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  1. Hey guys Thanks for all your input and apologies for slow response, partly due to busy life and partly cos it's rather awkward to write here when I live with the woman! lol To answer a few questions: @SooSad33 Yes, I agree. That was a bit of a red line for me. I need spontaneity and passion in my life, not just go through the motions of it. Thankfully she hasn't insisted on it and recently even surprised me on a few occasions. 🙂 Actually that's not an issue for me. It's not much extra effort to hand wash my underwear once a week. She does the same. It's a pe
  2. Hey forum, I've been away for over a year. I've browsed a few threads in the last couple of days, nice to see some old faces. 🙂 I stopped posting because well... nothing happened for quite a few months... and then once I started dating again, nothing notable happened, until now. I've been seeing "Kate" for about half a year. Overall things are going well... we've had some fights, especially during stressful periods of the pandemic... But we've come through it. About a month ago, she sort of moved in with me. (I say sort of because it's a temporary arrangement.) Living together
  3. I think this is my first post here in over a year... Anyways, here goes... Based on what you described, you are short, skinny and look younger than you are. If you add spotty and Chinese to that list, that's basically me about a decade ago. I wasn't quite a virgin at that point, but I didn't have much success with girls. As for the future, I got good news and bad news. The bad news is that we're not the type of guy girls just can't resist jumping on for a holiday fling or rebound sex, so casual sex is pretty much off the table. You can also more or less forget about Tinder-type datin
  4. Oh yeah, not sure why you are “angry” about your (lack of) dating life. In your OP you clearly state that you are only interested in good looking women. There is nothing wrong with that exactly, but then it gives you no right to feel entitled to have a good looking woman in your life. Throughout human history, something like only 40% of men born have been able to father children. So there was a real risk that an “average man” will be unable to find a partner period, let alone a “good looking” one. We can thank the proliferation of monogamy in most modern societies for giving men a better c
  5. In relation to what @skeptic76 said... Cold approaches rarely work, and it takes guts that frankly speaking, most guys (myself included) do not have. To answer OP directly: If you expand your social network, you will meet women organically. Make friends with women you enjoy hanging out with, not necessarily want to date, they always have female friends who you might click with. For example, I moved to a new city thousands of miles from home this year. I didn't really know anybody here. I reconnected with a distant friend from university (a guy) and went on a day trip with him sho
  6. I thought your comment was rather random tbh. Not sure where you got the idea that I have a hard time to be alone. I was mostly single for most of my 20s, I would say largely by choice. I have ended two relationships in 2019 because I did not want to "settle" with women I was not "all in" on.
  7. I think I recognize a pattern here too, if I am totally honest. I put too much stock in what people say, especially early on, and extrapolate too much. I misread Kathy's eagerness for a committed relationship for how much she cared about me, I jumped to conclusions about Lily's values without understand the context in which she expressed those values. I need to focus on own self-improvement. I think Lily could have been a great match - if I had maintained the trajectory I was on when I was 19 or 20, and earning $100k+ annually now, as quite a few of my peers from then are. It's not that Li
  8. I do want a clean break. I’m just trying to cushion the blow so it does not cause irreversible damage to Jane. I understand how people can come to the wrong conclusions, but I have really hardened my heart and made it very clear and obvious to Jane that it is over, including: 1) Walking away from her crying on a street corner after refusing to go back to her hotel. 2) Telling her repeatedly that I am seeing other people. 3) Telling her how exactly how judgmental, elitist and mean I can be in relation to people we know, to dispel any notion she has of my kindness. 4) Telling her tha
  9. Yes, unfortunately, I have come to the same conclusion. Although I still think she is a very kind person brought up on the right values, her values have never been tested by real-life challenges. It is all very good saying that you don’t care about money, when you have literally never had to worry about not having enough to live your very comfortable lifestyle. Her head really is in the cloud and she has not considered very practical issues if we became a couple, like: 1) I could never buy her a gift that her father/brother/herself could not easily top. 2) It’s fine saying she does not ex
  10. I had a brief look at your previous threads to understand the context better. It is not rocket science. The guy is happy to have sex with you, but he does not want a committed relationship with you. Nothing particularly extraordinary about that scenario, it is repeated in countless stories across the world. He manipulated you into having sex 4 months ago (it wasn't that hard though, was it? Given your desperation to reconcile...) knowing full well that he did not want to give you the commitment that you clearly crave, it was very selfish and mean-spirited of him to take advantage of yo
  11. I wouldn't do it in the first place. It is one thing if you build a solid relationship and then it becomes long distance for whatever reason. But I would not entertain the idea of a LDR in the initial courtship phase. Date somebody in your own city. Don't pursue an unavailable fantasy.
  12. Sorry dude, your characterization is just wrong. I don't even feel a need to explain myself again.
  13. I did tell Lily the truth about Jane, since she did ask about exes... she did not seem overly bothered about it. Yes she is living at my house rent-free, no she is not making much progress moving out because she is still in denial. Yes I have spent some time with her since she came here (one dinner and an afternoon together)... just enough to stop her camping out in front of my company or apartment. I will have to be firmer soon. I know this is untenable.
  14. Money is just an excuse. It is not the real issue, which is probably another woman, or simply that he does not love you. Never beg somebody to stay with you, never try to bribe somebody to stay with you. It is desperate and unattractive and destroyed whatever respect he had for you. Learn to respect yourself and only give your time and emotional commitment to somebody who wants to be with you.
  15. She is educated, got a Masters Degree in Chinese from a decent Chinese University. She worked at a government job (HR-related) in China until 6 months ago, when she came to Singapore to learn English and prepare for another Masters Degree in the UK. Her goals are fairly fluid. She has mentioned wanting to run a school teaching Chinese as a foreign language for foreigners, or going into business herself. She has already rejected the government career that her father had laid out for her. Despite being 28 years old, an age where most Chinese women are quite anxious to get married and sta
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