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  1. I dunno today my dad told me that I should be treated like the dirt of the earth. I started to cry and then he hit me accross the face, i have a blue/purplish mark around my eye......i cant take it being brown
  2. my parents tell me almost everyday that brown is the color of the devil and that it symbolizes poverty and ignorance, maybe they are right i dunno.
  3. No matter what happens or what people do racism will always be present in the world because as long as we have different races/cultures/ethnicites/religon etc, we will always have racism
  4. You agree because that friend has accepted to be thought of as a piece of crap person and all the negtaive things associated with being brown even tho he is not.
  5. Thats true but its BS created by some anti-racist propaganda group so people would stop to thinking like that but ITS NOT WORKING =(
  6. Im sure that has contributed, but theres nothing i can do to fix this problem but accept that i am differnt and be viewed as what i said in the above post. I dont wanna accept something that is not true, i dont want to accept that people view me as things that are not true even tho they are "ignorant". All of you who stop and think WHY whites think like this, they have legit reasons, think about it.
  7. See the only option to cure this problem is to not care or accept this problem. I refuse to do that and accept that other people view me as a piece of crap because of the color of my skin.
  8. I think im just going to commit suicide by marinating myself in a bath of bleach that way i can be white forever. No i am not joking.
  9. When things like this happen to you more then 5 times, i dont think its a coincidence and dont just happen randomly and take every eigth person like the FAA says.
  10. Im going to be completely serious and uncensored about this post im about to make. Mother natures diversity is beautiful, but being brown in our world/society is like being the scum of the earth. When youre brown you are either a latino or the mexican who is a dumb physical laborer and the rest of the ignorant sterotypes, or your a muslim/arab who will terrorize people. People think like that and it sucks. NO ONE can deny this because you know that a majority of people think like this or almost all and im talking deep inside.
  11. I think my main problem is not hatred of being brown, but rather wishing i was white
  12. you see how many people of brown complexion have posted things that agree with what i am saying. No i will not post a picture of myself because everybody will jusy say positive things rather then the truth. No one knows how i feel about this issue in my life, so no1 knows about my personal self image regarding being brown except maybe my father is slightly aware because he knows that as a child in summer camp i was once called the mexican.... and im sure that is what probably sparked the issue and what traumitized and made me realize how horrible it is to be brown
  13. Thats the thing, the only way to take care of this problem is too accept that other people view you as inferior to them because of the color of your skin
  14. im degrading myself because my color is a defection of human beings. The worst part about being brown is nevermind id start a racist argument here. You wanna know a funny story. This has happened to me twice the same scenario. Whenever i travel, i always go with my faily. So once we were going thru security check, and the offical there stopped me and said we have to do a random security check ( lol what BS), and then my dad said i was with the family, and the offical was like ohh ok, you just fit the profile of a suspected terrorist. They are not supposed to say that, but he did, in front of m
  15. because you grew up around it, you learned to accept it when you were young and did not know the difference. Unfortuenatly most people arent as privileged as you to understand brown people like me. For example, i would never be able to live in a place like Iowa or a dominantnly white area without experienceing heavy racism an criticism. I wish i was dead, being brown sucks in todays world.
  16. I used to think it was in my head till i realized how everyone around me including my family and friends would mention things about or say a joke about it. Like this morning, my mom and I were flipping thru old pictures and we came accross a picture of me when i was 3 years old. She said " Wow look how white you used to be, i still dont understand how you became the muslim brown you look like now". Im aware my mom is ignorant.
  17. when you crack jokes about the color of your skin your making fun of your self. I used to do that but i realized people just view you as a person who accepts your defect of being a human being.
  18. You guys dont understand its not only the color of your skin, its the facial features etc etc the dark dark black hair. I live in Miami, and its very multicultural but I guess i realized how people view the world. Unfortuentealty, most people dont think about brown people like you do, they see it as a social-economic/racist thing. And people go tanning not because they want to be brown , tanning makes you look good because you become tan not brown, and yes there is a HUGE difference. Being tan is different then being a piece of s**t brown color. No one will ever understand. Yes im bi-racial yo
  19. You know it really is hard being brown or non-white in a white supremeist world. Do NOT deny it by saying we dont, because everyone knows we do. Most of the people i live with are white, and even mostly everybody in family is pure porceliein european skin white. I just happened to be brown, and I live in a society where people really dont discriminate publicly, but i can feel it sometimes. Its hard being called many different names and races, ive been called everything from mexican,arab,black,indian,muslim,latino,hispanic,afgahni etc etc, things that dont even make sense. Even my mother of whi
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