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  1. Men don't buy me anything and they still expect access to my ladyparts, lol. OP, I disagree wholeheartedly. This a huge misconception men have. If women truly had all the cards, there wouldn't be so many lonely and single women out there.
  2. You SERIOUSLY need to work on your self esteem. I can't believe that you even considered staying with him let alone apologizing from him. You will only attract terrible men if that is how much you think you deserve.
  3. And you are a gorgeous girl! That's why men are so wrong thinking good looking women have life so easy, it's just not always the case.
  4. Yes, we sure do, men do it too. But she is with you, that has to tell you something, right?
  5. I think it's great that you are doing it by choice. Do you require your future girl to be a virgin too?
  6. I think those are valid concerns. Some people don't care as much about what might or might not happen in future. I personally feel like being alone at an older age would really suck. That's one of the reasons I just don't like large age gap relationships. I don't want to start looking for love again at 60 or be worried about someone's health issues while I'm still young. Your age gap doesn't seem too large tho, depends on his health, you might be able to work through it.
  7. Didn't sleep with anyone after my ex. But yes, I had this problem before too.
  8. No, I accepted that this is just how I am. So I try not to push it when I'm too sore. My ex was very understanding, so we tried to do it slowly every time and see if I can handle it or not. We usually stopped if it was too much for me and did oral instead. You don't have to have sex just once a week...just make sure you are not doing it when she is in too much pain.
  9. As someone who has a similar problem, I think you should just give her time to heal down there. Yes sure, using lube can always help, but if a girl is sore, pushing it with lube every time is not a good idea and probably not good for her health either.
  10. It's absolutely possible. Some girls get sore down there way more than other girls...I dunno what it's about exactly, their skin is more sensitive maybe? I don't think it's your circumcision status that causes that because I know a girl with uncircumcised boy friend who has the same problem.
  11. Can I ask how and where do you meet guys? I often wonder how women in their late thirties and up meet men...even in my age it doesn't seem like an easy thing.
  12. A lot of women are also afraid of screwing things up with men. Perhaps you should read ENA more, and not just shy guys threads!
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