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Life in the Driver’s Seat (extended)

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I went and saw my mom yesterday, ( 20th) she needed some technology help and I cut her toenails and got the dry skin off her feet and moisturized them with coconut oil. I downloaded their official copies of their vaccine records. So they are saved to my mom’s phone now. I told her when I see her again I will do her toenails again and get the dead skin off her feet. She can’t reach her feet so maybe for Christmas I will get her a gift card for a pedicure. 

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My mom brought up AGAIN what happened at my brother’s on Thanksgiving. She said you know it is so and so’s birthday next week right ? Well she won’t answer my texts anymore. 

We had a big row about that. So definitely NOT going for Christmas. 

Last night my SIL blew her stack on my husband about him “ helping out more” when he had already agreed to help out next weekend. She is back to rude biatch. 

We are just telling everyone hubby has to work this Christmas and we are not coming . 

Done with this shyte. 

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Phew, it has been quite the week. First it was my MIL in the hospital with heart issues. She got home on Friday. My SIL has DEMANDED that my husband come frequently to help as you know we are closer now and not as busy as her 🙄and have no life. To which my husband replied I have said I was coming the next weekend so what is your problem now ? I am on a 24 hour duty right now . I have rules and regulations in the military which don’t allow me to prance off as I please . I also have a family and finishing our move and building swing sets . 

To which she replied , “ don’t care get down here. “

I went down yesterday to help my parents. I took my mom and step dad to the hospital. I sat in the parking lot of the hospital in my car for 5 hours while they did tests. I am amazed they let my mom in due to Covid rules no accompanying people into the hospital. My mom demanded. They think he has a heart problem so they will be having a heart specialist call them and set up an appointment. 

I went and got them about $100 worth of groceries and then drove home. 

At 1:30 AM some jerk rang our door bell and woke me up. Probably Halloween prank. 

Next Sat is hubby’s turn. 


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We have been going through so much lately it is ridiculous. I had my take my step dad to the hospital. The other night my mom had to call an ambulance for him because some how he ruptured a vein and had blood spraying all over the room. It took the ambulance attendants over an hour to stop the blood. They won’t take you to the hospital unless you are actually dying. 
His doctor thinks his issue is Afib but is “ waiting on more tests”. He has decided he’s dying and won’t eat and just stays in bed and won’t go to work and won’t do anything, my mom text me hysterical many times a day. I go to bed feeling sick to my stomach wake up feeling sick to my stomach because I don’t wanna hear what’s wrong with today. And tomorrow my husband has to go look after his mother. spacer.png

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Just now, boltnrun said:

You're getting 10 years worth of trouble in a few weeks. Yikes. Sorry about all this ☹️

Yup , I am at about half past give a shyte for sure. My son is going with my husband because if my SIL loses it like she tends to when stressed he thinks my husband and her are going to kill each other or he will defend his dad because he is tired of her treating his dad like crap. 

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