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Life in the Driver’s Seat (extended)

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It has been a super hard day. Today we had to call an ambulance for my step dad. I was with my mom over night last night. He has been sick for sometime . With just phone call health care he was never getting a proper diagnosis. He has very severe pneumonia and was admitted to hospital today. He is 82 and has never been in a hospital in his life not even to be born. 
My husband has an ear infection that made his face swell. 

Home now. It has been a very hard few months

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10 hours ago, boltnrun said:

Can you see your doctor and/or psychologist? Maybe they can help you through this rough time.

I might call him tomorrow. It is a bit better knowing what the issue is . ❤️
I don’t know if I am going back tomorrow to be with my mom. Daycare littles are sick so not coming . 

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It is my birthday Monday. Hubby is leaving for a temporary duty tomorrow. My step dad still sick in the hospital. My mom is a mess. She lost her glasses last night . They fell off her face how the hell do you not know your glasses fell off your face??? I don’t understand. 

It is all so fricken meh. 😞

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