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  1. I cant quit, because i have a long term agreement with the company, since one traineeship abroad i finished in december and when i was away the affair grow stronger first as emotional, when i came back as phisical
  2. My husband is not sure about the afair, i did not admit it. He wants to be with me, but it is dificult to trust me again. The problem is this guy is a coworker, I dont know how to move on working there and i cant quit right now.
  3. You are totaly right, yes i wanted this and at this point I think he only wants me for a good time, but why he bothered so much with me, long late night talks, cofee breaks, lunches , dinners.. I started getting julouse, i have never acted like this, he doesnt like that and I feel he will back up and is tired of me. Now my heart is like broken into pices why I let this afair happen. I feel destroyed, I dont know how to move on with my life
  4. It happened, all of you were right. He wanted more, now we are in some kind of relationship and im going crazy for him, but it is destroing me at the same time. I know what im doing is extremly wrong, im hurting my lovely husband. When i was away he used to call me every day for hours, we talked all night. It was very interesting, because i was alone there. I should not let that happen, but i was very lonely. I dont think he wants something more seriouse. My husband checked the calls in our bill and he found out that we are cominicating, when i told him that he just said stay calm. Im destroy
  5. Thanks a lot for every advice. It is very difficult when u find yourself in a situation like this, since u can not tell anyone, not even your best friend, even though she noticed something is going on. Now I have hope that I will end this, I will be absent from work for a longer period and I think it will clear up my mind.
  6. That is the problem, I dont know what I want and where im going right now. I like him so much but I know it is the wrong thing.
  7. I really not even in my dreams plan to dump my husband for this man, I just can't explain how this crush happened, and how did I get to this point
  8. It is nor just the flirting, he is very fun, has a lot of friends, easy going like me, which is so opposite to my husbund.
  9. It's like they are addicted to pursuing... I really dont know what he wants from me, never speaks about it, just giving me compliments, saying how he would miss me so much when Im gone. It is difficult to stop something while you work with him. Every day I say it is over and here comes again another morning...
  10. It started a year ago, he was new and used to come and talk to me every day in my office. He is single, im married with one child. AT first it was a little bit strange but as time went by I started to like this, at first as a friend, but know I lost my mind for him. He is very fun, and now I can admit that I had a crush on him from the moment we first talked. Maybe he has noticed that. Every coffe braek, lunch break is with him, afterwork sometimes. It is happening every day. Messages are all day long. He is giving me nice compliments, asking me out sometimes. I'm going crazy I lost my mind
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