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Are women turned on by military guys?


Are women turned on by military guys  

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  1. 1. Are women turned on by military guys

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    • Sometimes - about the same as any other guy
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men in uniform are a general turn on. the military involves a lot of training, so your body will get into shape. that is a turn on too.


i think it depends on the woman, some women are not really into it. but i do like the discipline and order it instates in a man.

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I have several friends in the military, and an ex whom I am friendly with. Most of them, I've noted, have gone through a lot of personal changes for the better. More disciplined, more humble, etc. They've grown to using the terms 'sir' and 'ma'am'. Maybe some women don't like to be addressed that way, but I do!! It turns me on. And their bodies are very nice to look at...

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Good question cause Im really attracted to an israeli guy at work and israeli's all serve in the military, but the one thing that bothers me is I cant get my head around the fact that he killed people. In the U.S. though, it is a choice.


on a very superficial level, yes, uniforms are sexy and obviously these men will be in shape...

but on a deeper level its kind of scary to look at a soldier (one who you dont know too well) and wonder if they've ever murdered anyone

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Absolutely not, quite the opposite. I like people that break the rules not obbey to/follow them. I am also attracted to discipline and stability but that can be found in athlets for example or even better for me in entrepreneurs of some sort.

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Are women turned on by military guys? Is this the main incentive for hot girls wanting to move to San Diego, CA? Were these girls somehow brainwashed into enjoy satisfying a G.I.'s needs, including sexual needs? I don't buy this commonly heard reason, "I moved here because of the beach and the ocean!", because the whole west coast has a beach(most of the length) and an ocean. One can be young, beautiful, and athletic and not support the military. I am not a "hippie". I am a conservative, non-partisan, U.S. citizen, civilian who does not support the military and war. I am considered a pacifist.

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No, actually military is SUCH a turn-off to me.


One of my bfs was really into the military. Ugh. Never again. That whole culture just turns me off. I hate "macho" guys. I also have found that I'm not as likely to find the intelligence I'm looking for in military guys. Of course, not all are that way, but that's my finding.


Even without the intelligence factor, I don't like the culture. I like guns - I shoot skeet and clay targets and it's fun for me but military guys are doing it to kill people. No thanks. It's all about white/black, being "MANLY", following orders, and enough patriotism to make me sick. I think I'll pass.

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BTW, I am not "hippie" either. I am fiscally conservative. I just don't like how the military does things.


I am thnakful for the things that soldiers have done in the past to protect us, but that doesn't mean I have to like what they are doing now. And I'm definitely never open to dating one either.

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I'm really turned on by men in uniform, but more than soldiers, I generally gear towards policemen and firefighters. Whenever I see a young, good-looking guy in a uniform something inside me turns on and I get all mushy and dumb, lol. There's just something about those uniforms and the discipline and power that the men behind them have. My male friends laugh and think I'm crazy, but I know I'm not the only one!

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They look very attractive. I've dated guys before they went into the military, and when they came back, they were very different men, devoid of feelings or any kindness. It is the attitude that turns me off.


Show me a nice military guy, and I'm all over that, baby!

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A lot of them have good bodies, but those haircuts negate any kind of physical attraction.


I would also have a difficult time dating one due to political reasons. Oh and I would never want the life of a military wife.


Not for me.


Oh god, you are SO right about the hair.

I think police officer uniforms/hats are cute and all but often times, they have those "military" haircuts and it's just a total boner-killer, for lack of a better term. I wish they could have longer hair!

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