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  1. Yeah, this should have been in Off Topic... Ill probably get an infraction for this.
  2. Why do people get infractions? Why do people get banned? Why do threads get closed? Methinks it's the mod's favorites barking in their ears because these "favorites" don't have a life of their own and want to run this forum. So sad...
  3. Wow... this thread went far. I think people prefer self pity/whiny threads....
  4. Woman's skiing. Love Women, love skiing, love women in tight ski racing suits!
  5. Weren't there some muppet type characters called "so and so" the dustbin men on TV in the UK?
  6. Now I'm dying to know what you are reading!
  7. Pepper spray the nosy neighbor! Problem solved!!! Hey, it's your cat's house, not theirs!
  8. Move out to the country! We have no city lights, no neighbors, and all kinds of wild animals lurking around!
  9. Yes, quite the hoot every day! That's what keeps us together - honesty and tolerance!
  10. I can tell you, as a 59 year old man, that my taste in women has changed. I find woman my age far more attractive than younger women. I also enjoy the conversations with someone my own age (seriously, do I want to hear a 30 year old person's babble?). And, although I am spoken for, I can still find other women attractive, it's natural. Now, fantasizing about it or acting on it... that's not right!
  11. We, the eNA "Guess My Favorite Animal", "5 Letters Make a Sentence", and various other mind boggling thread subscribers, want to know where our beloved friend Kim is?????
  12. We can't help you until we know: Is he just the Father, or is he your husband/SO? Are you in a relationship with another man or woman? We are cornfused!
  13. No acid washed jeans for me... but the rest of Doug (aside from the overweight thing) is me! My wife is Carrie to the tee! So sarcastic, yet funny.
  14. As for my previous post... Live a day with MS. Be exhausted since you didn't sleep all night because your bones felt like they were on fire. Get up and drop random things because your hands don't work. Trip over nothing constantly because your legs and feet don't work... continue to go to work, despite the pain, because that's just the kind of person you are. Then, post about poking your freaking tooth with a straw because your parents gave you PTSD and everything that goes wrong is their fault. Go ahead... then I will accept it.
  15. Camber the thread killer... Maybe I should post about poking my front teeth with a straw???
  16. Agreed... he wants a quicky in the copier room, that's all. Show some respect!
  17. If only we didn't have to see Madonna perform... A has-been loser, crawling out from under her rock to make $...
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