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Hey guys! Just for fun, what are the funniest/most embarrassing things that have happened to you when you were getting "intimate" with someone? Whether that be kissing, having sex, whatever.


Shortly after my boyfriend and I started dating, my boyfriend was in his chair at his computer when I came into the room and I went over, sat on his lap and we started making out. After a minute or so, he gasped and sat straight up mid-boob grab because he remembered he'd been talking to his mother online and had his web cam on so she could see him! He had minimized the screen and forgot when I came in. Luckily, his mom had wandered off to put the laundry away during this little incident and came back right after we realized what was going on so she didn't see anything. Then later that same night (about 2 am) we were in his bed and I was giving him a blow job for the first time ever when his roommate (we live in a dorm) unexpectedly burst into the room. The chain on the door was in place but it just ripped out of the wall when he shoved the door open. Luckily, my bf was quick with the blankets.... Other than this, once my bf and I were talking about sex and what we wanted to do to each other over MSN Messenger when my boss came up behind me (I'm an RA in the dorm and leave my door open) and instead of quickly minimizing the screen, I maximized it. Doh! Awkward silence on my part and uncomfortable laughter on his part ensued.

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Oh my god the blowjob thing brings back memories...


I was going down on my bf and his brother burst into the room...I tried to get up but he came all over my neck and shirt right then. It was so awkward, his brother just caught a glimpse and left, but then I had it all over me so there was really no hiding it after that. SO embarrassing.

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My then BF and I were going at it one night when we were at my parents house. We were in my bedroom with the door cracked and the lights on, so it would look like we were watching a movie. In reality, we were both under the covers, naked from the waist down, having sex. At a very inopportune moment, my dad barged into my room and plopped down in the middle of my bed!!


Thankfully, he didn't stay very long, and I don't think he figured out what we were doing.


He left, and we finished our business, heehee!

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Two things


When I was about 15 I decided to try to give my boyfriend a hand job. I was nervous and started out on the front of his pants. He started breathing heavily so I thought all was well. Well, no because he burst out laughing - I was giving a hand job all right - to the brush in his front pants pocket!


Many years later I was on a fourth date with someone. He had invited me back to his place. He had wanted to buy us champagne or wine but forgot that the liquor stores were closed in his neighborhood on sundays. So he breaks out sparkling apple cider. Ok, fine. We drink some and he makes his move - first kiss - it's lasting a few seconds when he belches from the cider.


I try not to laugh. I succeed. Second kiss - same thing happened.


Next time I saw him was a few years later with his new wife at a dinner. All I could remember was that moment . .

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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh this thread is awesome.


I had just started dating my current boyfriend, and we had only had sex once before. We were in his room after a St. Pat's Day party, very very drunk, and we started going at it. Apparently, unbeknownst to me, my period had started, so when we woke up the next morning, his sheets, mattress pad, and even the mattress were soaked in blood!


As if that wasn't mortifying enough, a few days later, his roommate's dog got into his room and apparently picked up the scent on the mattress, and just totally shredded his sheets trying to get at it. I don't think his roommate ever found out why Lex was digging to China on my boyfriend's bed, but we were like "Ewwww, GROSS!" when we figured it out.

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Yikes.. lets see...


Well there was the time that my BF and I were almost caught in a park doing it on the jungle gym. We'd just finished and dressed as the park ranger pulled up in his car.


or the time a boy had cornered me in a bedroom at a party and wouldn't let me get out. soooooo.... I did what came naturally, we got to making out.. we took our clothes off.. and then... right before .. I said.. "ummmm hold that thought, I need to use the rest room, I'll be right back" Threw my jeans and t-shirt on in the dark. Grabbed "HIS" clothes and escaped out of the room. Hey.. ya gotta do what ya gotta do.


Or.... there was a the time that my BF and I were going at it doggy style and his dad walked in to tell him there was a phone call for him. His dad was totally oblivious to what we were doing... we on the other hand FROZE like someone just doused us with a fire-hose.


OR... speaking of doggy. The time a BF and I were going at it and things were getting way way way hot. TIMING being everything... I WHIPPED my head back at the same time that he bent his head forward to go to town.. OUCH... CRASH.... all I could think of to say in that moment since he didn't pass out from a concussion...... was ... "DON"T YOU DARE STOP".. grin OMG!!! after... I had a walnut sized knot in the back of my head and its a wonder he didn't lose his two front teeth!!!! Explain that one to the emergency room people!!!!

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LOL! This thread is hilarious. I remember back when I was about 19, my boyfriend and I were coming home from a New Years Eve party. We started getting hot and heavy in the car while he was driving, and when we stopped at a stop light, he pulled me over on top of him and we just started going at it.


Lo and behold, a knock came at the window (we thought it was a pretty deserted street), and it was a FIREMAN. We had stopped right in front of a firehouse, and the entire brigade was standing in front of it. After getting dressed, we both got out of the car and got lectured for about 30 minutes on the dangers of car-sex while I held a used condom behind my back. God, the mortification!

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a~ha~~!great thread! so funny~

I always tried so hard to make sure I wouldn`t get caught, but I got careless...


Once my ex and I were sitting on his porch right beside the door, in the dark after a party, I started giving him a blowjob. Going pretty hard at it, hes moaning, then midway suddenly the porch door swings open and his flatmate comes out. So he grabs me close to his chest, I make out like Im asleep in his arms and his flatmate exchanged a few words with my ex and left...I was too embarrassed to say hi to him for weeks...

Another time a friend walked into me and my ex in our underwear ready to get it on, she saw me splayed over him while he fumbled for the covers....we thought we`d locked the door...

And then, when I first went flatting, my room was opposite the lounge. My ex would always be over and we`d be at it pretty often, but I thought I was being discreet. Turns out that a couple of floorboards from my room joined ones in the lounge, and my flatmates were also feeling a piece of the action whenever they were on the sofa...they were so sweet though, they never said a word until way later!

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Well there was the time that my BF and I were almost caught in a park doing it on the jungle gym. We'd just finished and dressed as the park ranger pulled up in his car.


LOL ShadowsLight!!!!


That's closely related to the source of my own embarrassment: Getting caught by a cop in a parking lot. I was always worried about getting caught so I would wear a skirt so I could scramble and be decent- however he was not so lucky- I think the cop got a full moon from him.


Things got MUCH better once he got an apartment and we no longer had to resort to "automobile romance".....



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Oh man, Snowpeople, you're a firefighter?? Lol, I think the worst part of that night was the fact that the entire company was standing outside when we got out of the car, so I'm sure one of them saw us and told everyone else to come look! I can laugh about it now, but I couldn't even look the guy in the face. I felt like me Dad had caught me! Ah, to be young and idiotic...

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Oh my god the blowjob thing brings back memories...


I was going down on my bf and his brother burst into the room...I tried to get up but he came all over my neck and shirt right then. It was so awkward, his brother just caught a glimpse and left, but then I had it all over me so there was really no hiding it after that. SO embarrassing.


That... is AWESOME.

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I used to live in an apartment complex near my university... so it was full of college students. My bedroom had a sliding door that faced out into the courtyard/pool area, so usually any noise you make will bounce around and everyone can hear it. I had a girl over and we had sex... she was really loud screaming all kinds of stuff and calling me her "daddy". When we were done, people started mocking her by making sex noises and saying "oh yeah give it to me daddy". They were screaming it through the courtyard and a bunch of other people joined in. I wasn't really embarrassed, but she was. The next time we had sex at my place, she made sure that the sliding door was shut.

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Just rememberd...

After a very, very long night of drinking, a friend and I were going for it in what we THOUGHT was a private part of this park/mountain thing... unfortunatley, it wasnt that private, and we were interuppted by the "WOOT WOOT" and headlights of a police car

Funny/embarrassing moments during sex - the first thought that springs to mind is fanny farts...

I know they are normal and everything, but I almost cry if that ever happens to me...

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We need to bring this thread back-- all of the posts lately have been very depressing.


I've got a couple stories-


My ex and I were having sex under a blanket downstairs in front of the TV- spooning, ya know? His mom came down and started watching Wheel of Fortune and we all were screaming out the answers, while my bf and I continued to have sex slowly and discretely. I still laugh at the thought of how ridiculous it was.


Had sex with my ex in the ocean on our family vacation- when we came in my dad said "it looked like there were a lot of waves out there bumping you around" with an angry look on his face


My ex was my boss at Papa Johns- we snuck into his office to have sex, little did I know that when I came out I had big hand prints in flour on my butt. My coworkers got a kick out of that.


Ahh... horny kids. I miss those days.


Oh and ew- this ones not about me but I was very embarrassed- I walked in on my dad watching scrambled porn- it was like heres a boob there's a boob... whats that? it was pathetic.

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Haha... there are two times that really stick out in my mind, but there have been many.


The first is when I was at my boyfriends house about 3 years ago and his parents were supposed to be coming back from vacation that night. Well, it was the afternoon and we were having sex and all of sudden we hear the door. My boyfriend, in a panic, jumps out of bed naked, grabbed his shorts, and ran to the bathroom, leaving his room door wide open with me naked on the bed. His room is very close to the front door, so I freaked out grabbed my jeans, and as I was running to the closet naked, jeans flying in the air, I catch a glimpse of his mom's face. I wanted to curl up in a ball and die!


The second (and funniest) in my opinion, was one day when I was giving him oral sex and he was naked, but I wasn't. His parents were home but no where near his room, as they usually left us alone since we were already over 18 at the time. We heard a knock at the door and all of a sudden, his little 6 year old cousin runs to his room!! He hides under the covers, buck naked, and I was sitting over the covers fully clothed. His little cousin starts begging for him to come play and starts pulling on the covers!! Meanwhile, the whole family comes in!! I was trying my hardest not to crack up, and you could tell he was having a heart attack as his cousin pulled on the covers!! Evenutally everyone left, but it was so funny!

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giving a guy a blow job right out the back in the yard at a house party (yeah yeah, I know) and I got a nose bleed....


I was SO drunk, and it just kept coming... he ended up with blood ALL OVER his pants...


that was a bad night actually... the blood nose was one of the good bits

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One time i was giving my boyfriend a blow job, and he kept on giggling for no reason. I asked him two or three times what was so funny, and each time he said "nothing". Later on while cuddling he told me that the reason he was giggling so much was that he really had to fart, and was trying so hard to keep it in, and that he found it extremely amusing.


And also, my parents and his parents don't think it's appropriate that we sleep in the same bed and such. So when he come to stay the weekend, he tells his mom that he's staying at my house, and I tell my mom that we are staying at his summer house nearby, with his parents home (and they arent actually there). This gives us complete privacy, and we have a lot of fun in that house. A few months ago my boyfriend's parents put the house up for sale. One time when me and my guy stayed there, we never bothered to put our clothes back on after our heavy makeput session the night before. We were rudely awakened the next morning by a woman banging on the door, and eventually letting herself in.... while my bf and i are sleeping in the nude still! Thank goodness we heard her before she came upstairs... it was the new realtor, wanting to put up signs and such. She was surprised when she came and saw cars in the driveway-she was expecting the house to be empty- so she had gone inside to investigate.

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