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  1. Hi Butterfly, sorry about this issue in such a time of happiness. I nursed my youngest daughter until she self-weaned at 2 years, and when she was still less than one year old she came down with a beastly case of Eczema. Her pediatrician prescribed a topical that didn't do much, so I took her to a pediatric dermatologist at a renowned children's hospital (luckily in my area) who prescribed Erythromycin - she took that orally for just the one course and the Eczema went away. Like your little love, she didn't have other issues, normal digestion, sleep, growth and development, just that nasty Eczema. I'm not a fan of medication in general, and especially for a tiny baby (who is now 22!) (also thankfully hasn't suffered from it since!) but I trusted the specialist and in our case, it worked. If breastfeeding is working for you then please know there are options to treat Eczema. In my daughter's case it wasn't even a question about breastfeeding being linked to her Eczema. However I know all babies are different. And I know there are other reasons mom's can't breastfeed, etc. I am always supportive of every mom who just wants to do her best. Whatever you choose, your baby will be bonded to you and will thrive - you're a good mom. ((HUGS))
  2. Seraphim, I'm so sorry. Praying for comfort for you and your family.
  3. Congratulations! Very exciting, so happy for you! :)
  4. Hey Pippy, darling, I'd love to have you as my Valentine :) You don't have to buy me flowers or chocolate, but we could do a heart-shaped pizza or something???
  5. Thanks for your post! My daughters (ages 27 and 22) have both been vegan for over 2 years. I just went vegan myself (after a long time being about 90%...) in January. I decided to try it for a week, then just didn't want to give it up. I have always eaten healthy, and still do; however to clarify this change is totally for the animals. It's about compassion to all living things. So far it's been seriously easy, which really shouldn't matter, but I just found it surprising that I haven't missed eggs or chicken (the last 2 things I hadn't given up). The only challenge I've had so far is eating out, which is not always within my control (for example if I have no choice in the restaurant) but thankfully I don't eat out often. When I dine out with my daughters we always pick vegan places anyway, no big deal! I have found a ton of vegan recipes, and the food part of it is much easier than finding beauty/cleaning products that are cruelty free! Once I find something I just stick with it :) Thanks for starting this thread, it will be a great place to share on this topic!!I
  6. Happy New Year! I'm in the U.S./Midwest so less than 6 hours to go :) I really used to enjoy the New Year's Eve parties, but today I had a full day, running in cold/snow, going on errands with my daughter & helping her get ready for a big NYE party (ah...the young....) and I'm perfectly content to sit in my cozy pj's in my cozy house, with a bottle of champagne and all you fine people :) Hope 2020 is wonderful to all of you! Cheers!
  7. Me!!! I actually put mine up on Thanksgiving after my Turkey Trot race. I had some free time and it was nice-ish weather to get in/out of my storage unit so I did it then! Do you have yours up Seraphim?
  8. Happiest Birthday everrrrrrrr sweetheart Pippy!!!!! (((HUGS))) Hope you are still celebrating, and if not, time to start back again!
  9. You're doing great on your new lifestyle journey :) so happy for you. It's so difficult to make lifestyle changes, even though it's "one day at a time" it's still hard! Especially during this holiday season when temptations seem to be on every corner. Happy to hear about your progress!!! You rock!!!
  10. Pippy! I have the same rule......no Christmas until December. Period. That said. . . I noticed in my Netflix feed a new holiday movie. *sigh* I am guilty of binging on The Hallmark Channel which starts playing all Christmas movies, all the time. . . . right after Halloween. LOL. I'm a sucker for the romantic "dreams come true" scenario and I get really sappy in the holiday season hahaha :) xx
  11. I've been a bridesmaid several times. I honestly regretted every one, because frankly to me it's more fun to wear a nice black sexy cocktail dress instead of paying $$$ for a dress I'll never wear again and that I inevitably hated. Also....it's more fun to attend a wedding, bring a gift, dress cute, and just eat/drink/dance and have fun celebrating a friend or family member. You can still change your mind and there are many great comments/opinions here on how to do this. "I'm sorry, but I cannot be one of your bridesmaids. It's not my style, I don't have a lot of free time for the extra bridal activities, and I really just want to come to your wedding to celebrate your marriage and enjoy the happy occasion. I wanted to give you time to choose another BM. You're so kind to ask me, thank you for that. I'm very happy for you and looking forward to celebrating with you!" I'm not the best with words. . . . . and I'm sure other posters have a better "speech" but the key is. . . . this is your life and your free time and life goes by quickly and you won't get the time back. Be very careful in how you use your free time......so have that in mind when you (if you) let her know you cannot be a BM. The key is to be firm and resolute and if she gets icky/dramatic about it. . . that is not your problem it's hers. (someone else said that. . . not being a copy cat). You don't owe anyone....to be their BM and at their beck and call. As abitbroken said (above) if she throws a fit, not your circus, not your monkeys. Period.
  12. Annoying.....you can deal with. SO GLAD it's not dangerous. (hugs)
  13. Ugh, sorry to hear this! I hope you're doing ok (as can be expected) and I hope you have great success in recovering/moving forward. So happy that K is being so supportive.
  14. Great news Jetta! Also - good luck with the songwriting competition!
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