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Is she not interested? Or is she telling the truth?


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I met this new girl towards the end of my Junior year. We talked, and found out we had a lot in common. We talked here and there, but not too often. The new Pixar movie, Toy Story 3 came out recently on Friday. I asked her if she wanted to go to the midnight premiere with me. She said she really wanted to go, but she worked late. She said when she came home, she would go. Turns out, the movie didn't have a midnight premiere in any of the theaters close to where we live. I texted her apologizing that we couldn't go because I assumed that it would be closer. She was okay with it, and we planned to go on Saturday...since she had plans with her girl friends on Friday.


Saturday rolled along, and she said she couldn't go to the movie because her parents were not home and needed to babysit her little brother and some other kid. I offered to just stop by anyway and hang out. She accepted that, and we hung out at her house for a little. We said we would go Sunday (Father's Day).


Sunday rolls around. I text her asking that we are still going to the movie, she said, "Family is still here She said that she needed to drive her grandparents home, so she said she couldn't make it to the movie either. She said she promised tomorrow, since she does not work or have anything going.

(I can somewhat excuse this, on account of it was a holiday)


So now it is Monday. I texted her saying that I was gonna be there soon. She responded with the following text: "Okay, so honest to god you can look it up if you don't believe me because I wouldn't either, but its my grandparents 71st wedding anniversary and their both 96. I completely forgot that it was today and they are still over here. But if you wanna stop making plans to go see the movie, I completely understand cause it's like jinxed or something but we can hang out tomorrow if you still tolerate me".


I told her that was okay, but the only day off I have was Wednesday. She said that she is 99.9% positive that we will go this time. She kept saying, "I'm gonna try so hard!", "I hope we can see it!".


My question is:


Is she truly interested in me, but has this hectic schedule?

Or is she just subtly telling me a message, and not so interested?



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It does honestly sound like she is just having a hectic weekend. I think that if she was implementing difficulties in hope that you would get bored and go away, she wouldn't be so sorry, or so keen to set it up for the next day.


Give it another go, but if she flakes on your more, then I'd suggest giving up and moving on.

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Think of it this way, if she met her favorite celeb at the mall and he/she invited her to hang out later that night, would she be as flaky about meeting up with them? Of course not. That's your measurement to see if she's playing games. However, she's actually investing and offering up alternatives so maybe there's a chance she's actually interested and not just bilking you for attention. A simple way to test this is to cut all contact and see if she starts trying to contact you. If she's interested she'll chase, and if not then you won't hear anything. Either way you win.


I also found this to be a good rule of thumb:


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