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  1. Thank you for updating us. I can tell you are a great guy and one day you will be rewarded with someone just as wonderful as you are....Please always check in and let us know how you're doing. I wish you many blessings in life!
  2. You need to forget the ultimatum and just say go back to North Carolina. I know this type of guy...They don't ever change because they love what they're doing and all the attention they get more than they love you.
  3. Yep, that's exactly what you do. She'll know exactly why you're not contacting her even if she tries to play clueless.
  4. Oh yes, go meet with her. Make sure you look and smell dam good to remind her what she's missing out on. I'm just sayin' Be confident and get out of there quickly.
  5. Really? She thought it would be cool and okay of her to hold on to an engagement ring for an engagement that has been broken for 4 months so that she can figure things out while you sit in anxiety and limbo during that time??? And she did all this through trext?? Wow...That is incredibly selfish and thoughtless of your feelings. I think you need to send a very clear, firm, yet civil email stating that you would like the engagement ring cleared before having to wait another 2 months. That is extremely unfair to you and you shouldn't be expected to live in limbo like this. You know you need to stand up for yourself here...Don't be a doormat. I'm very sorry for what you've had to go through. I'm sure it wasn't/isn't easy.
  6. This girl is a habitual line stepper. She's driving me nuts!
  7. Hmmm, okay so she just let this new guy know that you're her doormat. That's not a good look for you. STOP RESPONDING TO HER. I'm sorry, but she is making a fool out of you. She has just plainly let it be known that she can do/act however she likes towards you because she knows you will put up with it. Please, block her...change your number...something!!!
  8. At this point, if she were to message you over the holidays, I wouldn't send her a response. Your silence will tell her that you're not putting up with her breadcrumbs anymore. Do not respond to her, please!! And I can't believe she said... "I want you" and then followed it up with "I'm happy with how life is and I dont want it to change" So, basically she doesn't care how wanting you in her life effects you and what your feeling?? She just wants things her way only?? This girl is the epitome of selfish. Just wondering, but how old is she??
  9. Ha! I wonder if her saying that came after the other guy telling her she was just "a bit of fun"? There is nothing to sort here anymore...She took advantage of your love for her. End of story. I'm glad you are finding the strength to ignore. Sometimes that can be a very hard thing to do when you still care about someone...
  10. Don't beat yourself up...You're a good guy and, unfortunately, there are people out there that take advantage of people's love and kindness, especially in relationship dynamics. It really is a fine line trying to master keeping your personal boundaries in check. Humans are funny creatures. If they feel they can get away with murder, they will do just that. Your ex knew she could get away with these behaviors because you weren't saying 'enough!' and showing her you meant it. So, she naturally continues these behaviors while escalating them as time goes on... From my own personal experience, I know that when I've had to initiate some hardcore NC into my life, that's when certain folks would take me more seriously no matter if they were relationships or just friendships. And on a sidenote, your honesty is very refreshing here. And you are not pathetic...you're just human.
  11. Which actions seem that way? Sure, I can tell you. You just posted how you and her went shopping together. So, if you were comfortable enough to have her go shopping with you, then clearly you two had been in communication up until you found out about her sleeping with this new guy. Let me tell you how you have played this all wrong. A woman does not have respect for a man that she can just basically do anything to and he still remains in her life as a 'friend'. You have shown by your actions that it's okay for you two to not be committed to each other, so why would she take you or your feelings seriously? The fact that she saw it was okay to have you over for Xmas while sleeping with another guy clearly shows that she lost respect for you and your feelings as a man. No woman that truly wanted to be with someone and loves him would bruise that man's ego in such a way. It's just very insulting. You have become the reliable, 'go-to' guy that she can have around to fulfill any feelings of loneliness. She is dependent upon you for friendship and comfort, but nothing more. If you want to get respect back from this woman, then you ignore her and let her see that you don't need or want anything to do with her. That's when she'll start to look at you differently and respect you as a person and even moreso as a man. Because truth be told, no self-respecting gentleman would tolerate this foolishness from this woman. You have simply become a doormat to her. Oh, and about the being content without her....You don't even know if you are content without her because you haven't truly been without her. So, I can't see how you can honestly assess that you are content without her in your life. But here's hoping you find out real soon what life is like without her because she has got to go! You've given her a goodbye...You just need to stick to it. I'm sorry for being a little tough on you right now, but I think you're such a great guy and you really don't deserve such poor treatment from this girl and I just hope that this time you can really close this chapter. You deserve better....much better.
  12. If you were truly content without her then you wouldn't still be responding to her texts, seeing her in person, etc... It is about time for you to say "Bye, boo" and keep it moving. The fact that she just slept with someone else and is wanting you to come over for Xmas is just plain disgusting behavior on her part. Her audacity knows no limit. She has no respect for you now and you need to just disappear from her life.
  13. I'm confused with your story because in your first thread that you posted here you stated that you were already on birth control Here's the thread in case you forgot what you posted just a few days ago...
  14. Wow, I just read this ENTIRE thread....yes, the ENTIRE thread all day yesterday. I went through so many emotions, it was like reading a novel. lol But boy oh boy, this woman had me fired up!! I think it was incredibly selfish of your ex to string you along for a year...a whole year! She does not deserve you, that's for sure. While reading, I kept waiting for the moment where you finally wake up and let her know about herself and go cold hard NC. If you would have done that a long time ago, she would be singing a different tune today. I'm a believer of NC/NIC/ and LC, but this woman needed a huge dose of NC. askltk, I can tell that you are a great guy, but you were way too nice with girl...way too nice and she 100% took advantage of your kindness. Yes, I do believe she cares about you, but to try to monopolize your time/life while meeting other guys was just too much for me. Now excuse me while I continue to finish digesting this most epic thread...
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