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  1. Why is this being posed as a gender specific question?
  2. I agree. As a gay man myself, this is by far the most burning question for me after reading the OP's post. Yes, it's horrible that she cheated. However, the fact that she cheated with a woman should put her sexuality into question. Unfortunately we live in a society that is very heteronormative. Gays and lesbians can often go deeply into denial, causing them to engage in straight relationships which sometimes even lead to marriage and children. I'm a member of a GLBT forum that has posts all the time by people who are just coming out in their 40s and 50s. Many of them have had to break the
  3. Do you think people perform variations of oral sex acts because of the taste? In most cases that is unlikely the driver, regardless of gender or sexual preference.
  4. I can assure you that people have been swallowing long before porn was an industry. You can find references to it in classic literature, etc. Clearly, this is just a preference issue on the OP's part. At the end of the day, it doesn't really matter specifically what particular act she has an issue with. The main point is that her partner is putting undo pressure and coming up with false ultimatums in order to push her to act a certain way. That's really the issue here.
  5. Unless he has a medical degree he doesn't really have any legitimate input, IMO. What is he basing this claim on?
  6. I think you're overthinking this. Medical advice is never 100% certain. Guys who have been told that they're sterile by their doctors have still had kids, for example. There's always the chance that they are mistaken. So if you told him that you were late, etc, that would still be "scary" for that reason.
  7. The "why" is not complicated. It's male physiology. I believe males peak at the age of 18 and women at the age of 40.
  8. Well, it depends. That might be the case in some situations but it's also true that some single people prefer not being tied down to one particular person. I had a roommate during my university years, for example, who never really "dated" anyone as far as I knew. But he probably hooked up with hundreds of women (and sometimes men) during that time. He liked picking up at bars and wasn't interested in formal/monogamous relationships. Relationships are not the only place where sex can be found.
  9. I think this is a valid question. Affection is a two-way street. I sense a bit of the princess complex in the OP.
  10. How old are you guys and how long have you been together?
  11. This is my problem with it. It stems from the perception that women are weak/delicate, who need doors opened for them or coats placed over puddles lest they get themselves wet and shivel up like the witch in the Wizard of Oz. When women see themselves as princesses, as prizes to be won, they're just furthering the idea that they are a commodity exchanged between men. So many of these traditions grow out of this attitude. eg, the act of the father "giving away" his daughter to her husband during a wedding ceremony. The sooner these traditions die off, the better. There's no question it will
  12. Being physically stronger or having a boss who pays more just for being a man are things outside of a guy's control. We should be minimizing the inequality in our lives, not trying to patch it up with silly conventions. This is just spoiled princess behavior, plain and simple, and should not be tolerated. It ranks exceptionally high on my "Reasons I'm Glad I Turned Out Gay" list.
  13. Sure, being lavished is fun for anyone. But no one gender deserves that more than the other. You no more deserve to have a meal paid for you than you boyfriend does.
  14. Because it's 2011. Unless you were cyrogenically frozen in 1950 and just recently unthawed by a group of scientists, you can't realistically expect people to live by these conventions.
  15. I agree, but the OP did say that this guy isn't interested in the "boy" side of him, which indicates to me that this guy knows that the OP isn't a woman all the time. Assuming that he's aware of this and is still interested, then I don't see anything wrong. As far as why some guys are not interested in the "extra", as the OP puts it, I watched a series of interviews with transgendered women on the Showtime series called "Kink" (which I highly recommend). A few of the pre-op women stated something to the effect of "Each guy is different in terms of how much involvement he wants or doesn't wa
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