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Ex on social media


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Hey guys,


Just curious. My ex still follows my gym on social media which is weird and she would only like pictures of me on it. At first, I thought it was odd because how can she like a picture of me when I struggle to delete our pictures off of my phone.


Anyways, one of my friends posted a picture of me on his public instagram. One of the guys (who she follows), reposted it on his instagram story.


And my ex 'liked' the picture on my friends public instagram. She doesn't even follow him. Only follows the guy who reposted on his story but still 'liked' the picture.


Is that weird? Yes or no?


FYI we don't follow each other on instagram anymore. I've been doing some light social media stalking

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I've been doing some light social media stalking




I never understood people's obsession with likes and reactions on social media until I watched the Social Dilemma on Netflix... came to realize that they actually designed social media reactions to be addictive and triggering for the majority of the population.


So in answer to your question... of course it's not weird, it's what people do when they see something they feel a positive reaction to something they see on social media. It means nothing in the context of real life though.

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She simply pressed like on an Instagram post that turned up on her feed. On a friends post she follows.

She might have took the one second it takes to press like and in that one second thought that’s good he is moving on.

Then she scrolled down .


If she knew that one second action on her behalf created days of you analysing it , I’m sure she wouldn’t have “liked” it.


No, it’s not weird that she spent one second to press like.

What is weird is your over analysis of it?!


Perhaps for your own sanity you should block her so you don’t let these thoughts intrude your mind.


Good luck!!

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