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  1. No man who's said he doesn't want children is going to share his life with a wife who's gone and had a child via a sperm donor or one night stand. That's guaranteed acrimonious divorce. If you know in your heart that babysitting other people's kids won't be enough then ultimately you'll have to make the decision to divorce and have a child, on your own if necessary.
  2. Of course it's sexual abuse/incestuous. You don't need others to tell you what you already know was wrong. It made you feel uncomfortable and your dad crossed a major line. Did he always behave properly towards you until now? I'd never stay over or be alone with him ever again.
  3. Why not just change the setting that determines who can see the photos to "Only me" (assuming it's Facebook)? That way the photos are still there for you but not him or anyone else.
  4. Is she from a family or culture that disapproves of dating? If not, I can't think of any plausible reason why she's doing all that. The fact she brushes it off when you try talking to her about it is suspicious and she's continuing to do it, despite knowing how it makes you feel. The question is what are YOU going to do about it? The more you stay around and tolerate this, the worse it'll get.
  5. Be glad you got out of what was already becoming an abusive relationship. If that's what he was doing within a short timeframe I hate to think what he would have progressed to. He might have found someone who was even more of a pushover. Seriously, be relieved that he made the choice to end things because eventually it would have been you doing it and I doubt he'd have taken it well.
  6. She's not a parcel! If you're having second thoughts then trust your instincts and don't go through with it. Potentially she has much to gain from marrying a US citizen while you have much to lose.
  7. This behaviour is incredibly frustrating and disrespectful. An ex was like this and in the end I did what Wiseman 2 suggested - more than 15 minutes late and I would either go home or do what was planned by myself - no negotiation. It's no fun being constantly let down and disappointed. You need to let him know that being late all the time is not something you are prepared to tolerate any longer, set out what will happen and stick to it.
  8. When someone messages me with "Hey, beautiful" I roll my eyes and delete. It's creepy. Why not just ask her an open-ended question about something to get a conversation started?
  9. I've been working from home one day a week and from the responses here I think I need to cut myself some slack. I work solidly, I don't have anything on in the background, I don't do any chores and, other than the time it takes to make a sandwich, I don't take any breaks all day. I feel guilty working from home because colleagues tend to believe those who do so are taking the p*ss and not doing much.
  10. He's checked out of the relationship. I suggest you do likewise and find someone who's more interested.
  11. You only get to spend time with this guy twice a year? You've seen that he engages in all sorts of shady behaviour and that's just what you get to find out about online. I'd hazard a guess and say that if he's like that on the internet then he's doing that and more in real life, while you're miles away and are unlikely to find out. You keep breaking up with him and blocking him because your gut tells you that something is off. Please listen to it and keep him blocked! You deserve much better than what you're getting. No guy is worth ruining your self esteem over.
  12. I had this experience with an ex and while he had never been formally diagnosed, he suspected he had it. It made for a lonely and frustrating relationship where my feelings and thoughts held no importance. The longer we were together, the worse it got, so I left.
  13. I think him paying you attention and giving compliments has made you believe you're in love with him. This man's behaviour is very seedy, to say the least. He told you straight out he only wanted sexual stuff and you've said you want more than that. He pressured you into doing things you didn't want to do and as soon as you indicated you weren't willing to go along with his demands, he stopped replying. You're being used! This guy will do nothing for your self esteem and he doesn't care about anything but getting off. If he's not doing it to pictures of you, he's doing it to pictures
  14. The whole point of a divorce is to extinguish the relationship. No court would ever require divorced spouses to continue living under the same roof. You've been lied to and played by this man. He's probably amazed he's got away with it until now.
  15. Most women (I believe it's something like 80%) cannot orgasm through penetration alone. To have a hand there at the same time is fine, to have an orgasm through oral before having penetrative sex is fine, to have one any other way that does it for you is fine. There is no "right" way to have an orgasm and I think smackie9 is right about guys getting the wrong idea about how sex is for women through their porn use. The more you (or these men) convince you there's something wrong with what you need to orgasm, the harder you're going to make it for yourself to get anywhere. In a decent relati
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