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  1. Took a work trip/vacation with friends. Met a guy on the trip and went to dinner with him. One of said friends is now apparently never speaking to me again because it's some horrendous thing to not spend every spare moment with the group. Also she owes me $170 for the trip so getting my money back isn't looking good.
  2. I know insurance can be very expensive, but the good thing is that the law puts a cap on how much insurance companies can actually profit (from what I understand, at least). I can understand why they are so high considering the cost of medical procedures and medications. I see the prices of drugs before insurance covers them. Many are hundreds of dollars for a one month supply. Mainly I notice it now because people have new insurance plans so we fill the prescription as paying cash until the person brings in their new insurance card. So before I have the insurance card, it says they owe s
  3. At work today (in a pharmacy) a patient came to pick up a prescription for their child. The kid got the same prescription a few days prior for an illness, but vomited shortly after the first dose (after all, the kid was sick). We told them to give the dose of medication again, but as a result they didn't have enough of the medication to complete the full course. Got a new prescription from the physician, but insurance won't cover the same drug for the same patient in a short period of time. I called the insurance company to explain the situation and ask for an override so the parent doesn't
  4. I'd probably do the same with grilled chicken if I could cook it well! I always overcook chicken accidentally because I'm worried of undercooking it with the bacteria risk. Then it ends of really dry.
  5. Haha they get kind of old though when you've made them every day for a week & a half because you can't think of anything else to make or don't have ingredients for other things!
  6. Grilled cheese because I suck at cooking.
  7. I called the emergency clinic where he stayed earlier this week. They said since it's not really bleeding they probably wouldn't even do anything at all; not even stitches. I'll call my regular vet Monday & see if antibiotics would be a good idea to keep it from getting infected. I'm feeling a little better now. It's been about a half hour & it hasn't bled. I just feel so bad; he's had such a rough week.
  8. I am annoyed with myself. My kitty got neutered earlier this week where I discovered afterward that he likely has hemophilia. He bled a lot after the procedure. I had to take him to an emergency clinic where they gave him an IV of saline & monitored his blood volume in case a blood transfusion was necessary. Fortunately, it wasn't. So he has to wear a cone on his head for a few days now. He has long fur & the fabric around the cone keeps getting caught in his knotted fur. My stupid self decided it was a good idea to cut the knots out of his fur and I accidentally cut into th
  9. I work in a pharmacy. People want their prescriptions too fast. Antibiotics I understand & have them ready to go minutes after receiving them. But people are on long term medications, wait until they are literally completely out of pills AND out of refills and get annoyed when they aren't ready immediately. Some dude today was pissed he had to wait 10 minutes for me to get his prescription ready. Well, he called it in Saturday but he was out of refills and of course his physician doesn't work weekends so it didn't get approved to the pharmacy until today. Sure, you gave 2 days noti
  10. Haha luckily no! I think I followed up with another picture of my cat & maybe he realized the misunderstanding because he didn't reply again. I'm sure he would have given some indication before he actually got in the car & drove to my place at which point I would have clarified the misunderstanding. I was way too busy this weekend to socialize so I wouldn't have let him in anyway!
  11. Not annoying, but maybe a misunderstanding. Chatting with one of my friends on snapchat. He said he was bored watching his friend play a video game. I sent a video of my cat & said "you can watch my cat play!" & he replied "Sure!" Eh, I'm not sure if he thinks I was inviting him to my house right now? I meant, watch in a video. I didn't mean "come over to watch my cat".
  12. ^^ LOL I didn't know we could do that; maybe they got your doctor's authorization to change it, though it seems easier just to wait a day or two until they had it in stock? As long as the tablets are scored it's usually fine. When they are scored it indicates that it's ok to split them without changing the dissolution. Even warfarin tablets (one of the drugs with the most severe consequences for screwing up) are commonly split. Also benzoyl peroxide is fabulous for acne!
  13. I need to write an essay. Someone write it for me!! Please?!
  14. Ok, so long story. For my classes I have a lot of study guides to fill out. For most of time in school I split them with one of my friends. We each normally do about half. Sometimes me more, sometimes her more depending on if we have other things going on & just don't have the time to do it. So for some reason this year, I have been doing the majority of the study guides. When she was too busy to be able to do it, I would do the whole thing because I figured she always did that for me when I was busy. And if I have the time to do it all myself I actually learn the material better
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