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Talked to the McDonald's Girl, went disaster


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I mentioned in an earlier posting of my crush on a Hispanic girl that works at McDonald's. I know, many will say it's only a physical attraction, I know nothing about her, etc. I'm old enough to know that is all true, but nonetheless, I've not been able think of anything but her, her mannerisms, her smile.


Well, I've finally resolved that today I would finally get up the guts to talk to her. So, I stopped at a local market and bought a bouquet of flowers and brought them in with me to this nearby McD's in a duffel bag along with some of my other belongings.


I left for there around 11 am to avoid the lunch rush. Once I was there, I felt self conscious about the flowers, so I left them in my bag at a nearby booth, and walked up to the counter to order a coke from an older heavy black woman at the nearest counter. "Maam, I'm curious about a woman that works back there. The one that wears the the blue ribbon in her hair. I have a friend that would like to know if she is single." I asked her.


The woman's face lit up and said something like "Ohhhh you mean Sylvia? Oh yesss, she is single and she is a sweet sweet girl. But don't you come telling me you've got a friend that wants to know. I see you comin in here every day checkin her out!"


I smiled as if to admit guilty as charged and asked her if I could talk to her for a minute. The woman start chuckling and yelled accross the room to some worker "Edgar! Can you go get Sylvia! There's a handsome young man here to see her."


"Handsome, young, man." That introduction will hopefully work to my advantage I thought.


So, anyhow...here's what I had planned to say. Something like "Hey, I just wanted to say, I've seen you here several times, and I really like your smile. To be honest, I that's the main reason I come in here. I'll be leaving town shortly, and was just hoping if you would be interested in joining me for a dinner before I go"


It's not totally false, I'm going out of town for several days on work. I just wanted to have a plan so if I don't return, it'll look as if planned instead of leaving defeated. Also, it'd give her the comfort that some stalker won't be at her place of work forever more. Anyhow, I thought it would work.


Upon the black woman's call, the back of the McDonald's counter seemed to come to life. I heard all kinds of talk in Spanish going on back and forth among the workers, and then all kinds of workers from the back started coming towards the front to see who was summoning for Sylvia.


At this exact moment, I felt a hand gently hit me on the shoulder, and standing in line next to me was a guy I'll call Joe along with several new young sales reps. Joe's the regional sales manager from the company I work with. I guess he's a good enough guy, and he's competent at what he does. He tends to be an ass-kisser to myself and others in the company that he thinks could advance his career. "Heeey! What's up!" Then he starts gushing on about how excited he is about a company presentation I did two weeks ago.


The last thing in the world I would want is this already difficult and somewhat vulnerable and embarrassing act witnessed by so many people. Especially those that work for me.


My nervousness is now turning to panic as I can now see this girl emerging from the back with a big blushing smile along with some giggling female coworkers.


The older black woman then reiterated "Yes..Sylvia's one sweet girl, but she doesn't speak English"


So the girl was now at the counter facing me and says "Hi" in a really thick accent. The reps waiting in line started to notice for the first time, there was something more than ordering going on with myself and the McD's staff. All the staff, instead of minding their own business and preparing food or taking orders, stood there, as if waiting for me to say the punch line of a joke. And a punchline I did deliver!!


The nervousness and the realization that she would not be able to understand what I would say without it going through a bunch of nosy translators made me forget everything I had planned to say.

"Hi, I wanted to say, I like your um I like your...you." was the only thing that could come to my lips. The staff all broke into laughs and hoots. Sylvia stood there with that sweet smile as if she didn't understand but was waiting for someone to translate.

"OK. I gotta go. Thanks. Bye" I said and then I headed out the door with my coke without looking at anyone.

Yes, I forgot my bag with possessions in the booth too.


I'm not much of a drinker but I'm going to drink like a fish tonight. I'm feeling so relieved to Boston to work for a week.


I can't believe it went so bad and I feel so dumb. I think I like that girl even more, now when I think of how she looked at me and said hi. Did I mess this up beyond repair??

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I just love reading your story. No you haven't ruined anything. My question to you is do you know any Spanish? Learn to say what you want to say to her in her language to start, but odds are she's working there to learn our language. I don't have any other advice, but someone else will come through with something. So glad you posted an update.

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Wow, what a Danielle Steel novel! I don't think you messed it up beyond repair, however, you definitely looked VERY awkward. I think you could go back and explain yourself and she may be more guarded, but I don't know, IMO you didn't do anything hurtful.


I do wonder though, if she speaks no English, and you speak no Spanish (do you?) how do you expect to communicate with her?

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Awww, I read the one from yesterday and this one. I think it's sooooo cute! I think things would have went smoother if everyone had minded their own business. It seems word was going around about you before you showed up. I wouldn't take it as a "disaster", per se. just more than what you expected.


I would go back and try to sort things out if you feel comfortable enough to do it

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I loved reading this story, I thought it was really sweet and nice to know guys like you exist out there to be honest. If you really like this girl than go back in there and try again! you didn't do anything to be embarassed about it. I don't know though, could the language barrier be a problem?

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"He's going to kill Aurelia!!!" "Cool!!"


i love that movie!!!


hahah, i think that this is really cute! I think you need to go back there, and ask her out!!! this time, maybe write it down on a note and give it to her. Ask someone who knows spanish to write on the card "I would like to take you to dinner, what is your phone number?"


you know what - she needs to learn english, and spanish is a useful language for you to learn. you should go for it.

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Man up VP!!! You sound like a guy who has it together in life! A good job, handsome(from what the other Micky D's employer yelled out), and a man that has A lot to offer.....!


But instead you treat the situation like you are back in the 5th grade giving your first crush a valentines card.......


Fight the Jitters and come at her with confidence, charm, and genuine interest!

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You are a charmer and you probably don't even know it. Your story is absolutely and sincerely heart melting. That girl is one lucky lady.

Go back. Don't let what happened in your first official try, make you give up. You really like her. Seriously, the way you talk about her and your feelings. If you would really like to get to know her then the language barrier should NOT be the excuse. You seem like you have it together. Like everyone said, handsome and old fashioned. Who wouldn't fall for that.


If talking to her sounds too nerve wracking, then write her a letter or note. Express yourself. Don't overwhelm her with too many compliments- that can sometimes make the girl too shy. Believe me. When she realizes you went through all of that (that being speaking or writing in spanish) she will just fall head over heals.


This happened to me. There was this time some handsome (american) guy approached me at the store, and started speaking spanish to me. I do speak english fluently, but I guess he heard a conversation I was having on my cell and thought I didn't perhaps. The point is, it was nice enough to have some stranger do that. He didn't speak spanish very well, but it was cute enough to win me.


I SO want to see how this goes. Let me know if you need any quick translation. I'm sure you can do that with so many books and online. But I am here for ya!


Best of luck, and have a nice trip

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Redeem yourself VP. I would come back there again, ask for her, give her a card. Make sure to translate it into Spanish first though. Its thoughtful and she will see that you put effort into translating it for her. I'm sure if you both click you both will put more effort in understanding each other. Trust it can work, my best was in the same shoes and they are together for 4yrs and still together. GL

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OMG....this story is soooo sweet! This has to be one of the best stories I've read here on ENA. Please go back...everyone there is probably rooting for you two based on how you described what happened. And she seemed really excited that you wanted to talk to her. I hope you work up the courage to try again. And I'm pretty sure the black lady is going to make SURE you guys make a connection...lol


Please keep us updated!!!

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This reminds me of the writer and the Portuguese girl from Love Actually.


[video=youtube;nKdSvhCg3VY] ]


Go after her =)


I agree, it did remind me of this movie, as well!



You should go back and try again. I do like the idea of a note that some members have already mentioned previously! If you need any help writing the note in spanish, you can PM me and I will help you out since Spanish is my main language. By the way, I enjoyed reading your story, you did such a good job describing the whole scenario and it was really easy for me to picture the whole thing in my head.


Good luck!

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YP, where you at dawg?


Go into McDonald's John Cusack style with the boom-box over your head with this appropriate late 90s p-diddy Song.


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