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  1. It's been about 3 months since we have been broken up. I have gotten a lot strong mentally and emotionally. Although, I do have some days when I miss her. She was such an outstanding person. Before we broke up, she started to be distant with me. When we would spend time together, she would be on her phone half the time. There was a lot that went on that made me feel uncomfortable. One day, she told me she felt overwhelmed with our relationship and she needed space. She continued to say, if I can't respect her space, she would understand if I ended our relationship. I told her I'd respect her space. A few days went by and I thought that it would have been best if I ended it. i felt she wanted out after she said "If i can't respect her space, she'd understand if I ended it" On top of the fact that she was creating space. So I told her, if she wanted to work things out she should let me know. She replied with "i just need to be single" So my gut feeling was right, she wanted to be single. I immediately blocked her for the first 3 weeks on instagram and unfollowed her sister. A few months go by, the curious person that I am, noticed that she liked a picture of me on an account she doesn't follow. She knows one of the guys. Some friends thinks that she's trying to get me to reach out to her, which I aint doing. Some people think i'm over thinking things. Another story is, my friend is really popular on social media and is trying to promote these new head phones. She told me to comment on them to show her sponsors that people are "genuinely interested". The following day, I checked to see and my ex commented on the photo too. I brought it up with my friend. My friend said she never got my ex to comment on the picture. My ex commented on it all by herself showing interest in the head phones. Even my friend found it weird. Any input would be nice. But I am just here trying to rant.
  2. Her liking a picture of me of an account that she doesn't follow.
  3. Hey guys, Just curious. My ex still follows my gym on social media which is weird and she would only like pictures of me on it. At first, I thought it was odd because how can she like a picture of me when I struggle to delete our pictures off of my phone. Anyways, one of my friends posted a picture of me on his public instagram. One of the guys (who she follows), reposted it on his instagram story. And my ex 'liked' the picture on my friends public instagram. She doesn't even follow him. Only follows the guy who reposted on his story but still 'liked' the picture. Is that weird? Yes or no? FYI we don't follow each other on instagram anymore. I've been doing some light social media stalking
  4. My ex and I split up about 6 weeks ago. I find it weird that she still follows my gyms instagram account. On top of that, she's only the pictures that my gym would post of me. She wouldn't like anything else. Same goes for the gym where I had initially met her, the posted a picture of me and she liked it. Even when my friends would post pictures on their social media, she would like the pictures of me in it but nothing else from them. Is this weird?
  5. So we have been in no contact for nearly 2 weeks The first 8 months were great! Seemed like nothing was an issue at all. She invested a lot in my life. Planned family events, cottage trips, and all that. Last few weeks, I started to feel her distancing herself from me. She was constantly on her phone whenever I see her once or twice a week, Leaves my house early, and stuff She contacted me one day and came over. She asked for space but still wanted to be with me. She told me she feels overwhelmed. She feels that like she is struggling to communicate with me because she is too scared to tell me. A few days go by and she messages me a few times. Then I message her telling her that I want this relationship over. I told her this isn't a relationship if she wasn't able to be open and honest with me and to hold it back and bring it up when she gets overwhelmed. She didn't try to fight for it. I asked her if she still wanted me in her life. And she replied " I don't know" so I just m ended it and said we are done. I want a relationship where someone wants me in their life and is willing to work through things I told her I wish her all the best in life. I told her I wish she can find her happiness with or without me and she deserves the best. I made her laugh quite a bit before I went back home. I told her if she changes her mind to give me a call. I haven't spoken to her in a week and a half. What are your thoughts?
  6. Think i'd still have ashot with her? Think she'd come back around?
  7. Thank you for the kind words. I still want her in my life but I can't force someone to love me. It hurts and I will get over it. I just need time.
  8. Hey guys, This has been hard for me. Last week, I broke up with my girlfriend. The week before, she said she needed space. She said she wanted to learn how to be alone but yet she still wanted to me with me. After a few days of giving her space, I decided to end it. She did have some questionable behaviors. As if she was already pulling away. I broke up with her the day before she went to the cottage with her girlfriends. We gave each other our stuff back and had a serious talk. She told me she wanted to be happy and to learn how to be alone. She felt as if I was smothering her, which I would have agreed on because of COVID. (I was bored and laid off at home.) Continuing on with the break up, I asked her if she even wanted to be with me. She said "I don't know" and that was enough of an answer for me because I want to be with someone who wants to be with me. I told her wish she had told me that I was smothering her because I would have done my best to try to work things out but she never communicated with me. Anyways, coming to the end of the conversation. I gave her a hug and a kiss on the forehead telling good luck and I wish her the best in life. I told her that I wish she would be happy and find someone that can make her happy because she is such an amazing person and she deserves it. I told her that her friends and sister are amazing. I even said if this relationship had continued, her sister would have been one of my closest friends. She reciprocated pretty much what I said. She told me i am such an amazing guy. I deserve the best. That i am funny and stuff like that. Gave her a hug and a kiss to the forehead. I cried and she KINDA cried. This 1 week of no contact has been hard.
  9. Last week Monday, I met this girl at my gym and we were taking a class together. She was really friendly with me. Seemed almost too friendly. Next time I see her was Friday, and we chatted a bit. Again, seems friendly. During our class workout, I got partnered with another girl. The instructor posted on instagram and tagged all of us in it. When I got home, that girl added me and the girl I was partnered with. There were other people in the photos too but only added the 2 of us???? We feel as if she's creeping and she's checking to see if my friend is my girlfriend. What are your thoughts?
  10. I was on a Bumble date that turned out really well. Held hands, made out and wanted another date when she got home. A day or two before the second date, she ghosted me. Stopped texting me. Now she's liking my instagram. What's up with that?
  11. I went on a date with a Bumble girl. She was totally awesome and I really liked her. We laughed so hard, she couldn't stop holding my hand, made out, and when she got home she texted me that she had a great time! And she kept texting me after that We planned for a second date but a few days before, she stopped texting me. I found it weird. She ended up never replying. Have you ever ghosted? If so why? What would you do? I wanna message her but I don't know what to say.
  12. She said she just Has just been distant with everybody. Which is true because our mutual friend agreed. Furthermore, she's trying to get her health in order. Always emphasizing not to take it the wrong way though.
  13. So last year, I asked this girl out. She rejected me and wanted to be friends. I told her I wasn't interested in friendship and if she ever changed her mind, she can contact me. I actually see this girl quite often and we would talk once in a while. Then I got into a relationship and she knows about it too. After my relationship ended, I gave some time for myself and just focused on me. I saw this girl again and we spoke. I noticed she has lost a significant amount of weight and is extremely skinny. She told me she has been having some health issues. Then, she kinda brought it up we should do something over the summer and I agreed. A few days later, I messaged her and asked her out. She asked me about my previous relationship and I replied "It ended a while back and it was for the best." So when I asked her out, she told me she couldn't do it right now and she wanted to do another time. She even emphasized don't get the wrong idea. She just can't do it now. She told me lets try again another time. She said that multiple times. One of my mutual friends said she's being honest because she does have some health issues. She told me that earlier before I even asked her out. Is this a rejection? If not, what do I do from here?
  14. Hey, so let me explain this story as fast as possible. So last year, my friends tried to set me up with this girl. by the way, i haven't met her yet only added her on Instagram. She didn't really seem interested, at the same time. So then, i asked her out twice because i good things about her from other friends. she would flake the day off. Then I decided to move on find another girl that would be interested. Yesterday, those same friends threw a little party. She was there and it was my first time seeing her. We were busy with our own friends but i'd we did keep eye contact a few times. on top of that, she looked my way a few times. whats up with that?
  15. So my ex and I were together for about 8-9 months. We met at the gym. Like every relationship, the first two months felt fabulous. Then everything after that went down hill. She was very demanding to me. Always wanted me to follow her around to do her chores and such. If I didn't want to go shopping with her, she would get mad. On my birthday, my relatives decided to come to my place last minute to celebrate it with me. My plan was to se my girlfriend later on that night at her house. She canceled her night on me because I couldn't reply as fast. She is always expecting me to be on my phone. So she ended up splitting up with me because i'm putting my foot down on things I don't want to do anymore. Right after that, she asked for ALL her gifts back. I did give it back to her but I never asked for mine back in return. She's too immature. I know I have messed up and made my mistakes as well. I'm not a perfect human being. But to be honest, this girl only cared about herself. She wanted me to ditch my family on christmas to spend it with her family. She wanted me to ditch my aunts birthday WHO WAS THERE ON MINE. Like it drives me crazy how selfish she is. I told her my dream one day is to travel the world for work. She replied and tells me "don't ever come back into my life if you ever do that job. I need a lot of attention". When we got into an argument later on, I brought that up and then she says SHE DOESN"T REMEMBER. Then, she tells me she was joking. How can she be joking if she doesn't remember? It just hurts me a lot right now and I want to get over it. I have avoided the classes she goes to at the gym to avoid seeing her.
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