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  1. It is very difficult for me to describe what a kiss is like. To me, a kiss is like a point where time... stands still, you savour the moment. A kiss (in my opinion) allows one to escape reality for a moment, forget the troubles of life for a few minutes, and cherish what you have. My first kiss with my previous ex allowed me to believe how much I really love her and how much she loves me, it allowed me to set aside all of my difficulties and troubles with life to enjoy the moment, worry-free, without the shackles of the negative parts of life. It made me feel alive. Believe me when I say that it took me about five minutes to post this, it really is difficult for me to describe what a kiss is like. How it is done; however, is a question that I may not be able to answer. Before my first kiss [ever], I didn't know how it was done, it just came to me, as if I really did know, but was not aware of it, do you understand where I am getting at? I hope I am not confusing anyone
  2. I haven't kissed a girl in over eight months, but from my experiences, I would test the waters with a hug first. From personal experience, I would only make a move in a secluded and very private area, away from the eyes of others... after I tested the waters with a hug.
  3. Hello all, it has been about five months since I have last posted here,and in those five wonderful months, my life has turned around from the negative slump it has been in to a better one. In case you are unaware why my life was sitting in the dumps for a bit, here is a link to that one thread that I made after the break-up that I experienced about seven months ago. Here is a link making a reference to a post I made last year about this one girl that I like. I would like to happily announce that I am Graduating this year, but this is not the point. I actually want to announce that the girl in the topic in the link above is my Grad Prom Date, and she is the most wonderful person to me, which makes it even more special to me. I work with her mom, so this serves as a somewhat benefit because she knows who I am. Her mother knows me both personally and professionally and thinks that I am a great person. She recently told me that she would like her daughter and I to be together, apparently, she had learned that her daughter and I are very fond of eachother and harbour feelings for eachother. I love her greatly, and knowing how she feels about me makes the pain of my previous relationship dissapate. For once, I feel better about myself. So simply put, by making references to both threads listed above, I feel that I am doing better that I have been during the times when those threads were created. Thanks everyone for your support, it has been greatly appreciated. I will be around in the future. Giant
  4. Make sure you have adequate protection like condoms (for intercourse).
  5. You and I are both in the same boat. I went through a break-up a month ago and my ex and I have only spoken once... three weeks ago. I understand how you are feeling, you are going through the greiving process. You may be experiencing both denial and depression. It is going to be tough, I can reassure you with that. If you see her, there is a good chance that you may be really uncomfortable. If her presense makes you uncomfortable, then you shouldn't speak to her, you need time for yourself, to get the pieces back in place and to move on with your life, and contact with your ex may end up making things worse. Last time I spoke with my ex, it was a huge mistake for me... "words" were exchanged. If you see her, try and not give the impression that you are uncomfortable. You don't have to talk to her if you don't want to. The real question is: does she want to talk to you? There may be a possibility that she doesn't really want to talk to you at the moment. If you pass by her on the street and if she doesn't say anything, your best bet is that she probably doesn't want to talk to you, then you should respect that and leave her be. I realize that I may be sounding harsh, but unfortunately, it is the truth. It may be for the best that you don't speak to her for a while, perhaps she has things she needs to sort out as well, just as you do. If you speak to her, there is a possibility that it could make things worse, for the both of you. If you feel uncomfortable, just hold your head up high. You don't have to acknowledge that she is passing by you, but the choice is up to you. But if you are feeling really uncomfortable, then the best bet is to try and avoid contact until you feel that she is ready to talk. If she wants to talk to you, you will find out... eventually.
  6. You may be experiencing denial, a normal part of the greiving cycle. The greiving cycle is a tedious process, you think you reach acceptance, then BANG, right back to depression. My ex broke up with me a month ago, but I feel much closer to acceptance than I was a week ago. You may feel uncomfortable even seeing a name similar to your ex, I felt the same too. I feel uncomfortable in the same building as my ex, even seeing her first name gives my the chills. It is going to take time, but you will pull yourself through. We are sort of all in the same boat.
  7. Shadow, that is great advice. I have time available for a date. I know my work schedule three weeks in advance, but where I work, it may be understaffed and I may be called in if I am needed. I had a free day today though, I asked her if she would like to go to the movies, but she told me that she was grounded by her mother for skipping a few classes the week before. With the cell phone, I would've taken my chances and "snuck" in, but, there is an average of three to five people passing the band room door every five minutes and the office is less than 50 feet from the band room doors and there is always someone going in and out, if they saw me go into the girls washroom, it would look suspicious. I could try the "kiss test," there is always a possiblity. I was getting the temptations quite a few times today to give her a kiss on the cheek, but I hesitated cuz I may make an idiot of myself. Maybe I could be a bit more "playful" when I am around her, but not lose control of myself, maybe give her a hug more often. I would call her, but I only have her cell and we are BOTH live outside the signal range. Thanks greatly for the advice. Maybe I can try a few of em.
  8. Are they at least going to give you a paycheck for the week's worth of work? I think it is wrong if they don't reward you for that week's worth of work. You earned that pay and they should give it to you at least.
  9. To be honest, there may be a chance that she has an idea that I would like to be with her more often. When I see her at school in between classes, I (9 times outta 10) say "Hi, how are you?" Start a quick chat cuz we don't have much time between classes.
  10. Asking her out may prove to a bit tricky. I work part time and my schedule keeps being shifted around. We did go to the coffee shop down the street at lunchtime today, which was fun. But for telling her how I feel about her and how much I like her, I think (and this is my opinion) telling her flat out how much I like her maybe "pushing it." I am; however, open to suggestions.
  11. I would agree with Liza and Ispo, with the fact that she may like me and that she may want more attention from me. But I am facing another dilemme here, how can I tell her how much I like her and appreciate her without her moving off? I am unsure as to what to do, and I want to tell her how much I like her and appreciate her, but I do not know the best way to approach the situation? Advice is greatly appreciated.
  12. She asked if she could take a look at my cell, and to have some fun, she walked off. We have been friends for two years and I trust her. There was only six photos and one video clip of an event at work (boss kissed a llama for charity). I checked it and the only difference is that she added her cell number in my phone book. The only message I had on the phone was the message saying that the phone was activated. I knew exactly where she was, and she was less than 18 feet from the classroom door. If she adds her number in my phone book and I found out by checking it, does it mean that she would like to go out with me? That is what I would like to know. I apologize if the first post was confusing.
  13. I suggest that you ask why you were fired in the first place, and ask for the truth. If they say you fall asleep, and cannot provide the evidence, then you may be able to take legal action. There is absolutly NO reason for them to fire you for being "overqualified." If you are overqualified, they can re-assign you to a position that better suits your qualifications. You have the right to the truth.
  14. I am 18, male. I asked this one girl out on Friday (the 8th). We had already been friends for a while. We are both in the same Concert and Jazz Band. I asked if she would like to grab a bite to eat and catch a movie (sounds nice, don't it?). She said that she would absolutly love that, but she couldn't because she was busy. She asked for my e-mail and phone number; however, which told me "maybe another day, perhaps." Weekend went by without incident. Went to work. She had her birthday two weeks prior to Sunday (her bday was Aug. 30). I got her a birthday card (although belated). It had a sticker inside that said "It's my birthday, and I am a smart, exciting, good-looking person!" If you ask me, it fits the description. I gave her the card on Monday, she said that she would save the sticker for her board, so it will last longer. During the block that had Band (last block for the day), she stole my cell phone and taunted me with it, being funny you can sort of say. I didn't get mad cuz she was only having fun, but she went into the women's washroom, and I wouldn't DARE go in there. Half an hour later, she gave it back, but I found that she added her cell number in my phone book. She took my cell for reasons I didn't found out why until the end and adds her cell number to my phone book. I asked her out on Friday. I'm inexperienced in this, I can admit. Can someone tell me what this means?
  15. Judging by what you are saying, it seems as if she likes you, and that is a great thing. I would agree with skittle, if you are too shy to talk to her about "personal" stuff, like feelings and such, then prepare a letter. it doesn't have to be long. A page is sufficient. And maybe attach your e-mail address so she can send you an e-mail rather than prepare a letter and deliver it to your door. It would be for convenience. Good luck and may your journey bring you happiness.
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