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  1. rhyming isn't essential for poetry,you did a good job in your poem. I found rhyming usually limits you to word choice, which isn't always a bad thing either but sometimes the word you want to use wont fit due to a rhyming scheme. Also remember to show the reader instead of telling the reader.
  2. Your avatar is so fitting to the title of your poem.
  3. SB, sounds brutally honest and from the heart.
  4. Very nice work. I love the shame on the rainbows line among others. Love the last two lines. So true.
  5. ( rough draft, and I do mean rough) I never noticed the trees before, I never seen them bend. When a gail of wind starts pushing they sway, as I do now rocking, moving with the force and not against. I never noticed the trees swaying, only the broken ones accross the road.
  6. Nice job Bloke...although I am not to crazy about rhyming... but it is much much better than my last few Haikus....what was I thinking when i wrote those. ?????
  7. I buy more books then I can read, my collection Dusty, awaiting.
  8. My soul escapes me Like heat through open windows, My mouth opened wide.
  9. Sun bleeds crimson light, I'm in awe of the brigthness, Clouds saturated.
  10. Crickets chirping like Car alarms in a inner City night, Can't sleep.
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