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Why do people just stare?

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I'm so tired of the odd person every now and again staring at me, like not even in a good way, it's really frustrating... it's not my fault I happen to have an overly sized feature on my face, it's pretty much hampered me all my life my slightly over-sized nose. I still try to live my life in full and do so, except that one part that's missing, maybe it's because of feeling insecure about my nose I lost the confidence I once had, but it's been well over a year since I last had a girlfriend or could hold down a decent thing with someone and progress from there. I'm just tired of people looking as if it's a big deal and making me feel quite 'unattractive' as it were. I know it sounds horrible me talking about stupid stuff like this, but sometimes I'd like to feel a little better on the inside knowing there isn't this pressure there, but it's there. I've considered the possibility of a nose job or something, but it seems a bit unfair to me that I should have to consider something like that and I should be made to feel like * * * * sometimes for it. Sorry for moaning utter * * * *.


Judge for yourself how terrible it is for people to gaup and comment at it with their slack jaws. I don't usually feel this way and I can take any insult thrown at me with a light heart and usually dish it back but afterall I am human too, I have feelings too.


Sometimes I feel like I'll never hold someone again and it makes me feel so sad and lonely. I miss it bad, and I don't know what to do.

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It dosen't matter what other people think about you, only what you think about yourself.


It starts with accepting and embracing all the personal attributes that make you you, both physical and spiritual.


Once you can do that you'll come to realize that people who stare at you are doing so because they find you interesting, not because they think you look odd.

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I know how you feel about people staring at you. I am only 4'5" tall. I have the body of a woman but the height of a kid, and people are ALWAYS staring at me.


I also have people call me "midget" or point at me and ask the person they are with "is that kid"?


I learn to just shrug it off and go on. Life is too short to worry about stuff like that.


My mother, on the other hand, that's another story.


Just shrug it off and dont worry. They dont know who you really are.

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I also have people stare at me becaues of enlarged features. I am 6'8 and people are just amazed at the height I guess. Along with my height I also get alot of people asking about my shoes because they are size 16 US.


Every time I stand up in a resturant or somewhere I look around and see everyone looking at me. Its not dead quiet, but the people are looking at me. I've just learned to not give a damn and I continue about my business.


I am actually proud of my height even though I think I am too short and would like to be taller.

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Hi bud,


Sometimes we're our own worst critics.


I think this is the deal here. I used to get so self-conscious because girls would stare at me - to the point where I was frustrated and would complain to people around me. Next thing you know I'm being slapped upside the head and told "DUH! She likes you retard." My response would be, "Oh....ok."


It's one thing to catch someone doing it every now and then, but when you notice it on a tighter frequency then you begin to question things about yourself, and for me, I always questioned the things which I did not like about myself. This is the reason why they are looking at me.


Bottom line. I'm not a freak, and neither are you. Next time a girl stares, turn and look at here straight in the eyes, make a big old grin, and say "Hi." Generally, when someone is looking or staring over at someone of the opposite sex chances are very good that they find them attractive. People don't just fix their gaze upon something which they don't find attractive. Trust me, your insecurities, are very, very, very tiny things in reality, yet your mind can build it up to appear catastrophic.

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Great suggestion poloplayer!


My hubby happens to have a monstrous nose. He knows it but doesn't let it get to him because he, like you, has alot of other great features! Almost all women he knows happen to think he is pretty darn good looking. One different feature does NOT make you unnattractive!!!!! Honestly, you do look pretty attractive, don't let your insecurities drive you to the plastic surgeons office. I bet you will grow out of those insecurities.


A man's "flaws" are easily covered, if not considered sexy, by his confidence.

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One different feature does NOT make you unnattractive


I agree. People, not just men, cannot accept this one feature, and can build it up to the point where how they feel, how there day is going, etc., right to this one "flaw."


For example, I'm 25, and I think my hair is receding because I don't look like I did when I was 16. I freaked out. In my mind I am already completely bald, and I need a hair transplant or a wig. I ask everyone around, and they all tell me that I am not bald, nor am I losing my hair. So I think, "Hhmmm....they're trying to play me for a fool eh...make me feel better about myself by lieing to me." I told my stylest that I need to get plugs or something because this is so not cool. First she laughed, then she called me an idiot, then she told me I am not losing my hair, and finally she called me an idiot again while laughing. After hearing it from so many people, I have accepted the fact that I am not bald, nor am I balding, and that there is not a conspiracy in place where the entire world is lieing to me. AH...the relief. My mind is at peace.


In the process I find out that my stylest thinks I'm really cute. Then I think, "Damn, must be my hair."


Regardless of the case, girls are not looking at me thinking "OH MY GOD!!! He lost 3 hairs." In reality, they are probably thinking, "He's cute" or ""Wow" or something else along those cheesy lines.


Point of my story was to show you that I overcame this stupid fear I had by talking about "my problem" with everyone, and in doing that, people were not only very amused, but I learned that my "high class problem" is an exagerrated figment of my imagination. My hair is fine. Your nose is fine. My friend Jeremy has a big nose and whenever he gets in any sort of disagreement with someone he always throws in a comment about his "schnoze" as he calls it and people are dying laughing. It's because he has accepted who he is, and doesn't let it affect his life on a daily basis. He can laugh about it with others, and, people really like him because Jeremy is awesome. He is not defined by his nose, nor does he let himself be defined by his nose. Now with me, keep my hair out of it.

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Dude you seriously look like you can be my twin! I have a odd shape nose also and Im a libra...strange. I dont know maybe its just me.


Youre a good looking cat, and Im not saying that because you are my twin haha, I used to feel the same way at your age, people would stare at me and I also thought it was because I was goofy looking. dont sweat it, just smile and enjoy your unique features

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