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  • Paula Thompson
    Paula Thompson

    Getting Your Ex-Boyfriend to Give You A Second Chance

    How can I convince my ex-boyfriend to give our relationship a second chance?

    It can be incredibly painful when a relationship ends, especially when it's something you still want and deeply care about. For the moment, the goal is to simply get your ex-boyfriend to consider giving your relationship a second chance. This may feel like a daunting task, but by employing some strategical tactics, you can make this happen.

    First, it's important to remember that you have no control over the outcome. You can put in the effort, but the decision lies in your ex-boyfriend's hands and it will be what they choose to do. That being said, rejection isn't necessarily a bad thing. It takes immense bravery to even attempt to suggest reconciling a past relationship, and by doing so, you're taking a huge step. Knowing this can help you enact a more vulnerable and honest method of reaching out.

    When deciding to approach your ex, the best way to set yourself up for success is to come from a place of understanding. People like those close to them to understand where they're coming from and why they're making certain decisions. Showing compassion speaks volumes about your character and is highly attractive. If you come from a place of understanding and empathy, it enhances the conversation and may open the doorway for your ex-boyfriend to also share how they've been feeling.

    Sometimes relationships don't work the first time around because there are underlying problems that weren't addressed or fixed. Talk to your ex-boyfriend about these issues before suggesting a second chance. Looking in the mirror can be difficult and even confronting rage, insecurity and other toxic emotions. But having a genuine conversation about the heart of the matter can raise higher awareness of what's really going on and promote better understanding. Once that is established, the relationship has a higher chance of developing into something solid.

    Time and space can help, too. If the cause of the break-up had anything to do with feeling smothered or overwhelmed, it might help to respect their need for space. Allow them to traverse the world alone, free of pacing and expectations. This proves that you are willing to back off and take initiative to ensure that your relationship grows in a healthy way. It shows maturity and an ability to step back and self-analyse.

    It's important to keep the pressure off. If you try too hard to convince them, they're more likely to become defensive and deterred. Take things slowly and give them time to adjust to the idea of getting back together. Talk things through without pushing them too much and avoid bringing up getting married or talking about any other possibly intimidating future commitments. Let them come to their own conclusion as to whether getting back together is the right decision for them.

    Above all, be kind, patient and understanding. The best relationships are those that are based in mutual respect, trust and understanding – not forced obligation and "convincing". If a rekindled relationship is going to thrive and last, it must be organic and natural. Heartfelt conversations can help mend brokenness and create a strong bond for the future.

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