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  1. Hey 'lifestream' You should really be nicer and not judge me- I haven't done anything to you. And even if it is soon, he was the one complimenting me and telling me how great I was- He 'clinged' onto me and then left me high and dry. It's been two more days and I haven't heard anything- this guy is a real malaka
  2. Last week I was feeling lost, just a normal 'dip in the road' for me- and I went on an online dating website for people of the same religion as me. This guy e-mails me on there- says his name is Sam. He had four pictures on his profile- I was instantly physically attracted to him. I read his profile and I thought he was absolutley perfect for me. He told me I was pretty and that he loved my name, and told me a lot about himself and his family. We e-mailed eachother three times a day, until yesterday-no mail. I checked in on the website like 20 times- and he had been online three or four times that day- but no mail. I am so confused. How can someone I thought I had a real connection with just stop writing me- was the connection all in my head? I feel so lonely and ugly and unlovable. Any advice?
  3. Please give me real advice. I need the help of all of you on ENA. I know all of you are intelligent and deep, and I really need some help. I need to write an essay on why I want to be a doctor, but I am not poet, and I'm tying to get my point accross. Does anyone have any ideas, what sounds good? I want to be a doctor because (blank). Thanks, I really appreciate the help.
  4. WHAT?!? big nose? You don't have a big nose- I think you are very attractive. People are staring because you're cute. Guys wish they looked like you, and girls wish their guys looked like you. So give them a break, you're making them miserable (: Don't ever say you have a big nose again, capiece?
  5. I often think about where the man God made for me is, right now. Where is the man I will marry someday? What's his name? What does he look like? I wish I could 'flip ahead' in this book of my life and skip to the ending. How does it end? Sigh. I'm sorry, I don't mean to whine. I just feel kind of down. Now all the excitment of the holidays are over, and I'm feeling pretty down. Does true love exist? I also wonder what I could offer another person. Sometimes guys at school (I'm a senior in college) talk around me about how they wish they could find a girl, and I swear, it's like I'm invisible, like I'm not even an option. It is so frustrating! I am not invisible! This empty hole in me will never be filled until I have found my soulmate. Wherever you are, please don't be too long. I'm waiting for you.
  6. I don't have children, but I understand the abonment you must feel. I am so soory you are going through all this. Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you. ((((((((HUG)))))))))
  7. I would be very sad if I died before having a man in my life. I have so many questions that I think being a relationship will answer. I have always wondered what it feels like to be told 'I love you' by someone I'm not related to. The thought of being able to find someone that will complete me keeps me going.
  8. Hi Shaun, I am so sorry you are going through all of this. Please know that I am praying for you and your well-being. Please call one of those phone numbers so that your brother can get some help (he needs therapy). I hope you also get the help you need. You are in my thoughts and prayers, kiddo.
  9. Hey, I know exactly how you feel. Literally, I am in the same boat, I could've written your post. But, when I'm feeling negative, I just think of everything I do have, and in time, the negative feeling passes. While you're waiting for true love, focus on your career, school, or improving yourself- not for anyone else, but just for you. The reason you didn't feel comfortable enough to open up is because you haven't found the right man for you yet. Don't worry, true love is real, and God has made a man for every woman. The Ugh feeling you're experiencing is you wanting to know where your other half is. He's out there, waiting to meet you too, and some day you'll meet. Right now, my advice is to focus on something that improves you, like playing an instrument, sport, creating art, or doing really well in school. Good luck, and know that you're not alone.
  10. Personally, if my boyfriend gave me something like that, I wouldn't understand it. But you seem like a nice thoughtful guy- so I'm sure she'll like it. Good luck.
  11. Dude- you haven't grown out of anything- you're a kid!!!!! DON't have a child-please!!!
  12. MusicGuy- Don't let the world crush you!! Then they've won. You sound sad, but you also sound angry. Start focusing on that part of your emotions. Say, I'm mad as hell- all those witches that hurt me, those losers who aren't committed to music!!! Forget them!! You just need to look deep inside yourself and realize you're a cool and awesome person that is going to contribute something great to the world. Hang in there buddy- God has a plan for all of us- all of these hardships and challenges are going to make you a better, stronger, and more successful person. My dad killed himself five yrs ago (I was 13). Let me tell you- now that the problems that were hangng around his neck are long gone, I wonder, if he could have just hung in there a couple more days, things would have turned around, and he still might be here. Just give it time. Things WILL get better- I promise. Until then, watch funny movies, listen to your favorite song, write your feelings in a journal, and pray for guidance.
  13. I know exactly what you mean. I'm sorry, I just don't know the answer. I know what you're going through though. I wish you the best of luck.
  14. I know my uncle had an affair, and is now married to this girl. The woman he cheated with was 18 when they met. She was his next-door neighbor and babysat his little girl. She was married to a cop. She diverced her hubby as soon as she got involved with my uncle, but he stayed married. In fact, she had a son with my uncle and was pregnant with their second child when he finally officially divorced his wife. CREEEPPPYYYY!!!. Needless to say, 'family' gatherings are weird now. My point is, neither my uncle or his wife show any regrets for what they did- but I can tell you my uncle's a pretty self-centered person. So there you go- a person who had an affair and doesn't regret it.
  15. Ok, when I was 13 (2001), I went to stay at my uncle's house in upstate Illinois, because my gramma was dying of cancer. My mom was always at the hospital, and my brother and cousin were always playing monopoly. I hung out with their dog outside. I walked accross to the other end of their feild and was playing on the trampoline. I heard a couple boys screaming. I was a little punk back then, so I yelled, shutup you idiots. They yelled back, and walked over accross the feild. It was the Arrends boys. 2-13 year-old identical twins, Brad and Donnie, and their little brother, Kyle. Donne was hilrious, but Brad was amazing. He was fun, cool, tough, and extremely good looking (tan, blond, beautiful blue eyes). We instantly hit it off. All three of them and my brother and cousing and me all hung out all day for the entire week. I then returned to Texas. 2 months later, my father killed himself. Obviously, I was completely empty and lost, and in so much pain I felt numb. One month after that, it was Thanksgiving, and we went up to my uncle's house again (he's my mom's older brother). The entire family was over, so no one noticed I sneaked out to hang out with the same dog. Then Brad saw me, and came over and we talked. I told him my dad died, and he told me his sister had died a couple years ago. We talked aout how different our parents were after losing someone, and how scary it was to be so depressed. We were young, but I really felt a connection with him. One day, he came over to play monopoly, and I went into the attic to get a board game. He came up after me, and I had my first kiss. He used his tongue, and it was so cool, we kept sneaking off throughout the 4 days I was in town, kissing everywhere. I liked it when he would rub his feet against my legs whenever we sat at a table. The day before I was leaving, he asked my to be his girlfriend. I said of course, but I still had to go home. I cried on the plane going home. We chatted online a couple times, but we haven't spoken in 4.5 years. Whenever I see my cousin (who goes to high school with them), she says Brad still asks about me (including just 3 months ago). Here's the problem-I'm going back up to my uncle's house for the first time since those many years ago in 1.5 weeks. A couple days ago, my mom said, "I don't care if you see those friends of yours, but don't go to their house, Ashley (my cousin) sid their mom is weird." I quickly replied, "I'm not going there to see them, I wanna see Uncle David" (which is true). However, the closer it gets to us going, the more I keep thinking about Brad. Does he have a girlfriend? (I have NEVER had a boyfriend since our very breif and intense relationship). I'm 18 now, and I know I sound like a pathetic weirdo, but I still get goosebumps when I think of him. Deep down (and I mean deeeeep down) I think I always kind of thought we might be soulmates. (does that sound dorky?) I now it was just puppy love, but no one has ever made me feel the way he did. And, I have never been as attracted to anyone as I was to him. Should I avoid him while I'm there, if I see him, should I keep it just as friends? What if he thinks I'm ugly? Has anyone else ever felt this way? I have never written or spoken of this, no one knows about our kissing-NO ONE!!!! I have goosebumps and chills just typing and reliving it. PLease help- I literally have no one to talk to about this
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