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Thread: I have a huge crush on a coworker, but i'm married

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    Do you love your husband?
    If I wanted to save my marriage in this situation, I'd get myself into therapy right away. I'd tell them everything and let the therapist help guide me in navigating this.

    You've lost all objectivity. This man you are having an affair with showed himself for what he was early on, but you chose instead to make a fantasy about this. Reality is going to bite hard, and your current denial is not your friend. You aren't just hurting your husband, you betrayed him and your vows. You put a random guy looking for an easy target over your family.

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    Dec 2017
    High school kids manage to go to school, walk the hallways, and sit in class with people they've been involved with romantically, torn up about. If they can do it, so can you.

    If, that is, you want to.

    I echo others who are suggesting therapy because my impression is that you don't really know what you want, and that was likely the case before this man ever came into your life. Figure that out, so you can hold yourself accountable and take some steps toward cleaning up this mess in one way or another.

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    What you are doing is wrong and you know it and you do not need us to tell you that. If you choose to still allow yourself to have an emotional and then physical affair with the other man, the consequences will all be on you! Do not come back onto this forum upset that your marriage has ended because of your actions or that the man you have 'crush' has dumped you.

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