up a lot of space. you cant eat anything without her staring you down and drooling puddles, wiping it on everything (the others dogs heads, the furniture, the walls, your clothes, the floor, herself, and anything she can reach). if you walk to another room to eat she follows and even when we tell her to go lay down and stop begging (which she used to be good at) she will turn around then come back and sit right where she was and continue to stare and drool. she whines and barks at everything and everyone.


if we are outside she whines and cries and screams and digs her claws into the wall as to where we need to replace some drywall next to the door. she is always underfoot which is difficult to handle when trying to bring things inside or out. when we leave, we have to make sure all food is in the fridge or up very high. her head is level with the counter so while were gone she takes it upon herself to eat all the food in the dog bowls and on the counters. nothing is ever safe. plastic, foil, boxes, on plates, doesnt matter what its in, its gone. ripped apart. shredded. ALL OVER THE HOUSE. and if anyone (my brothers, my step dad, myself) tries to correct her or show her shes bad we get in trouble. only my mom is allowed to say anything or do anything to her. so the dog thinks its okay to do anything as long as mom isnt around. ive gotten so fed up that in my head ive imagined taking her to a pound or just kicking her out. but nothing happens in our house without moms approval. stupid mutt gets to stay and here i am with my mental self wanting to slit the damn dogs throat because i hate her so much. i would never do that, btw for those of you who are about to leave nasty comments about that part. also thank you if you actually take the time to read all of that.

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i am unable to move out currently

yes she is mostly my mothers dog, but we all have to put up with her.

my mom wont pay for training. shes had PLENTY of other dogs and she thinks she is the best teacher for her dog. she knows how she wants her to act not some stranger. thats how my mom thinks.

as i said in the original post, i would never actually do anything like that to an animal.

your very right. moms house, moms rules.

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As Cesar Milan would say. . `He can rehabilitate dogs - and train people'

The dog is a product of its environment. Look within for the answer . . or at your mom.

Don't hate the dog.


I've never met a dog I didn't like. . until. Well. . It's not that I don't like her. But I definitely don't like my mother's dogs behavior.

We grew up with Yorkies. My dad passed away and my mom got one again.

She's transferred all her attention, fears and anxieties onto this dog.

This 5lb dog is so obnoxious and undisciplined. Cute lil thing tries to eat my leg every time I visit.

The dog doesn't want to share my mother with me.

But it's my moms fault. And I tell her so

My brother and I joke on who'll pull the short straw in the event the dog outlives my mom

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I'd be going crazy too in a house with that many people and animals everywhere. It reminds me of a friend of mine and the house she grew up in. It was so freaking stressful even being in that house to visit. I can only imagine how the animals felt being cramped up all the time, with someone or something in their space all the time.


It's not the dogs fault. Looks like a beautiful breed. But needs a lot of exercise and attention as they are very intelligent.


Can't move out or won't? See this insistence on how people can't move out of the parents house a lot around here these days.


While you are there, could you take the dog out more and bond through daily walks? I know of no better way to become pals. Plus you AND the dog could probably use more time out of that house. Honestly I feel suffocated just thinking of it.

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To the OP - what a very, very unappealing animal!


I guess you've no choice but to endure while you live with your mother - but surely there must be some way of making sure that the poor older dog gets to eat first, for example? I have to say, I've never lived with a dog (or cat!) that I'd trust with food left within reach, and putting it away is just common sense.


Whatever, at some point in her upbringing she's been rewarded for bad behaviour and if you want this to change, then you all need to be consistent. Even if your mother won't pay for training, there are online resources.


Good luck!

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None of this is the dog's fault. Pets need training and loving guidance from their human families. At risk of being put in time out here, I have to say you sound like a terrible person. I'm so worried for this poor dog being near you, and I really hope someone intervenes before this poor, innocent animal is harmed. You sound like you have some deep seated anger issues and mental instability. I'll say no more here.

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Your anger is completely misplaced, this poor dog.


She’s a dog. She doesn’t know she’s supposed to let the older dog eat or sleep on the bed...she’s a dog! They don’t have that mentation. Her actions are based off survival instinct. She sees food and a bed so takes it! Separate the older dog if he’s skinny and provide a safe environment for him to eat/sleep. Take care of the dog!


This poor pup. It’s not her fault no ones spent time training her or showing her what good behaviour is. I get it’s your mother’s dog and she doesn’t want to...but don’t resent the dog for that.

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The dog is very young and acting like a young dog! When my dog was young, he sat on anything or anybody and had no concept of personal space. Why do you invite the old dog to sleep in your bedroom with you at night, and also suggest that there be a babygate between them when they eat. That sounds like a reasonable solution. And take her to obedience classes.

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