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Anyone else online dating people in the Caribbean??

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My mom is Panamanian so I'm technically Caribbean, but I'm from the states and everyone has been skeptical of my online relationships with Caribbean women. I've been talking to a woman in the DR for 6 months and I'm considering proposing.


I was planning to meet her on May 5 and stay for a week, but that is no longer an option. I think she is dying for me to propose whether I come or not and I don't want to disappoint her or her daughter. My mom thinks she's using me, my sister is a little more forgiving. I don't know...


Anyone else in a similar boat? I keep on hearing about cons and people doing everything for money or to come to the states. Would love to hear from anyone else who has experience with a Caribbean bae.

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OMG, do not propose to anyone you have never met and dont actually know. Have you ever watched the tv show 90 Day Fiance? There are more con artists and scams going on than you can probably imagine. People looking for love online, hoping to move to a country thats better than where they currently are. People looking to scam you out of your money.


Find a local girl you can see and go out with and get to know properly.

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Marriage is supposed to be a life-long commitment whereby you become tied not only emotionally and physically, but financially. You haven't thought this through at all. How can you even think of proposing to someone you have never even met? You think she is dying for you to propose - what gives you that impression? This alone would be a concern for me and I'm not surprised your folks feel the same.

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Proposing is a terribly risky move if you have never met this person or spent an extended amount of time together offline. You have no clue what you're signing up for. That would be like buying a house when you've never had a good look around much less set foot on the property, but just saw some pictures and the current owner tells you it's a great house. Would you buy a house under those circumstances? I rather doubt it.


Is there a reason you don't date locally, OP? Or a reason you feel that proposing to a virtual stranger makes sense and is a constructive life choice? I don't mean to sound unkind, but are you lonely for company? Feeling a little desperate for a girlfriend?

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Is this a foreign bride site? Listen to your mother. No one can use you if you don't let them.

I've been talking to a woman in the DR for 6 months and I'm considering proposing.

My mom thinks she's using me.I keep on hearing about cons and people doing everything for money or to come to the states.

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Online anything is just fantasy-building, regardless of whether the person is in the next town or the next country. If you want to keep living in your own head, go for it. It's not against the law, but it's the perfect way to waste your time, energy, focus and money just to forgo local opportunities for a real relationship.


Consider dating local women in person, and when you hit if off with someone, go on a trip to the Caribbean and decide whether that's where you'll want to live. Otherwise, go on the trip yourself, and if you opt to move there, you can date women in real life once you're there.

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When she asks for "support" as proof of your love for her and you have never met her, then your RADAR should kick in and prevent you from doing anything stupid.


You are facing financial ruin if you continue with this fantasy on your part and cherry-picking fleecing on her part.


Wise up!

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