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  1. It seems his seduction strategy s a typical one. Say whatever you have to to get laid.
  2. No high fives from me for an older guy banging an 18-year-old girl.
  3. OK, so going forward, I suggest that you disconnect your romantic intentions from two things: 1. Relatives, especially parents. 2. Stop with the religiosity. I can respect being a person of faith, of course. However, I get the impression that this all-consuming aspect of it will be very off-putting to any potential romantic partner you can find. Even if they share your religion. As an aside, look up the difference between religious and religiosity. BTW, a relationship between two people should be fun and full of joy. If it is not? It's a drag!
  4. You definitely could be wrong. Relationships are complicated and you are not with either of them 24/7, so how do you know that your perceptions are the defining of their connection? Some people talk crap about each other a a form of affection, seriously, it's a thing. How she and your mutual relatives stay connected is really between those people, not for you on the sidelines.
  5. Cracks me up when people in their 40s convince themself that they can pass for their 20s. Nope, nada, no way! And even if you did, it does not excuse creepin on a high school kid. Who cares if he approached you first.
  6. You got friendzoned early on. Move on.
  7. We don't know that she had a clean bill of health, I certainly hope so. My exwife exposed me to HPV which gave me cancer many years later. She, ironically, cleared up after exposing me. I did not.
  8. We can sympathize to the OP's plight while also acknowledging that her BF faces a real potential risk to his health from her behavior. While a victim of abuse gets a lot of latitude as to why they have behaved destructively. There has to be a recognition that having prostituted herself (no mention of coercion) and hidden that fact from her BF is a huge thing to do. He was prevented from doing a risk assessment on a practical basis. There are so many STDs he could have been exposed to, some do not get prevented by safer sex practices (HPV, for example). And like it or not, some people do not want to be intimate with someone that has a high number of partners, as one would presume sex worker would have. Their reasons can be health, religion, etc. Hiding such a pertinent fact indicates a pattern of secretive behavior. Calling it "in the past" without revealing it to the current partner, means it is still present. For illustration's sake. How about if a person was a murderer a decade ago and has not murdered anyone in 10 years. Their partner finds out they murdered someone from a friend. Most people would see that as an incredible thing to hide and feel immediately threatened with danger and mistrustful. Or replace "murder" with stole money from a quckiemart in the in their youth. That example would be less alarming. What I'm getting at is that engaging in sex work is not the same as having had other relationships in the past. The value judgment of what that means to a person apparently ranges from no big deal to recoiling in alarm. It is unfair to assign bad intent to the OP or to the OPs BF fo that matter. However, the OP's deception is what triggered the current situation. I wish her well.
  9. OK, I get the abuse angle, the shame angle, and not wanting to tell this BF about your past since you say you've lived decently for 7 years. However, as a man, it would be difficult to wonder how many dozen men (or more?) you had sex with prior to myself. A few of the things that would bother me about it. 1. My own risk of contracting an STD from you. 2. Other men I know potentially having paid you for sex. 3. Wondering about your own decisionmaking process going forward if you hide major things from me.
  10. You've burned 3 months with him and have had a ration of disappointment. He has show you who he is. It is not a nice picture is it? Tell him to stay with his family permanently. Get a room mate instead.
  11. Both of my kids (in their 30s) got married this year! Several cancelled dates and downsizing. One was a Zoom wedding! But they are launched!
  12. Some people when they break up, need some kind of definitive "can't go back now" moment, so they have one -- kissing a new person is such a thing. Others, such as yourself, keep looking for ways for the break up to feel hurt and betrayed even more so. I'm sorry yo are hurting. Please find a way to move forward and away from your feelings about this guy. You have a bright future ahead of you. Looking back is just more ways to hurt yourself.
  13. One big piece that could be an issue for the both of you sisters; Were they ever intimate? Personally, if that is , I would pass on this guy.
  14. Go with Job A Don't take bad typing on a letter as an indicator of how the job with play out. More money, no language barrier.
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