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Where did you meet your significant other?

dragon lady

Where did you meet your SO?  

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  1. 1. Where did you meet your SO?

    • Through a friend
    • School/college/university
    • At work
    • At a bar/club
    • Through a social club (sport, music, etc.)
    • By approaching or being approached on the street/in a store etc.
    • Other
    • I'm single
    • Online

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Thank you!


It won't happen again.


We'll let it go for now . To answer your question, I'm single, but I've met my short list of boyfriends through:

- school/university, for two of them

- a mutual "friend" (my sister) for another

- an organized/group (volunteer) trip that I was on


And my current "crush" is a good friend of a good friend.


Absinthe - your story is adorable! The stuff of romantic comedies.

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Absinthe - your story is adorable! The stuff of romantic comedies.
Thanks. Our city doesn't normally get heavy snowfall so helping dig each other out when it happens, isn't unusual. I was just being silly that day wearing high heeled boots and didn't have a shovel. Lucky for me, he showed up and the rest is happy history!
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My bf & I met because I planned a paintball trip & he came with his roommate (who I already knew;we were both in ROTC). We became facebook friends but didn't talk much until about a year later. So I guess it's a combination of friend, social activity, and online. But I clicked friend.

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It's interesting because I'm always hearing people telling singles to try meeting through clubs, activities and volunteering, yet it seems rare to come accross people who actually meet that way.


The most common seem to be through friends or work, even though it's often frowned upon to date someone you work with. Online has become very common too. I wonder whether it will become the top place to meet at some point.

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I was working at a store when my love came in, flirted (even though I was oblivious to what it was), then called 10 mns after leaving the store and gave me his number. I clicked approached in a store because mostly when you say you met through work, it means working together or through a coworker or something. He said he had to know me.

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I decided that I wanted a very specific type of man, so I went online to find him. It was like shopping for a man! I met a few truly wonderful men and only one creep. If you know how to do it, online dating is wonderful. We met almost 11 years ago and we are still together. It works if you know how.

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