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  1. I might get crap for this but looking online today, and anyone watch jersey shore? Sammi and Ronnie and are back together baahhaa
  2. Got two stories , this one is about one of my high school friends and her boyfriend- I'll call them Marisa and mike. Happy Sunday! For them, it all started back in freshmen year of high school; they became the best of friends yet there was no romantic feelings for each other yet. She got into a relationship with some other guy and they went out for the next two years. The relationship had a lot of ups and downs and mike was always there to comfort Marisa throughout the breakups. Somewhere throughout those two years, they began to develop feelings for each other and once they were both singl
  3. I will admit, I didn't see it coming at all! I thought the ex was history! Feel bad for the other girl but it's best to be honest when you're heart is still with someone else. Either way, keep us posted!
  4. haha you have my support kid. Life is all about being happy and if this is what you want, then Im happy for you. My only hope is that she continues to appreciate you and you both continue working on yourselves, growing and supporting each other. good luck and continue keeping us posted : )
  5. Wow congrats lucy!!! Thanks for coming back and sharing with us! It just goes to show that anything is possible! And Dezireey, that's a great story! Thanks for sharing that!
  6. Wow, that is a weird story. Do you think Fi had a sex change for your sister?
  7. Just heard three getting back together stories on the radio lol. I heard the last one...the lady marries the love of her life and they live happily for three years until they get divorced. They move on with their lives and FIFTEEN YEARS later they bump into each other again. They are getting remarried this summer on the beach.
  8. heard another getting back together story last night : They went out for about 5 years and they broke up. Not sure why they broke up. They didn't end things on a good note as there was a lot of anger and hurt on both sides. The guy rebounded a month later and got into a relationship with another girl for the next 8 months. She went into NC but she periodically would hear from him. It would be meaningless text messages or late night drunk calls. The guy broke up with his rebound and went back to her. She was still really angry with him. The guy poured his heart out to her in emails and lett
  9. found another NC success story A friend of mine went out with her boyfriend for a year all of a sudden he said "I need a break" and she respected that, but a couple weeks later she went to his house and he came out and said "I need to be alone... I met someone else" she was crushed but she did not talk to him because she would be "damned" if she contacted him. Well a month later they got back together but then a week later he went right back to the other girl, and she said "**** this" and ignored him. Anyways he always contacted her (mind you he went weeks with out calling her probably ev
  10. yay for all the success stories we have been hearing lately! hopefully there are more to come : )
  11. wow kid! things seem to be going great! p.s. your ex really effed up lol.
  12. I heard a great story tonight at my best friends house. It's about her older sister and her boyfriend- I will call them Cassie and mark. Cassie and Mark were going out for 2 or three years in college but broke up because Mark wasn't sure of what he wanted. Mark had a reputation for being a party guy and for getting the attention of the ladies. He didn't cheat or anything, but I don't think he was ready to be in serious relationship at that time. They lived in the dorms so they saw each other often. Cassie was really heartbroken over the breakup but she threw herself into her school work and
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