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Racism is, in large part, still alive because people try to get sympothy (i.e. a free ride) from society.


It is much easier to put blame on others, than rising above those who embrace racism, and becoming a better, stronger person. This would of course mean that one would have to put some effort into it...which is what makes it un-appealing to most.


I see racism as a tool to gain something for virtually nothing.


Once a black woman tried to pull the racism card on me and I hit her with this argument. This woman, time and time again, would refer to white people as "you people", and "crazy whites". I pulled back for a minute, looked her in they eye and asked her if I called black people "you people" or "crazy blacks" what she would think. She responded with a snide remark and all I could think was that SHE, and people like her, are very much as responsible for racism still being a factor in our country as anyone else is....maybe even moreso.


So, as much as you would LIKE that to be the problem, remember that you have a choice too. From reading your posts, I would say you should probably really think about that.


This country is a crazy place, you may find that there are people who think nothing of a persons skin color, but value the person behind that skin.....but then again, don't you need to give someone a reason to value you as a person?


I will assure you that your remarks don't resemble someone who puts any effort into caring for others...why would people reciprocate to negativity with kind, caring words?


You get out of life what you put into it. This seems to be true in your case.

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my parents tell me almost everyday that brown is the color of the devil and that it symbolizes poverty and ignorance, maybe they are right i dunno.


it takes a lot to realize your parents are human and i think you need to realize this. to be human, is to be imperfect. your parents are ignorant. it's time to make your own decisions.


accept the fact that your parents are feeding your insecurities and self destructiveness by telling you these racist remarks.


what your parents have said couldn't be further from the truth!! perhaps your parents are so insecure that they are trying to make you feel as bad as them?


i am only telling you these things to help. i could be totally off base but this is the way i see it.

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Noone absolutely noone can make you feel inferior without your consent. I'm black, not even brown, black and I think, without meaning to sound vain, I think I'm really stunning because everyone says so and I mean everyone from every race,male and female, black, white, red say"you're beautiful"and you know what I believe them, I mean why would they lie?


You will hardly find me playing the race card because I refuse to believe it is my problem is someone chooses to dislike me because of the colour of my skin. It says more about them and their upbringing and issues. Not my problem, sorry.


You need to STOP letting others define your level of self esteem and I don't mean this only with regards to the colour of your skin, I mean this in everything, your work, your family, your relationships.


You should step away from the t.v and trashy magazines for a minute and think of yourself as an individual, in terms of what you've achieved and how much you're worth the people, who love you.

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It is funny how everyone just lecture people what choices they should make!!! People always not happy the way they look, there is a lot of choices any human been can take. Some feel they are too fat and should go under knife, some try to change their nose shape, hair whatever it is some people unhappy with certain things in their look. It amaze me how others lecture anyone who would like to look fairer but never question anyone want to tan, even though there is a lot of risks with tanning. Iam against bleaching but also every human should have the right to do whatever with their look without been looked down to or made feels they are sick or have some mental problem! Let’s try to understand, different cultures force in you the image of beauty and believe me a discussion forum will not change years of that.

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Well in my experience the non-white people are more racist that the white people. No not all but some. Basically you're different. Just as fat people are fat, there are subtle discrimations everywhere. Some people are plain ugly and imagine their life. If they've got personality, it helps. Pretty people are treated better initially but it's the personality that wins.


Face the fact and stop whinning about it. Do your best in school and stop blaming your color for your problems, I doubt that's really the problem anyway. I know there's a lot to be said for personality so work on aspects of your personality that need tweaking. Get your credentials and win them over with your spunk. Your defeatist attitude won't help you.

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Hehe i love your view of the world. You're a mix caucasian/black or something that made you have brown skin?! Ask yourself why so many people get tans.


Personally I think mix are so hot. They're the hottest people in the world.


I agree with P.Dragon.


I think brown people are beautiful. I wish I wasn't so white. I can't even get a decent sun tan.


However, I do sympathize with Solid's frustrations. If it makes you feel any better, I'm mostly white, I look white, and life is darn tough for me. Not because of my color, but regardless of it.


Also, racists can be found among all races and colors of people, not just white people. However, I am still very sympathetic to your frustrations and problems.


I think being a mix is toughest, if it shows in your looks. Cause then you aren't part of any group. So you feel alone. Am I right? That doesn't apply to me. I don't have that problem since I appear to be all white. However, I have mixed race friends who've expressed to me that they feel alone and not part of any group. So I can imagine how you feel.

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Abraham Lincoln said in a speech that if a person looks for bad in people, they'll find many bad people and some bad in many people; but if a person looks for good in people, they'll find many good people, and some good in many people.


That's a paraphrase, not a quote, but you get the idea.


He went on to say that if you look for the good people, and the good in people, you will bring out the best in people. (By implication, if you look for the negative, you'll not only find it, but bring it out in people.)


Now that might sound to some like political double talk, but it's very sound advice and logic. It's classic knowledge of human behavior that applies as much today as it did then.


On any subject, the glass can be half empty, or half full, as you choose it to be.

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By the way, my sister and one cousin are married to Mexican guys. Two other cousins are married to Chineese guys. All those guys are brown, but to be honest, I never even though of it until reading your thread. It's not an issue in my family. Since my sister, and especially my cousins are blonds, it makes quite a contrast. No one in family cares. I've never even thought about it before.


I do notice brown women, but only because I'm attracted to many of them. For men, I never give it a thought.


Don't listen to your parents. They are wrong and have no business saying those things to you.


Where I work, our administrator is a woman. One of our managers is black. It's never been an issue here. Don't psyche yourself out.


One of my best friends is from Uganda. His English name is Fred. His African name I won't even attempt to spell, though I can verbally say it. He's pure African and the darkest man I've ever seen. That fact is normally irrelevant, but I mention it here because it applies to your thread. He told me (his words) that he's so black that African American children stare and point at him in the park. Seriously, he told me that, and then he laughed. He finds it amusing. He could be hurt by that, but instead he finds it humorous.


We don't have very many African Americans in this town. Asian and Mexican Americans there are many of, but few African Americans. Then there's my friend and his brother. They stand out everywhere they go. Now Fred could be insecure about that. However, he prefers to make the most of it.


The girls in this town are almost entirely white, Asian, or Mexican. Fred likes all types of women. Now honestly, some women want nothing to do with him. I won't assume why because I'm not sure. However, others are fine with him and treat him same as me. Others are very much attracted to him and he's a bit like a local celebrity. He doesn't let any of this depress him. He makes the most of it. I wish I had 5% as much dating success as him. He's not a player though. He's a very nice man.


I brought him out to my cousins house in the country. My cousin's kids are little kids from 1 to 8 years old. Some are platinum blonde like my pic to left, some are golden blondes, and some have light brown hair. All very white kids for sure. They met Fred and at first they were in shock. They'd never even seen a brown man before. They for sure had never seen a black man before. At first they were nervous and standoffish. Fred is friendly and charming. Within 5 minutes they were all sitting on his lap and beside him on the couch insisting that he read them a book. He made a lot of new friends that day. Normally those kids adore me and treat me like a rock star and scream "Uncle Chuckie's here!" That day, they ignored me and Fred was the rock star. They loved him and he loved them.


It is inevitable that people in this town are going to do a double take when they first see Fred. They've never seen anyone like him before. However, he doesn't let that upset him because that isn't predjudice, it's just the innocent shock of a new experience. He then uses some charm and makes friends nearly everywhere he goes.


The only problem that Fred and I ever had is that for some reason, some white idiots (and yes there are some idiots everywhere) seem to assume that a blondish, lighter than average white guy and a black guy together must be a gay couple. That p's me off more than it does Fred. He's thicker skinned than I am. He laughs it off and I don't think it really upsets him. It irritates me. However, life goes on. I have nothing against gay people, but I'm not one of them and I don't like people making that assumption based on a color difference between me and Fred. However, I'm not going to let a few ignorant people bother me to much.


If being brown makes you stand out among white people, you may have some problems, but I'll bet you have some advantages, if you make use of them. For example, some white women will find you more attractive because of it. That's OK. Enjoy it, if it happens. I really think most people don't care. Even if they notice, it doesn't mean they're having negative thoughts. Maybe they just find you interesting as many do with Fred. Maybe some of the women are attracted to you, as with Fred. Being different than the people arond you is not all bad. Sometimes it's good. Mostly it won't matter, if you don't let it.


Hey, my neck was broken and I can't turn my head. My left knee is damaged and sometimes I limp. I stand out too, sometimes. Men almost never care and don't seem to notice. Some women are turned off by it and I can see it in their face at the moment they realize I'm handicapped. Most don't care or don't notice. I actually think some women might even be more attracted to me out of motherly sympathy. Hey, whatever works. I have times of insecurity myself, but mostly, I'm confident.


Buck up. Life is mostly what you make of it and there are MANY people of non white races in management positions these days, and also in various skilled jobs. Try to focus on the good people among all races, and ignore the bad ones as much as possible. Also, don't confuse someone noticing you with racism. It's not the same thing at all. Don't assume that just because a person noticed you that it's negative. Maybe they want to be a friend, or maybe date you, or maybe they don't want anything, but are open to being friendly if you are.


Give people a chance so they can give you a chance. That's what my friend Fred does, and it works for him most of the time. That's what I do, and it works for me most of the time. They key to giving others a chance is maintaining a positive attitude. Admitedly, I don't always do that, but I try to, and usually I do.

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Originally Posted by Solid-

"My parents tell me almost everyday that brown is the color of the devil and that it symbolizes poverty and ignorance, maybe they are right i dunno."


That's terrible and untrue. Sorry to hear your parents would say that.


People in college will be much nicer to you than that. Look forward to going to college and getting away from your parents. College will be your escape to a better life. There will also be others at college of various colors. That's true of any college, or even junior college in the country. You won't be the only one.

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If you hate your skin tone, why should you even expect someone else to like it? If you think that is such a problem, try being black(actually blk/ind) in a prodominant white suburban city dating a white guy in the South. Youd really get some outragous comments and gestures, alot of head turning and staring. You just do you and dont give a damn about what other ppl say. Walk with pride of WHO you are and not WHAT you are. Let someone tell me they dont like me because im black, ill tell them oh well i know someone that does.

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I'm Bengali (From Bangladesh) not pronounced Bangladesh, more like bongladesh (borders India) and Muslim


a lot of u people posting have no idea what its like to be in this kind of situation, thats including a lot of brown people


1. it is true some of it is mental, but that’s only a part


2. One example I have brown girls at my school, one none of them would like me, I wouldn't like them, we're to different

only the really creepy (like extremely) fat chicks have ever liked me

There have been at least 5 girls that I have like and like did everything to make them happy pretty much (help when help is needed and kind acts)


they wouldn't go out with me

yet they'd go out with my best friend, and we both act exactly the same (he's white)

I'm a nice guy to, yet most of the time I don't even get a hello from people I'm really nice to


I just really don't understand y girls won't go out with me


and brown parents really suck


social life sucks when it comes to girls

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u have no idea what it's like to be me, I'm enrolled in a christain school, but they accept all races, people have made so much fun of me for everything that my mind has been screwed up

i don't know whats true or whats not

i'm so screwed up by these private schoolers that i've even thought about suicide on several occasions

society puts a major stress on dating, i know it's not important, but society and acceptance of people has driven me crazy, i would anything to go out with one person i'd enjoy to go out with

u people say it's just in ur head just rise over it, it not that effing easy

every day, every party I feel more and more like crap because of what my mind has tricked me into thinking i need to date

there's 5th grades that have gone out, i've never been out with anyone and i'm a sophmore

just over come it u say, the only way i could ever do it is to kill my self

this stuff be effing me up since 1st grade and been putting stuff in my head for 10 years

i can't just over come it

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I don't particularly want to get into this because I don't think it's relevant, and it is a hot issue. My point was is that security guards are not stopping someone because they hate his/her ethnicity, but rather because many terrorist attacks have been perpetrated by people of the same age/gender/ethnicity as him, and because their goal as security guard is to ensure the safety of the travelers. That's all.


As an aside, my dad, white as can be, is stopped literally every single time. I guess he looks suspicious. Oh well.



course that means u can stop all brown people and basically no whites or what every else u want to put there


I'm muslim and I'd never do something like that and yet me and my family were on the no fly list for a while

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If a all interracial breeding program started the result would be brown. The fair skins and hair colors will be genetically inferior to the dark dominate traits of black or brown people. The eventual averaging will result in a brown skin tone with brown eyes, and dark hair.


and this means what in todays society?

how does this make us feel better?

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It appears that solid has left the building ...possibly off to take his bleach bath!


Solid....if you come back.....I don't think your trying to convince us that 'brown' skin color is rejected by the white society....I think your trying to convince yourself!


What the heck y would u even say that bleach bath thing, that is so retarded

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