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Found 17 results

  1. I'm feeling quite angry and overwhelmed at the moment and really just need to vent. Hoping to maybe get some new perspectives on this because I'm feeling a bit emotional at the moment and not sure if I'm thinking clearly. So, for anyone that doesn't know me here, I'm a 34-year-old woman, I have a Certificate 4 in Mental Health, Diploma of Disability and a Bachelor of Psychology. I've done a fair bit of volunteering in the aged care, mental health and disability field. I have also been working in paid employment for five years mostly for not-for-profit welfare organisations with people with
  2. Well it's something I enjoy but am not well suited for personality wise. My degree is in Housing Studies. I've applied for housing jobs through the county I only have my degree no experience. And having a disability turns off employers. I've worked in real estate tried to get back to it but feel it's too stressful financially. So gave up. I really fear losing my disability income because my hours sometimes go over at my chiropractor job so I may have started the ticket to work I don't know if once you start it it continues or starts and stops. So I feel at a loss on what to do. Finding a j
  3. I'm looking for any previous or current litigation where a Plaintiff diagnosed with ADD/ADHD has filed a complaint of disability discrimination. Specifically, I'm interested in how the courts consider ADD/ADHD as a disability - where there has been recognition that the disorder can be an impairment to a major life function. I have filed such a discrimination complaint in the US District Court in Denver, Colorado. Any sharing of information would be appreciated. John W.
  4. So I have an interview for a position I am familiar with, gave up trying to get experience in my degree field. It's an a/p position, billing specialist. Hope I get it and it will work around my disability! I said no to that subsidized place because she wasn't giving me info. on cost besides 30% of income, which was too much for that place. There's a 2 bedroom available now. So I am trying to get an application for the two bedroom subsidized unit. It's in a town I really like. Closer to more job opportunities. It's a place I am really excited about. My daughter turned 16 now. She
  5. And they talk about flexible hours so I am hoping they will work with me and my disability. However it's further from home so it would cost me more to work there gas wise. And they want more days a week, currently work 3 there I would work 4 or 5, depending how flexible they are. It's as a receptionist a/p, a/r person for a dealership. And it's still M-F so I like that. May have to move out of my service area and find an apartment near there if I get it. I know they can transfer services, my case manager told me. But apartments might be more expensive in the area too. Well first I have
  6. There is a strong possibility we are leaving our current posting within a year. It could be out of province. My husband and I discussed my staying behind with our son due to his disability payments. If we leave the province and then come back he would lose his disability payments and not be re enstated due to current political climate. It is not like we haven’t done the IR story before. We did it for 5 years before when my son was young. If we stay within Ontario then I will move with him. I was losing my noodle yesterday when I found out we were posting out in the “ nearish “ future.
  7. I've been on disability for mental health for two years now. I had a relapse a year ago. I need friends, I need a life and I'm having trouble rebuilding it. I know there's a lot I could google, but I'm very empty for need of venting. My best friend is so insensitive and short with me. He doesn't read me well. When I need someone to listen to me, all I have is my therapist but that's not fulfilling. I just need a friend. I'm not saying you should be my friend but is there a safe way on the internet to make friends? I know about meetup.com already and couldn't find anything local that I was inte
  8. I met the guy in late November. He was my new neighbor. By late February we got married. It was quick but at the time it felt like the right thing to do. He’s 40 and I am 31. We got married before I let him move in because he had to pay 50% of his way, that was my rule, my morals. When I decided I wanted to married him he had a job, not full time but he worked a few days here and there under the table since he’s on disability. He was working for the landlords around the property, kinda like a handy man. They stopped using him since he kept calling in sick (I think he was not really sick but be
  9. I'm 32 years old. I got my first job when I was sixteen and my whole life I guess you could say I've been what you'd call a "job hopper". I've had lots of jobs and I pretty much resigned from most of them myself. Up until 2013 I used to work in retail but I'd always known I wanted to help people (welfare work/be a psychologist). I have mild ADHD so I found it really hard to concentrate on study and did take eleven years to finish my Bachelor of Psychology degree. But I finally finished it and along the way also managed to get a Certificate 4 in Mental Health and Drugs and Alcohol; and a Diplom
  10. .. I was having a discussion with a family friend I've known since I was young. She is a friend of my grandmother's. She started discussing about me looking into getting disability for myself, it kind of upset me that she would even bring it up. I explained to her that I didn't want to be labelled, like cool free money but if I have the ability to work and enjoy doing so why would I take an easy route. That's just not me.. I don't deny that something is wrong but we all have problems, I'm not losing my marbles it's not impacting me as a person. I would love some therapy just to explain what he
  11. I'm bipolar on disability with no job or school, can't handle a whole lot of tasks. I get overwhelmed easily. And I'm an isolated mess. I've checked facebook groups, meetups, nami groups (support groups). My emotional hunger is huge. My repression is huge. I wonder if this happens a lot on disability. I live at home with my mom and get no privacy either. My hobbies are swimming, kayaking, reading and writing. However I like to be alone for these. I'm a natural introvert. A loner as it is. Now, a hermit. I've had to figure out how to rebuild my life. And it's not working. The friends I do have
  12. So I've really decided to buckle down and save. I think I'll have enough for a fha loan deposit on a condo in two years. I applied for a mortgage was told wait 6 months, but I think in two years will be perfect. Than I'm doing it on my own not borrowing from family. My job is going well. I think I can stick with it. She works around my disability. This plan is giving me a real reason to save not just arbitrary saving which wasn't going as well. I'm planning to take 150 per paycheck. Starting with this check.
  13. I was licensed in 2005-2006 but because of the divorce and other personal issues I let it drop off. I have a degree in housing studies, thinking of getting back into real estate. My psychiatrist says stick with disability and lay low in life, his nephew is a real estate agent and it's hard work. You don't want to risk losing disability because of the benefits. My therapist says give it a shot you'll only lose your disability if you become successful at it. My mom says stay on disability and get a part time job. To regain my license all I need to do is retake the exam and pass of cour
  14. Once again, not sure if this is the right section for this post. If not, feel free to move it. I don't post very often, but I feel like in a few places I've mentioned my family situation. I have a father who has multiple sclerosis (ms), he is now at a point where he can no longer walk at all. I have a brother who was diagnosed as high functioning autistic at the age of 5, I was 8 at the time he was diagnosed. My mother is the primary caregiver and breadwinner, so in this period of time where I'm finishing my graduate degree and working full time, I've moved home to try and help them out as
  15. Hello, my boyfriend of 5 months has been talking about living together. Is it too early to do that? How long should I wait?
  16. Hi, so here's the deal. My dad cheated on my mom at young age, is a pathological liar (he'll even lie about things he doesn't need to lie about) and is toxic to women. He and my mom are divorced. My mom plays dumb to stuff happening, makes excuses for behaviors and is in her own world- no emotional support there. My dad isn't involved with me but he is not outright abusive to me (tho i k now he put his first wife in the hospital, never hit MY mom, hit the girlfriend he was cheating on my mom with in front of me - well i was in another room and she started yelling "Sarah he hit me!" and pus
  17. Got word today that my boss is told to be out by May 1st. So that gives me a couple weeks to find something else, hopefully. I applied to about 4 jobs this afternoon. I'm meeting with my case manager and job coach April 10th. I found this job on my own hoping I get lucky again. Now at least I don't have to quit because I really didn't like working for him. He doesn't explain things well, which of course is why he's being booted out. He has dementia or something. He's really gotten worse lately. It used to just be a few words he'd mess up. I found out though he did pass the driving
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