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  1. I've been following this thread for awhile and have come to this conclusion. These two ladies WANT to be losers. They get something out of it, I don't know what, but they revel in pain. This needs intense therapy, NOW! The "this is who and what I am and I can't change it" translates into "I don't WANT to change it. Misery defines me and if I lose misery I lose myself." This is NOT healthy for anyone, introvert or extrovert. Every time you check up on these guys they win. They destroy you just a little bit more. They make you hate yourself just a little bit more. This isn't love, at least it's not love for yourself. Don't let these guys win, because you know they're secretly getting a kick out of you doing this. They really are. You're hurting and they're laughing. Don't you think you should be tired of being their joke by now? Learn to love yourselves, even if you need a lot of therapy to do this. I have read a lot of posts on this site in my day, but you are two of the saddest, most emotionally helpless, women I have ever seen. I don't mean to be mean, but come on, you guys need to forget these two creeps like yesterday. You meant NOTHING to them or they wouldn't have walked away so easily time after time. They DON'T LOVE YOU. YOU need to love you. Now get on that and watch, in a year you will be the winners, not them.
  2. I know you're a very kind person, but that was an unkind thing to say. We have many, many, EXCELLENT local doctors down here that often work for little or no pay to help in situations like these. Plus, many of our doctors come from Canada. We appreciate them, but why do many of your specialists end up down here? That I don't get.
  3. I voted for Trump and I'm proud of it. I lost two jobs, my home, and so much more under Obama. I want my job back. I've got a much smaller home, but that's okay, but I've now lost two jobs to people who aren't even CITIZENS! THAT is what people were mad about. They want to work, not be on the dole. My boss is black and she and her friends all voted for Trump because they said Obama embarrassed them as black people. There's a reason he won and unless you stop and consider why, it will keep happening. People were just plain fed up with politicians. He's OUR president now and there will be change.
  4. No, the entire world does NOT mock us. They all want to come and live here, which I'm happy about. I have friends from Europe, where the normal people, not politicians, think quite highly of our country: Asia, they love us; South America, this is considered Heaven to them. So what's all this about them hating us? If you are ashamed of this country, and you have every right to your opinion, then move. I'm not mocking you, I mean it. Life is too short to live somewhere that disappoints you.
  5. Whoa! Girl, you are GORGEOUS! When you're that pretty, weight should be an afterthought. You are not obese, you are not stick thin, and that's okay. You are so, so, so, pretty and I want you to realize that. Wow! By the way, love your hair.
  6. That's what girls that age are, dramatic and emotional. It goes with the territory. That's why I wanted a boy. lol. I hope you find something that takes away your pain, PERMANENTLY!
  7. I eat anything I want and I'm nowhere near 600 lbs. I have lots of energy, I'm active, I work all of my coworkers into the ground and they're in their 20s. I don't smoke, drink, go to clubs, sit all day, any of that. I eat about 5 small meals per day. I'm hypoglycemic, I can't give up carbs, I get very ill and end up in the hospital if I do. Not everyone who eats "bad" food ends up dying young. BUT, we will all die. Why not live a little while you're here? I love to eat, play, laugh, all kinds of things. You can stay on rigid diets and be miserable, or you can pig out and die young. There IS a happy medium. I'm old enough to know that. Live your life to the hilt. Have fun. Laugh. Go out to dinner and have a cheeseburger. Love a man at first sight. Never stop making friends. Smile at someone every day. Eat what you want. But also be active. Walk, jog, ride horses (like me), just LIVE! Or you will be dead before you die.
  8. I'm not bragging and I'm not tiny, I'm a size 16. I've just learned that thin or not thin, life is to be lived. I used to diet, and I mean extremely diet. I couldn't get above 120 for work and I'm 5'8". I wore a size 3 or 5, seldom above. Life was NO BETTER then than it is now. It wasn't. Now I go out to eat, enjoy my life more, and realize that at both 120 or 170, you are going to die, most likely before you are 80. Might as well live, ya know?
  9. Fudgie,to answer your question,Yeah. Not a real severe case, but I had it. My muscles in my lower extremities can get pretty weak, so I always have to build them up and rest when I'm in pain. My arches on my feet are very, very, high and I get foot cramps a lot, I've always had that. My hands and feet are small, too. As I've aged, the pain has come more often and is more severe. I work on my feet now, so when I get home, I sits. Love Jacuzzies, they help.
  10. My boss always stocks V8, chips, and some sort of other goody in the break room. I don't care. I'm old enough where I don't care what I weigh. I can eat all that I want and not gain much weight. I've been about the same weight for over ten years and I eat everything. I'm not saying I'm a size 5 like I was most of my life, not at all. But I eat what I want and can still buy clothes off the rack. Not diabetic, pretty much healthy except for post polio syndrome which can be a little painful sometimes.
  11. My son always loved Halloween! He planned his costume weeks in advance and we had soooo much fun going door to door together with his cousins. Good times that I miss. *Sniff*
  12. I always prefer a coffee date. I do interview. It's a must for me and I make no bones about it. They HAVE to be able to have me in stitches by the end of the evening or it's a no go. They must be intelligent and be able to hold an in-depth conversation, also. I don't care in the least what someone orders to eat, but table manners are important to me. My mom was of German descent and I was raised with very, very, strict table manners. Do not burp, never have both arms above table height (one hand is always kept in your lap), no elbows on the table, and the worst - chewing with your mouth open. Yech!
  13. As long as you don't get hung up on some guy, why not? Go out with many and have a ball!
  14. Puerto Morelos...I am so jealous. It's better than Cabo anyday. Love anywhere in Quintana Roo.
  15. It's just cookies. What's the big deal? No one can eat sweets around you because you will be on a restricted diet for a long time? People will make, and eat, and eat, and eat, cookies, cakes, pies, etc... around you the entire time you are on this diet. But that's just it. YOU are on the diet, they are not. You have to learn to give up the sweets gracefully. Remember, if you start a diet like this, you pretty much have to stay on it for the long haul. Getting off of it will cause you to gain weight faster than you ever did before.
  16. Do stretch yourself too thin, Vic. You don't want your pain to become uncontrollable and stress could do that. I had what I was told was TN briefly many years ago and had to have much dental work on two of my teeth to get rid of it. The pain is indescribable. Mine shot from my upper jaw through my ear and into my brain. Or at least that is what it felt like. Turned out I had a very, very, long root on one of my eye teeth that got infected and rearranged everything on that side of my head, so the nerve had tissue pushing on it. Two root canals later and the pain was gone. But for six months, I was one sorry mess. I'm not sure it was really TN, but the way you describe your pain sure sounds like it. I hope yours goes away...permanently!
  17. Yeah, I like the rocks in my head to fit the holes in theirs. ;-)
  18. my best friend had that surgery done and now she's incontinent...badly so. Don't do it. Most HPV goes away on its own. Keep an eye on it, but no surgery unless they become precancerous. I know two women who now have to wear Depends because of it.
  19. You can't give him anything if there is none of you left. Been there, got the t-shirt. You take care of yourself and then you will have much more to give him.
  20. By the age of 40, no one is issue free. I have issues, all my friends have issues, it's called having had a life. Now for ISSUES, there are tons of men here without ISSUES, but they're not found on the Westside. That's were the weirdos and Peter Pan men hang out. Go inland 20 miles and you will find all the normal people. Bankers, teachers, electricians, etc... Good guys who have family values. L.A. is a whole lot more than La La Land. I hate that side of town.
  21. My son used to be that way. Now we go and have a beer together once in awhile. Like two adults. It's nice.
  22. Love the window paintings! So original. I like, I like.
  23. Are you kidding me? I live in L.A. and even at my age it's always raining men. I have NEVER lacked for a serious boyfriend unless, like now, I don't want one.
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