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  1. Nobody is ever so busy that they can't take a few seconds out of a day - let alone 4 days - to send a simple message. He's not busy, he just can't be bothered. Chalk it up to experience and move on.
  2. Your attitude is really quite concerning. If you're that bothered about losing your virginity and don't care about who it's with (which you've made clear), just go to a hooker and pay for it.
  3. I'd just stop contacting him or responding to his contact. If he comes back from his vacation then you can have a face-to-face conversation and ask what the heck was going on. If he can't give you a straight answer or his explanation seems fishy, at least you'll know you gave it your best shot. His behaviour is off right now and I suspect he knows it.
  4. A true friend wouldn't try and cause issues with you by posting petty comments on social media. A true friend wouldn't send a half-naked photo of herself, especially when she knows there's a girlfriend involved. If your boyfriend can't see for himself that this "friend" is more trouble than she's worth then that says a lot about his value and respect for you.
  5. There's talking to someone and talking to someone. If you're just having a general conversation about the weather or what you watched on TV, then your relationship status is irrelevant. If you're talking to someone and you know there's some attraction, hidden intention or flirting going on then you need to be asking yourself why you would your relationship secret. It's not innocent conversation then, is it.
  6. If he's like that on Twitter then I'd be concerned that the same (or worse) was also going on with Facebook, Instagram etc. It's completely inappropriate in a committed relationship and "boys will be boys" is irrelevant. If you were doing that to him, could you excuse it with "girls will be girls"? Of course not.
  7. Are there any other issues or changes in behaviour within the relationship that give you cause for wondering if he's up to no good? An ex-partner told me he was going to sleep and I spotted he was on WhatsApp a couple of hours later. I messaged him and he lied that he was writing to me, but he was also cancelling dates at the last minute and going awol.
  8. I've lived alone for 10 years since my divorce. I love the peace and freedom and don't know that I'd ever want to live with someone again.
  9. This behaviour is completely unacceptable. CPTSD is not an excuse. She is being incredibly controlling and manipulative and you are allowing her to be. If you insist on being with this person and making yourself more and more unhappy, she will only get worse. Be brave enough to set clear boundaries and stick to them. Do not tolerate threats and histrionics. If you can't do this, get out altogether.
  10. He was probably aiming for sex on that second date and because he didn't get it, he's lost interest and is looking elsewhere. Given his attitude towards you, he might have gone to have sex with someone the times he stood you up.
  11. I seem to be seeing this differently from everyone else. The guy's timing was bad, but he didn't say anything suggestive or sexual about this woman and she's someone he's known since she was a child. Maybe he just wasn't in the right frame of mind for oral, he couldn't focus and so he was thinking of random stuff that was nothing to do with what was going on at that specific moment. I've had times when I didn't really feel like it and unimportant things keep coming into my head; it didn't mean anything.
  12. Imagine being the wife. Would you be happy if you were married and you discovered your husband had been texting another woman behind your back for 8 months? You think it's ethical, but all the time he's texting you for hours he's not sorting out whatever is lacking in his relationship with his wife.
  13. You referred to the girl who told you the stuff about the one you're interested as her friend, then as her former friend. If she's a former friend then I'd take what she's said about her with a pinch of salt. Ultimately that's one person's opinion, based on her experiences. You should make my own mind up rather than taking someone who may have an agenda at face value.
  14. Anything that's out of the ordinary is worth asking about, otherwise the anxiety around not knowing is going to start eating you.
  15. Did this woman actually watch you work for 4 hours or did you have sex sometime during that time? Why else would she take her bra off? If she left a scarf or something easily forgotten, that's one thing, but a woman KNOWS if she's not put her bra on! If nothing happened then I'd say she was sending you a message, albeit an odd one.
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