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  1. yeah but this site is made to help people with there problems, not convince them that they should commit suicide. I was saying it like, you not suppose to be saying that point of view
  2. and that shows what? I hate when people try to make analogies like this, there where a few more earlier
  3. What the heck y would u even say that bleach bath thing, that is so retarded
  4. and this means what in todays society? how does this make us feel better?
  5. that maybe true, but it's be implanted and its near impossible to get out i know i'm better off then a lot of people but that doesn't mean i'll ever stop feeling like crap
  6. yes but have to remember something has to be put in out mind to think this
  7. course that means u can stop all brown people and basically no whites or what every else u want to put there I'm muslim and I'd never do something like that and yet me and my family were on the no fly list for a while
  8. theres a huge diffrence between latino colored skin and brown colored skin u people say "o my friends want to be brown so they tan" no they tan to look tanned, closer to being latino or something close to it Brown is dark, it's almost black, and some are so dark they are black
  9. u have no idea what it's like to be me, I'm enrolled in a christain school, but they accept all races, people have made so much fun of me for everything that my mind has been screwed up i don't know whats true or whats not i'm so screwed up by these private schoolers that i've even thought about suicide on several occasions society puts a major stress on dating, i know it's not important, but society and acceptance of people has driven me crazy, i would anything to go out with one person i'd enjoy to go out with u people say it's just in ur head just rise over it, it not that effing easy
  10. I'm Bengali (From Bangladesh) not pronounced Bangladesh, more like bongladesh (borders India) and Muslim a lot of u people posting have no idea what its like to be in this kind of situation, thats including a lot of brown people 1. it is true some of it is mental, but that’s only a part 2. One example I have brown girls at my school, one none of them would like me, I wouldn't like them, we're to different only the really creepy (like extremely) fat chicks have ever liked me There have been at least 5 girls that I have like and like did everything to make them happy pretty much (h
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