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  1. I don't know now about Cindy given your impression of her after the date and her unstable past. She might be a handful and seems to be a bit all over the place. O_O. I wouldn't hold my breath either...bummer.
  2. I hope Cindy didn't flake on you. Can't wait to hear the juicy details of the date if it went as planned!!
  3. Wait...did Cindy say she heard the gunshot while she was on the phone with you inviting you over to her office?? Did she hang up on you? Very suspicious if you ask me. I hear "gunshots" all the time and never think to immediately call 911. 9 times out of 10 it's a car that backfired or something, lol. What people will do to avoid the awkward conversation of saying they just aren't interested. Maybe she did hear a gunshot, who knows! I doubt it though...
  4. I'm so excited for you and your date with Cindy. Can't wait to hear how it goes!
  5. Kim is not giving off a great first impression IMO. It seems she wants to have control. I think she will flake as soon as something doesn't seem right with her.
  6. Jeanette sounds like she might flake out despite her cold.
  7. I got such a joy reading this thread. I admire all the work you put into setting these dates up and your confidence in each one. I wish more threads were like this. Keep us posted! I'm sure with all this hard work you'll find someone great
  8. my guy is half dakota indian and half african and he is essentially hairless everywhere and hes 28 so hes way past the maturity point...he has some facial hair growth....my arms are more hairy than his...his skin is smooth and soft
  9. if u eat a nice crispy red apple or a orange, that will temporarliy freshen your breath and clean ur mouth if you can't brush right away
  10. Studies have shown that masturbation does have it's benefits to the health of an individual if you do it in moderation. over masturbation can cause fatigue amongst other things.
  11. I was painfully shy in highschool because I was bullied alot during my junior high years and I carried that insecurity with me those four years. I was living with my father. My father never really had any input in social life and never really gave me much comfort from elementary to early college during these "hard" times.I guess his parenting stragety was that I needed to figure the problem out for myself and toughen up. It didn't work too well. Now I'm with my mother for a bit and I feel very secure with myself because she doesn't ignore me when she sees something wrong and she forces me to get out. This is what I love about her because I ultimately feel better Before Junior High, more specifically 2nd and 3rd grade, I was extroverted and had a close circle of friends that I still remember to this day. I'm starting to feel more extroverted now that I'm living in a new city with my mother and making mature, fun friends.
  12. Cyber sex, phone sex, it's all silly to me........I guess people can start having sex with their eyes just by staring at each other and thinking dirty thoughts! .......Eye sex?! I'm just being silly,...ignore me.
  13. When I read this I was instantly back in high school. The geek. the loner, the one nobody notices....thank you for writing this, good job.
  14. Me personally, I love slow, gentle, passionate kisses on the lips which then leads to the neck. I get so hypnotized!
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