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About Me

  1. My wife and I are 6 years apart; she is 23 and I am 29, Gen Z and Millennial, respectively. She is very into Snapchat, and has running chat streaks with people and gets bummed out when they are broken, stuff like that. I believe it was back when we were dating (married for 14 months now), she got upset with me because I sent her something on Snapchat, but I also posted it to my story for all my friends to see. She said she didn't want that because it didn't feel like it was supposed to be anything special for her, so if everyone else saw it on my story, too, then why would I send it to her? I
  2. Me and my ex where together for 8 years, when I brought him around to my family everyone loved him but the relationship didn't workout so I broke up with him and moved in with my grandma, prior to the break up me and my grandma never had a close relationship before and thought we were getting close but my grandma still talks with my ex occasionally. She likes every one of his post on social media but when it comes to mine she doesn't. Am I over reacting? I feel stupid because its only social media? Should I ask him to delete my grandma from fb?
  3. Austino96


    I feel like I cannot breath in my relationship. My girlfriend constantly hurts my feelings by hanging up on me, blocking me, and saying just crazy things. We’ve been dating for a year, she caught me cheating 4 months ago. It took a lot for her to forgive me. I’m not sure if she ever had actually forgave me or what is going on. I told her I was sorry but I don’t think I did enough to show her as she says. A month ago I catch her taking to 10-15 dudes at one time in her phone. She lied even tho it was right in front of my face. She proceeds to blame me because I posted a picture o
  4. Some background about me: I'm a 21F college senior, about to graduate with a dual degree in Public Policy and Economics from a prestigious university, and looking for a life in academia. Recently I've solidified my goals of getting my Ph.D. and doing research and/or being a professor. I'm very satisfied with that, I just want to read, learn, and come up with mind-blowing theories to solve global issues. And I want to share that with others. My path won't be easy, like any college student I struggle with anxiety about my future and all of the uncertainty that comes with it. Some more back
  5. Hi all, If you’ve been reading my posts you all know that I like to read too much into social media. I can’t help myself. My boyfriend and I have been together for 6 months. We’re Facebook official, and Everyone knows that we’re together. However, I happened to look on his ex girlfriends page and I can see that both of his sisters are still friends with her. They’ll comment on her posts telling her she’s beautiful, wishing her a happy birthday. My boyfriend isnt friends with her on social media, he’ll only talk of her occasionally, if the topic arises. He’s also told me that he used to think
  6. I've been with my girlfriend for 8 months. Very in love with her and I think she is me. We were good friends for months before we got together and I feel like I know her well. This afternoon I needed to check my email for something important, but my phone was dead so I asked to use hers and she had no problem. I accidently opened up her gallery instead of the app I needed. I could see on recent pics a pic of a guy. I could see he was a regular guy not some celebrity or something. I could see she was deep into her book so I checked it out. It was a social media selfie and I recognised the name
  7. Okay so Max and I met on bumble, but immediately after matching they were back to living in New York and I was still out at school in Minnesota. We never met in person, but were fast friends. We flirted, but I was clear that I didn't want a long distance relationship. We were both seeing people, and Max soon started a monogamous relationship. I was pleased, but didn't hear much about their partner. I regularly pressed Max not to flirt with me, as it was confusing to me since we were not in a romantic relationship. But I valued our friendship, and knew that there were feelings I couldn't quite
  8. Hi everyone, I thought maybe I could get some clarity and spark some discussions. Ok firstly my view on social media - when I was young everything was up on Facebook and twitter, I then dated a VERY insecure man who made me delete all social media and for about 3 years I got into the habit of never using it. Never felt the urge, even when we broke up it took me 2 years after to remake social media accounts - I felt at a loss on what to actually post. Luckily I worked in a high corporate job where posting anything other than charity/ events or sports related pictures was very 'frowned
  9. Hi, I've recently formed a new friendship with a male friend. We have a few friends in common. We became friends on social media (I know, I know). Our friendship hit the ground running and it was as if we have known each other forever. He did cross boundaries, but backed off when I told him I am not available to date. Our friendship has grown from strength to strength, and I suppose, continues to. However, there's a little feeling something is starting to misfire. He's gone from messaging me morning and night, to sporadic messages, that, once messaged, I have a load of. His messages
  10. So, my boyfriend checks my phone (not religiously, but here and there) I'm not allowed to have a passcode on my phone without him knowing the passcode even though he's allowed to have one. His reason is bc he's always had a password and when I got with him I didn't have a password on my cell so why do I want one now? He gets jealous and makes comments if I wear leggings to work, if I don't anwser my cell at work he will accuse me of cheating or caring more about work than him and sometimes leaves me voicemails calling me names or saying hell kill me and whoever I'm cheating with. I quit my las
  11. Hello I have a long story about my 4 year break up that I ended (I won't share all the details now) I want to focus on one current issue happening --> (SOCIAL MEDIA EXPOSURE) The break up ended bad, i broke it off and blocked her for a month. Post & during breakup, we were not living in the same city. A month later, I missed her and decided to reconnect with her and stay as friends...but my ultimate goal was to have hope on getting back together. My Ex barely used social media and almost never posts on IG Story. During our break up period, I knew she was going out having fun. But
  12. Hey guys, Just curious. My ex still follows my gym on social media which is weird and she would only like pictures of me on it. At first, I thought it was odd because how can she like a picture of me when I struggle to delete our pictures off of my phone. Anyways, one of my friends posted a picture of me on his public instagram. One of the guys (who she follows), reposted it on his instagram story. And my ex 'liked' the picture on my friends public instagram. She doesn't even follow him. Only follows the guy who reposted on his story but still 'liked' the picture. Is that weird? Ye
  13. heyy all, To start things off, I am not that well known with Girls and what the signs are. At my school there were two girls I've never talked to, but I knew from some of her friends that one of them had a crush on me. Eventually they asked to hang out with me and one friend, but that day I had a feeling her friend was more into me and I had none to less signs from the girl that supposed to had a crush on me. For example, we ran away from a strange situation and she grabbed my arm and told me it was a scary situation, the friend of the girl who would supposed to have a crush on me. a
  14. My ex and I split up about 6 weeks ago. I find it weird that she still follows my gyms instagram account. On top of that, she's only the pictures that my gym would post of me. She wouldn't like anything else. Same goes for the gym where I had initially met her, the posted a picture of me and she liked it. Even when my friends would post pictures on their social media, she would like the pictures of me in it but nothing else from them. Is this weird?
  15. This has me worried considering I have an academic background in literature. I don't know if this has to do with physical or mental health or perhaps age (I'm 36). This sort of reading wasn't difficult in college - I was told what to read, why, what to look for and how I can compatibalize my reading into my writing assignments. Now, I find it harder to keep my head wrapped around read subject matter for long ... and I'm not sure why. I've been reading a lot lately and love books. In fact, I have collected a rather sizable collection of books across a number of topics, but mostly have
  16. Lately I’ve been struggling with my purpose and have been striking out with the few women I’ve asked out/went on dates with. I’ve been focusing on social media and trying to show myself to be more of value. It’s almost to the point where I plan the end of my week to do things so I can show it on social media. Like this weekend I want to go to the beach just so I can vlog it. It’s like I’m craving attention. The attention mostly from one girl. I need to get out more but I feel like I’m just gonna do it just so I can show it off. This girl I met on vacation and I have been talking so
  17. Hi guys/gals. Sorry for the long detail of this story but want to cover all grounds. So I met a guy on a gaming platform last year and we started playing together and what not. I introduced him to the friends I play with regularly and then we proceeded to all play together. He was always asking me personal questions (nothing inappropriate) such as was I married, what my favorite things were, favorite food, what side of town I lived on (we live in the same city) etc. etc. getting to know me. A few months went by and he asked me for my Snapchat so we could stay in touch and at first we would
  18. My ex and I broke up a month ago and in that time we talked a few times. Sometimes we would fight sometimes she showed interest in hanging out soon, she asked me if I could bring her food once and immediately said never mind she doesn’t want to see me. She talked a lot about mistakes I made in our relationship. Last time we talked I told Her she needs to be clear because she keeps being all over the place and that I want to talk about us or she needs to block me on her phone and all social media. She blocked me, She had blocked me before and would unblock me After a few days. Was it a bad id
  19. My BF of 9 months broke up with me during a heated argument in October, saying it was a culmination of how our fights escalated. We both did some things wrong but i accept fault for how bad this last one got. I apologized, asked him to reconsider and give us a chance, that I know what I need to do to improve. I didn’t beg, but we talked two weeks later and he was still mad and said he did not know if he wanted to try again. I asked if he just wanted to end things for good and I would walk away but he said no, but that he couldn’t give me a timeline. I left him alone but reached out again tw
  20. He literally hasn't missed A SINGLE story i have posted. He is usually one of the first one's who sees it and is number one on the list of views. He broke up with me 2 months ago, even though I didn't want to break up. Last time we spoke was a month ago. I have been doing no contact since then. Spent this time focusing on myself and bettering myself which is evident in my social media accounts. I just don't get why men do that? Does he still care? I know I wouldn't bother looking at my ex's social media if i didn't care anymore. He's haunting me.
  21. So I feel like I messed up. My long distance friend/ex and me started talking again about a year ago. I had full understanding that she was in a new relationship. One that hurt to see. Before we started talking again I took a break from her for 18 months. I was ok with talking again because I had convinced myself that I knew I had no chance of getting that back or even wanting it now that she's been with new people. So it was alright.. pretty normal catch up conversations. Then as the months went on I started to notice she was being flirty.. flirty Snapchat pics. My instant reaction to these w
  22. I am a 23-year-old man and I broke up with my girlfriend that i have been with in 4 years, we planed to get married and stuff. The first time we decided to break up was 6 months ago but we become together again shortly after that. Finally we decided to cut the contact with each other 2 months ago. We dont have each other in social media anymore. The problem is that i stalk her all the time because i have the password of her social media accounts and i see that she is talking to other guys, meeting them and maybe having sex .its haunting me. I know that our relationship will never work maybe
  23. Not too long ago while using my husbands phone (mine had died) a message came through facebook messenger, considering we have a joint facebook account I opened the messages it was a girl from his hometown they'd be talking for a few months ,I thought it was weird how I never received these messages as we share the page.. I then figured out he'd changed the settings to secret conversation which means only his phone receives her messages on that particular conversation.. Through the whole conversation they referred to each other as babe he said he couldn't wait to see her... I noticed she asked
  24. I am in the friend-zone of a girl who I briefly dated, but I have never been more confident of anyone being my match. First of all, you need some context. I am 17, however, I have always been told I'm an old soul. So there's this girl I met almost 2 months ago over social media who goes to another school that's close-by who is absolutely amazing. We share the same sense of humor, sports, taste in 70's music and 80's movies, leisure activities, religious views, political views, moral codes, straight A's, and not to mention the fact she is drop-dead gorgeous and is my same height of 6ft. I we
  25. Hello everyone, I've been here for a near next week. For those of you that are new and don't know me, I had a breakup that was just as bad as the one you're probably going through. In short my girlfriend of 3 years who with making plans with me to buy a house and get married had been cheating on me for about 3 months. In my heart I knew she was the one I'd spend my life with. I was even willing to forgive her transgression. I broke up with her immediately but realized she was still the one I wanted to spend my life with. we kept talking, ending with her finally saying a couple weeks later t
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