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  1. I thought about going back on medical leave (I was on medical leave from mid-May through Aug and during that time I received no medical treatment, no physical therapy. My ortho just pulled me off work and provided no treatment). I thought of resigning from this job altogether. Then I thought, what will that achieve? I don't have hours anyway and I don't have another job. So, let me keep this job on paper and keep working on getting better and getting a job that is a better fit. This seems to be a long drawn-out process. Sadly, how much longer... I don't know. I've been dealing with my finge
  2. I'm sorry. I have nothing positive/happy update to report. Things are getting worse at my retail job. The tech is willing to go to any level to prove her dominance in that store. She bullies especially younger women in higher position than her (she is doing it to another girl floating to that store). I met with the district manager (this is the 4th district manager in a year's time) and requested to be taken out of my home store due to bullying. He said that he can't do anything about what has happened in the past if the person wasn't written up. He can only start afresh. Since this is a uni
  3. Thanks Marsh. I will search on LI.
  4. I was told by the manager at the hospital that the tech who complained against me and threw into a fit is known to be a bully and they would love to get rid of her, but they are not able to find someone with those many years of experience. The tech who has been relentlessly going after me at the retail job was written up hundreds of time and was recently suspended for 3 days for losing it on one of the staff members in a really ugly manner. She is known to be a problem. That staff member is leaving soon, so he has no desire to go after her. If I was leaving, I would think the same, but since
  5. Currently going through a rough patch. In terms of health - knee injection series is over, but knee is swollen. I have started getting injections in finger. It has been a month after my 1st finger injection (new treatment) and the inflammation has not subsided enough to proceed with the 2nd injection so we have postponed the 2nd injection to next month. The techs are unruly at my retail job and specifically 1 tech (61 year old) has been going around saying nasty things about me and recently yelled at me in front of the rest of the team. Why? because I objected to her going home early whe
  6. Hello Marsh, Do you know how much a personal driver costs? I'm interested in finding out more about consulting gigs, but I always thought that I am not master of anything so who will want to hire me as a consultant? Am I wrong in self-analysis? I would love to find out more.
  7. There is a tiny update in my life. I will be starting a new 'per diem' hospital position at a nearby hospital. Right now, I don't have a full shift. They give me 2-4 hours a couple of times a week. They said that if they got more patients or when the director goes on vacation, they can give me more hours. I am hopeful to learn something new and be of use to them. I will also have that experience on my resume'. I am working a couple of days a week at the previous workplace. It is the same old story. I try not to pay attention to anything other than my work, but it is difficult for me to s
  8. Thanks Annie and Saraphim, I've resumed going to a local counselor a couple of times a month. I'm paying out of pocket, so I'm not sure how long I can keep going.
  9. Yes, will write more about it. Almost every job industry job is going to require me to move. Very sorry for your loss.
  10. Oh, Is it possible to work out of this state? If it is specific to your location then I understand, it will not be suitable for me.
  11. Depends on how involved he is in the practice of his religion. It would be great if you can get that information from your friend. Too square - does it mean that he is super religious? or he is just traditional may be with gender roles? When I went to Christian schools, I observed that some people were looking for partners from the same religious community, primarily because they didn't know any different. They had been in that system all of their life. Once some of them realized that there are good people out there that are not exactly the same in every single aspect of their religious pra
  12. I went to the store yesterday to get something. The cashier there told me that my boss has resigned from her current position as a district manager and has decided to step down to probably a store manager's position. Official reason given was I have to tend to a sick family member. Internally, people think that it is because of this store and the chaos that she decided to leave. I'm still trying to process this. Not sure what to make of all this.
  13. I'm very worried about the job market moving forward. My state has 13 schools pouring kids out into the already saturated market. https://forums.studentdoctor.net/threads/ca-pharmacists-whats-going-to-happen-in-the-next-three-years.1248962/
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