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  1. Long-term, is it more likely that your girlfriend will move out of the poor area where she currently lives and relocate with you back to the US or wherever you're from? Or do you see yourself moving there? You've said a lot about you learning Portuguese, but it could be more beneficial for her to learn English if you are thinking ahead.
  2. Never mind the other guy, YOU know now what your girlfriend is really like, so why would you want her back anyway? She's shown you that she's a cheat, a liar and someone who has no consideration for your feelings. You may think you love her, but the trust has been broken and clearly her feelings for you do not match yours for her.
  3. If the first guy was keen to spend time with you then surely he could organise a babysitter?
  4. He's not managing himself appropriately, though. He's in a relationship with someone who's told him she feels very uncomfortable with him checking out half-naked women on Instagram. He's not just glancing at someone attractive in the street, he's making an active choice to seek them out. If he really didn't care about them, his girlfriend's feelings would more important to him than pictures of half-naked strangers. He wouldn't have broken his word and lied to her. Trust has to go both ways and if I were the OP I'd be rethinking this relationship.
  5. I spent 4 years with someone who had serious mental health challenges. I spent those 4 years increasingly walking on eggshells, censoring my views and thinking about how I might say perfectly normal things without them becoming aggressive. It was emotionally draining and it also drained me of the love I once had for them. I really can't see your situation getting any better and would suggest you cut your losses before it gets any worse for you.
  6. Any decent guy, especially during these times, should understand why a woman they barely know might feel uncomfortable about going back to their house. If he can't put himself in your shoes or have the balls to let you know what his problem is, then forget about him.
  7. I guess you would have gone on these trips as a couple, had you not been worried about Covid? He has always been randomly going off with this female friend and letting you know about it afterwards, but why have you never told him you're uncomfortable with that? Sure, he can see his friends, but there's some poor communication here on both sides. He's not really acting like your boyfriend, in my opinion. You've been together for over 3 years, yet he doesn't think to text you the whole time he's away? Nobody is ever that "busy" that they can't text their loved one. Where's this girl's boyf
  8. He's finally shown his true colours. I wonder if his aim was to keep quiet about marriage forever to maintain the status quo he does so well out of. Marriage would entail joint responsibility, thinking about finances and other grown up stuff, none of which he has to consider while he continues to live with his parents. The fact he'd want a pre-nup when you're the one with all the assets is comical. Does he not realise that he'd be the loser out of it, because you'd get to keep everything you've built up while he'd keep only his nothing? I insisted on a pre-nup when I married my se
  9. I can definitely relate to how you feel because I'm very similar. I always try and get things as cheap as possible, I feel bad for treating myself and subconsciously I fear ending up destitute. I did have therapy for why I feel I don't deserve nice things, but it's a hard mindset to break. Talking to a professional might help get to the root of your relationship with money and might be worth considering (the irony for me is that I got therapy on the NHS because I baulked at therapists' prices).
  10. You imply that you never pay towards the bill. Is this the case? If so, regardless of who earned what, that would soon get on my nerves big time. If you're the one who's always doing the planning but he's the one who's always paying, the two of you need to work at getting a better balance between both. If he's not interested in doing that, then he's not that interested in the relationship.
  11. I agree, especially if you are in the States where most people keep cats as indoor pets. If your cat was able to go out at least he/she would have some kind of stimulus but instead they're subjected to life in a lonely prison, with absolutely nothing to do. As a sentient being, she needs and deserves better. Find her a home where she'll be a member of the family and stop being so CRUEL.
  12. You both entered the relationship as cheaters and liars, which rarely bodes well. As your girlfriend was capable of cheating on her husband with you, she is just as capable of cheating on you with someone else. Whoever this woman is to her, she is being deceitful to you and she knows it. She is not someone you can trust, so learn from your mistakes and leave her to her own devices while you get on with life without her.
  13. Are you sure he doesn't have photos on Facebook where he's set the privacy to "Only me"? That's what I've done in the past where I've wanted to keep photos without sharing them with the whole world.
  14. I would get very despondent about dating apps too. I'm a woman, but encountered all the same frustrations with the men I was in contact with. I'm an honest, decent person who doesn't play games and you're one too. Finding others with similar values seems to be like looking for a needle in a haystack, but they are out there. You just have to harden yourself to all the disappointment and believe in better.
  15. Custody of your child would be determined by the court and, especially given your husband's financial situation, I think it's extremely unlikely he'd be awarded sole custody. Your husband sounds like he just married you for the good deal he'd get out of it. Surely you have little respect for him? Does he bring anything to the table that would makes you want to stay with him, or are you there just because you fear losing your child? I'd make an appointment to see a divorce lawyer asap.
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