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  1. MusicGuy, this is very nice, but brought tears to my eyes, guess maybe I can relate eh? But very good stuff! Sandy
  2. C J... Very nice, you seem quite talented! Sandy
  3. Musicguy... This is just beautiful... thank you... Sandy
  4. No it isn't, and I didn't write it either, just really like the words, describes my horrible situation totally is all....
  5. I can almost hear you sigh I can almost hear you cry On every crowded street All the places we would meet Acted much too calm You had a cold look in your eyes Did it mean nothing Was it all in vain Was I just your fool Or was the pleasure pain Have you set me free Or will I wake up In the morning And find out it's been a bad dream Come on, I beg you I want to be your girl I can almost hear you sigh Almost hear you cry When you made sweet love to me Almost see your smile It stretched half a mile You had a stone cold look in your eyes What will I do without you ? They say that life goes on I'm feeling sorry for myself I can't believe you're gone You acted much too calm You turned on all the charm You had a cold look in your eyes I can feel your tongue on mine Silky smooth like wine I'm living with those memories That's all that's left of you and me
  6. Yes its a compliment, just saying I feel what you've written in your poem.... very much....
  7. Afro.... very beautiful, and sad.... and I could have written it by the words I see there....
  8. Those are just beautiful Niceguy!.... You seem to be very talented... !
  9. Sarah, thats really nice, I really enjoyed it... keep up the good work!
  10. Hey Brando... its very good! ^ I see you have a thing for trees ... looking at your sig... and its true, trees are much like people and their emotions.
  11. Oh you are sooo welcome Brando.... keep em coming eh? Sandy
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